Friday, November 20, 2015

Favorites, Part 1 ~ Beauty

I saw a post idea from Marian at 
Miss Mustard Seed that I thought was great.
She listed out her some of her favorite products
from beauty, cleaning, health, etc.
I thought it would be fun to do ~ besides, who
doesn't want to be like Miss Mustard Seed?  I love her!
I decided to break up the topic into categories as to
not have a mile long post.  So here is the Beauty category!

I got quite a few facebook messages and emails asking me
what I use on my face over the last couple of weeks, so
this will answer those questions, too.
We all have our favorites, right?  Feel free to share 
yours, too...I'd love to know what products you
can't live without!

And I apologize to the guys that chat here...this might be
incredibly boring to you, unless you're looking for a nice
gift for your wife.  I'd recommend any of these!

#1 Natural Aqua Gel CURE.  
I use this every morning. It's the best selling
exfoliator in Japan.  I buy if off of Amazon.com.
One use and you'll see why it's so special! 
And it's addicting..haha....I've used it on my 
back, arms, hands, legs...well, you get the idea.

#2. Olay Regenerist Face Lotion.
I've used this for years.  Love it.
I use it morning and night, every day.
Walmart's copy cat is exactly the same,
and less expensive.  

#3.  Makeup by Cara of Maskcara.com
I follow her blog and she is full of lots of great tips.
Check out her Monday Makeovers ~ they are insane!
This is her own makeup line and she's the real deal ~
she's been behind the scenes with the Victoria Secret
models, etc.  She has lots of great tutorial videos, too.
As soon as I started wearing her makeup, I started 
getting questions and comments from strangers on
what I used on my face because my skin was beautiful
and I had a glow.  The skin is from the exfoliators and
the glow is from this makeup!

#4.  Tyme Curling Iron.
I have only had this for two weeks and it's a keeper!
A little pricey but definitely worth saving up for.
It isn't anything like any other curling iron you've ever used
and I actually had to watch some tutorials to learn
how to use it properly.  Amazing, really.  

#5.  Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser.
I've used this for years!  I'm past the age of breakouts
but I still use it because I love the way it removes makeup!

#6  Olay Regenerist Micro-dermabrasion Treatment.
I use this two step treatment every night.
One is an exfoliant scrub and the other a serum.
I've used this for years and it is probably
my very favorite.  It totally changed the skin
on my face...smooth, even, and fresh.
Your skin looks better with every use.

So, there you have it!
Do you use any of these products?
Or if you have your own favorites, I'd love
for you to copy the post idea or share here!

Next part will be Health!


  1. What fun post! I heard lots of good about Olay. We cannot find it here :-( For scrub on my face I use simply baking soda :-) and tons of cold cold water. It does the trick for me. Had a dull skin suddenly and after doing this my skin got a nice glow again. I love to use, especially during the cold months Apricot oil or coconut oil before I apply cream. The cream I use most is Diamondceutical (swiss product). Sometimes I use from Rituals Essential Anti Aging Day Cream and Deep Recovery Night cream. And if I really want to have a lovely skin I have to stop eating sugar in any form for about two months. Then I glow without any creams ... lol. I did it only a few times. It s not easy to stick to this kind of diet ... Haha.

    1. Baking soda is amazing! Is there anything it cannot do? haha...I'll have to remember that. If I ever can get a good dose of willpower I'd try the baking soda and the no sugar together. But oh my...who am I kidding? I couldn't go two months without any sugar!

      I love coconut oil, too....I use it on the ends of my hair as a conditioner, as a lip balm...on my nails....and a few other uses I'm going to talk about in my 'health' post. Sometimes the natural products like the soda and oil are the best...nature knows!

  2. Obviously they are all working . . :)

    Which ones would you think would improve me? . . . . haha

    1. The exfoliants, Ed....you'll look 54 in no time! :)

    2. Eddie - To improve you? I think a liberal application of Solvite might be good?

    3. ok...now you have to share what Solvite is!

    4. Well, you mix it with water and brush it liberally over the back of the wallpaper before applying it to the wall, if you want to improve the appearance of the room. Simples. Not that I'm saying Ed looks like a room. . .

    5. I think I just made another enemy.

    6. Where is Ed, anyway? Maybe he tried your suggestion and his face froze when that stuff dried!

    7. Thank you Betsy . . . . . 54 would be very nice as a target . . . . but I think you are too kind . . but some have remarked I look 54 already . . . . :) lol

      . . . . just back to see if Mr Smith might have made a few suggestions . . . and I was not disappointed . . . lol. Hello Keith.
      Yes I know all about Solvite but I don't think it will 'solve it' somehow . . sorry about that dreadful pun.

    8. Well, if you already look 54, you don't need to do a thing!

    9. Well just joking of course but exfoliants sound a good idea. lol
      One thing for sure I won't be using Solvite. . . . :)

  3. I realised I forgot to mention the cleanser. Maybe because I have not found the one that works perfectly for me just yet. Right now I use Vichy gel but I am not sure I will stick with it. But generally speaking I always prefer gels over milks. I actually do not like milk cleansers at all. Time for bed for me. Sleep is the best skin friend ;-)

  4. In terms of the ones you use, I used Oil of Olay for years when I was younger and I love Aveeno hand cream. Especially in the winter.
    I swear by Elizabeth Grant (EG) products for my face. Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. She is a Canadian entrepreneur (British born) who is in her 90s now and her products are unbelievable. Her line is sold internationally and has been featured at the Oscars, etc. It is a pricy line, but I purchase it through our shopping channel and it is very inexpensive that way.
    I happen to have good genes in my family, but I always get complimented on my skin and how young I look and I know it's in good part due to EG.
    Another beautiful line I like in terms of hand cream is a British line called Royal Apothic - yum!
    And, finally, I have several friends who have created their own line of natural products that I love. One's name is Cara Adams (not the Cara you mention) and her line is Cara's All Natural Products. She is a fellow opera singer who, a few years ago, became interested in skin and body care and her line has taken off with awards and celebs promoting it. Her body sugar scrubs, lip balms and shower products are amazing. If you want to check out her site, it's carasallnaturalproducts.com.
    Phew! I won't take up any more space, but it's fun seeing what others use. And you, dear Betsy, look ageless!

    1. Oh, I love all of this...amazing. I've never heard of Elizabeth Grant...will have to look her up. And the other things sound fun, too. You do have beautiful skin! I think it's all about taking care of it....consistently. I'm looking for a good sugar scrub...I'm going to check out the one you talked about!

  5. I just spent 15 minutes writing a comment and just as I was clicking publish google threw me out and made me change my password. Which took ages. So I'll just say how very interesting I found your post.

    1. Oh gosh...don't you hate it when that happens? If you feel chatty tomorrow, try again! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    2. Just time for a quick comment.
      I use Simple moisturiser Regenerist (or something) for aging skins (unsmiley face!). It's SPF15 which is good and works perfectly for me. I use it night and day. They do make a Night version but it is strangely oily and just sits on my skin.
      Mr exfoliator is Eve Lom - with a hot cloth - and I also use her face mask. It smalls wonderfully herby and makes my skin feel fabulously soft. I got it as a Valentines present.
      I use Lancôme Micillaire water as a cleanser. Very good when I feel too idle for the hot cloth routine.
      Vaseline is great for lips. elbows, nose... all sorts.
      And I needed a new body cream recently. Aveena seem to have taken over the market unless you want something coconut based. Which I don't terribly like. Anyhow Aveena seems to be working well so far.
      There's a small brand called "this works" created by a beauty journalist who wanted to make natural based products that really do what they claim. She makes a wonderful cleavage firming cream, good for that dry and soon to be wrinkly area just below your next too. It does work well but I don't like the smell much so keep putting off using it.
      Let's click publish and hope all this hasn't vanished...

  6. I think I will bow out gracefully from this series of girly talk, I'm past being renovated, just send in the demolition team! Off to the pub. . . .

    1. Soaking your liver in alcohol does not equal a beauty treatment! haha.

    2. No, but it does wonders for the inner self. . .

  7. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and is cheap! It's a nice break from all the chemicals we put on our face.
    I've heard great things about Olay, as well.

    1. I have loved all the different ways I've tried using coconut oil! Thanks for joining in, DeAnna!

  8. lol what? a little cat hair on my face won't work?
    And here I thought it was a perk.
    Nadda used by me
    But that could have been guessed by thee
    And no wife
    So none needed in life

    1. No exfoliants needed by a cat
      as their tongue is great for all of that!
      You can join in on the coconut oil in my healthy post
      or maybe you could just be the host! haha.

    2. Coconut oil right now in my yap
      I have to spit it out before my gums can flap lol

    3. Don't laugh before you spit
      or it will land where you sit! haha.

  9. I fail in the beauty product catagory.
    I use a Norwex facecloth every morning and slather myself with Sparkle from Nivea because I liked the name. "Always choose the sparkles." that's what they say, so I did. Mascara, that's my other friend and that's all. Perhaps an occasional touch of eye shadow. Oh, and after I got my hair cut it looked terribly dark so I've been spritzing it with Sun-In and blowing it dry. Hey! I'm getting some highlights!

    1. I bet you would like the Maskcara makeup. Go to her sight and look at some of her Monday Makeovers. They are amazing and so easy!

  10. Oh wow, love this post. I'm getting all sorts of good ideas to try. So my products are:
    Cleansing: my daughter's home-made soaps
    Moisturizing....Oil of Olay Regenerist (love it and have been using for years)
    Make-up.....Bare Minerals
    Shampoo....Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo (just recently started using, after learning about it from another blogger....I love it) found on Amazon

    1. Forgot about my favorite lotion: Perlier Honey Miel (looooove it) found at HSN.

    2. I just KNEW there would be something we both used! haha.
      I'm intrigued with that shampoo..mainly because I take biotin supplements and swear by them for skin/hair/nails. Is it ok to
      use on color treated hair?

    3. Yes! As a matter of fact, my hairdresser commented on how well my color held in between appointments.

    4. Oooh...I'm going to check that out then! Love amazon...

  11. I love Perlier products as well, Laurie. Their body powders are amazing and they don't contain talc which is a good thing. Honey Miel is my go-to.
    I also forgot to mention make-up. After decades of wearing heavy make-uo in the theatre, I barely wear any now, but when I do I use the Pür Minerals line. Beautiful, natural looking and healthy.

    1. I love it too, Suza. A friend of mine gives me Honey Miel every Christmas....I'm am so thankful she started me on it.

    2. I'm going to have to check that Honey Miel out, girls!

  12. I think this is a fun post! I'm going to save it and try some of these. Thanks for the suggestions!
    PS - I like all the new photos in the side bar.

    1. It has been fun...and I got a new shampoo suggestion form Laurie that I'm going to try!

  13. It certainly seems to be working for you!
    Unfortunately, I spent too much time..in my youth...in the sun :o(
    I use Olay products as well...and Aveeno...love Clinique eyeshadow and mascara..
    I am a lipgloss gal too!
    Keep up your routine....good for you!
    Linda :o)

    1. I think we all did that....nobody used or heard of sunscreen...and
      We even liked it when we got a burn!
      I love lip gloss...even use it over lipstick! Lol....

  14. Hi Betsy - you always look sparkling ... and so I can see your choice of products works for you. In time I might look at some of these if they are available here ... I keep everything as simple as possible. Cheers Hilary

    1. I like simple, too....just my favorites and not a cabinet full of things I don't use....

  15. I'm fairly well out of the info loop when it comes to cosmetics, lotions, etc... but in your case, the end product looks gorgeous! :)

  16. I don't have an special products...but my 88 year old mom who has beautiful skin has used Oil of Olay forever. I think I need to get a jug of it, my skin is definetly in need of something. Again, I say you could have a TV show. I too am saving this post. I needed the help.

    1. I would think winters were you live are brutal to skin! If you try any and like them, let me know!

  17. I've been using curling wands forever, but they actually burn my hair out. Lately I've been rocking my John Freida hair straightener. It's great b/c it really lets you control the temperature and it also has a very handy feature that it shuts itself off after an hour! I'm definitely going to try those Olay products. Do you know if they are OK for sensitive skin? I break out with everything.

    1. I only use a curling iron once or twice a week....which helps a lot! I've never used one of those thermal protection products, but they sound like they might be a good idea!

  18. I use Olay a lot but we have different products here. I swear that daily gentle exfoliation keeps me looking ten years younger than I am!


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