Monday, August 24, 2015

Crab Apples

One more month of summer!
Late summer always brings the crab apples.
Just in the last week they have become bigger and darker.
I took this picture standing at the kitchen sink.
Such a lovely view while doing dishes!


  1. They aren't crab apples! You should see the BIG ones we grow in the Mother Country, makes yours look like cherries. Ha!

    1. These are about the size of cherries!

    2. I thought I felt something...ha.

  2. With a view like that it is a pleasure to do the dishes . . :)

    1. Yes, so true! And a dishwasher helps a lot, too!

    2. Eddie may try with all his might,
      but I was first tonight.
      He cannot outwit me now,
      That is something I wont allow.

    3. Late he was to the show
      so the teasing will go and go!
      Pat will like your rhyming, too!
      Bet he mentions it at my zoo!

    4. Oh I see we're talking in rhyme
      Well gee, let's all have a swell time.
      I did not know Keith was a poet
      Such talent and we didnt know it.

      Yes I was late to Betsy's show
      While Keith got first and began to crow.
      I was talking to a very nice blogger
      As he crept in fast, just like a jogger

      I think we have caught a bug from Pat
      'cause we've started rhyming tit for tat
      Soon we shall all start to do it
      We'll all be poets before we knew it . . lol

      Pat I wonder did you sneeze?
      We've caught the bug just like a breeze
      We're writing words which all rhyme
      I'd better go ~ my is that the time?


    5. My, you're giving Pat a run for his money!
      Just wait until he sees this, honey!
      He's bound to rhyme longer than you
      for he doesn't like anyone to outdo!
      Spreading a rhyming germ through a sneeze,
      oh my germ ocd is not pleased!
      That cat named Hatt
      needs to wear a surgical mask!

    6. A run for my money?
      Lol that is kinda funny
      Wouldn't one have to have money first?
      Might be a short running burst

      But I will not let him win
      Can't do me in
      As the cat sends out an army of fleas
      Leaving bites on many knees

      Then you get the germ
      In the rhymes will worm
      Even if you have to make up a fake term
      While out getting a perm

      Hey, you never know
      Some people like to give that a go
      Maybe with a ho ho ho
      I have now strayed though

      What else is new?
      Plenty in view
      Is it new if it is old?
      Maybe just festers like mold

      That would stink
      Maybe get a wink
      Then the mold killer would win
      Do every human in

      Death by mold
      My story has been told
      The why and what and how
      Would just make people have a cow

      Don't push too hard though
      Just thought I'd let you know
      And then when you hear the moo
      I guess that would be something new

      Full circle I'm come
      Might think I'm drunk by some
      But liquor is just the pits
      I gives me the umm shlits

      See, a made up word
      How absurd
      But have to stay PG
      Or Betsy might scold me

      Think I'm through yet?
      Might be a safe bet.
      Or really not
      I haven't go to the plot

      The absence of a plot is the plot
      And now you've been taught
      I will now go roll in the grass
      With my ever so little rhyming ass

      Whoops, let it slip
      That came from the hip
      But you saw it coming
      Okay to do a little outside of PG slumming

    7. I think you've left Eddie speechless
      although much of this was meaningless,
      but you can go on and on
      from sunset until dawn.
      And I knew you'd take the bait.
      Was never one to hate
      a little challenge to chime on longer
      than any old rhyme-monger.

    8. lol nonsense wins the day
      At least at my run on rhyming bay

    9. Betsy my dear, you called me honey,
      I felt so good, my head's gone funny . . . lol
      I think you are right I will cannot win
      'Cause Pat would think that a huge sin

      Besides you're five hours ahead of me
      So if I write a sonnet I'm sure you'll agree
      Pat would stay up to write one bigger
      While I sleep and then he'd snigger.

      Victory is mine, he would say
      As he wrote more lines later today
      Unless Suza wants to have a go
      And gets some verses in a row.

      I think you wrote a lovely rhyme
      Iambic beat in perfect time.
      And Keith did not do too bad either
      But he can't compete with Pat, neither

      He's gone to rest his weary head
      And now is resting in his bed.
      Which is where I ought to be
      In land of nod, tucked up safely.

      Night and Sweet Dreams . . . :) lol

    10. Quite a cute little poem from you
      as you write with the moon in full view!
      Better not stay up too late
      let the sand man partake.
      Pat will beat us all eventually
      because it all comes to him naturally!

    11. haha well I went to watch TV
      And then sleep in the heat at my sea
      So yours stayed for a while
      Now I can go the rhyming mile

      Out it just flows
      Whichever way the wind blows
      Suza can play
      Even #1 many a day

      Hank may not like that
      Ruining his stat
      As does Blue
      But that you knew

      What don't you know?
      Which way the wind will blow?
      I said that twice
      How nice

      Or how mean
      Repeat on the screen
      Who needs that?
      Not the cat

      Could do the hokey pokey
      Or just give an okie dokey
      Spell check hates that
      Thinks I'm a dingbat

      It may be right
      But the cat has bite
      So whatever works
      Crazy has its perks

      Now I'm through
      Like a kangaroo
      I'll bounce away
      And be on my way

    12. We were commenting on each other's blog at the same time
      Seems like we should call 'jinx' as we type out the rhyme!

  3. that is a lovely view when washing dishes!!!!!

    1. Isn't it? A bird feeder hangs in that tree, too.....always something fun to see.

  4. What a great view!
    But I don't see the faucet?

    1. lol...oh, don't worry! It's still there!

  5. So your feet weren't in the sink
    As you got a peek outside your rink? lol

    1. My feet were planted firmly on the floor.
      No need for neighbors to peak through windows or doors.
      Didn't see anyone snooping about.
      He learned his lesson without a doubt!

  6. Oh my goodness I see the Eddie and Pat wars are on in full swing.....HaHa...makes for fun reading....Oh yes....the crab apples....I almost forgot i got carried away with the word battle. HaHa

    It is a most lovely view. Sending hugs.

    1. They are and they haven't stopped yet! haha...They do make this very fun!

  7. Nice photo, Betsy. I can't wait to be in my kitchen looking out the window in the actual house. Looking out the window from the second floor doesn't quite cut it. Thanks so much for the 'penny' tip. haha!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean....and the views will have an entirely different look for you! You still have so much to look forward to!

  8. I am thinking that my mom made jelly out of them back when I was a kid.

    1. yes...very common! I only tried it once but it was good!

  9. Nice looking crab apples. Do you do anything with them?? Jellies? Jams? Preserves? Or just simply let them brighten up your view?

    1. I did make jelly once...it was a beautiful clear pink! Had a very mild taste, too. I usually just leave them for the birds!

  10. Bet your birdies have a feast. I haven't had crab apple jelly in years, but I remember enjoying it.
    Looks like a rhyming fest above!

    1. The Starlings usually swoop in a few times and eat them all in the winter! Fun to watch!

  11. Crab apples? Already.....geesh...where did Summer go?
    Linda :o)

  12. Seems like fall is just around the corner!!

    Jane x

  13. Crabby Appleton... here Not sure why I thought of him.
    Summer is counting down. I am sad to admit it, but on the other side comes fall and I like that very much

    1. I am sad to admit the end of summer, not the arrival of fall.

    2. So you like summer or fall better?

  14. Your favorite day of the week, Monday! That is a lovely view you have Betsy. I love the end of summer, Autumn maybe better but only if the Autumn is bright blue sky, sun and chilly, that is my fav! Then all the colours, wow! My son has his bday in October and I love to decorate for the fall bday parties :-) what on Earth got me talking about Autumn now ... haha! Have a lovely week!

    1. haha...just as I was reading your comment, the mister walked by and said, "It's Monday...your favorite day of the week!" :)
      Yes, a fresh day...fresh new week...and a little quiet around here after the weekend! Yes, I love autumn, too....no season has those blue, blue skies! The end of summer is lovely, too....kind of the best of summer with a hint of fall in it.

  15. Hi Betsy - I think summer stopped here yesterday - bucketing with rain today and for the rest of the week - still we all need rain, as do the fruit and veg and panting birds ... Wonderful place to see the seasons change as the crab apple tree delivers its year for us ... cheers Hilary

    1. Oh, I'm sure summer will reappear....it's only 2/3rd over! haha. And it's always nice to get rain when you need it...we've had a good amount this summer and it's been wonderful how green everything has been. A bit too much for my garden, but still hard to complain.

  16. Never seen crab apples..looks beautiful..


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