Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Adventure 2014 Week 4

Well, this was the last week of the adventure!
I hope many of you made time to spread some kindness
around you.  Notice I said 'made the time', as Lydia
reminded me last week.  We have time...it's whether or
not we choose to use it!  One of my acts was planned
and the other spontaneous.  Both equally fun to do!

1.  At the beginning of January I talked about having a word
of the year instead of resolutions and chose 'healthy' as my 
word.  Someone in my little village commented on my post
on Facebook and said "Draw me a picture of it for my kitchen".
I 'liked' the comment but didn't say any more yet I knew
exactly what I wanted to do!  I did have a drawing in my
file that would fit the healthy theme and would look cute
in a kitchen!  So today I pulled it out, ran it through
my copier and packaged it up to send to her.  It will
go in the mail tomorrow.  I hope not only will it remind her
to make healthy choices, but that I like her a lot, too! :)

2.  The other one was more spontaneous! 
Remember my 'not-so-secret admirer' at the auctions?
Well, he drives 65 miles to come to the auctions and doesn't 
have heat in his truck!  He's one of those millionaires many
times over but won't spend a cent on anything!
It was only 15 F degrees yesterday morning!
When he came in half frozen (literally!) I found him in the
crowd and gave him a package of Hot Hands.  I always
have a few in my auction bag in case we are outside
during the day.  He seemed genuinely touched at the
gesture.  I hope he survived going home. ha.

If you did any acts of kindness you'd like to share,
please link up your blog post below.  I know I'd love
to hear about them and be inspired by you, too!
Link up will be open until Friday the 28th, 9:00PM EST.

And thanks to everyone who joined in this month!
I hope we'll continue to do things and share them even
though the adventure is officially over!


  1. Good Evening, The art is adorable!
    I'm sure the hot hands were appreciated on that gentleman's drive home!
    Wishing you all a very nice weekend.

    1. Thanks, Mildred! I'm thinking I should frame the original for my kitchen! :)

    2. You definitely should.

  2. cool on the hot hands
    we use those at football games

    have a student that is really struggling right now
    his long term girlfriend is breaking up with him...very messy
    i have been pulling him for check ins a couple times a day this week
    as he is really unstable...best i got this week.

    1. the best you got? Are you kidding...you could be saving his life. Hope he improves and sees life can go on after a break up.
      Poor guy! Aw.

  3. You drew the apple and birds? That's a wonderful piece of art! I'm sure whoever received that will be thrilled to frame it for their kitchen!
    And everyone knows the way to a man's heart is through Hot Hands. (smiling) How very kind of you. Now advise the man to get his truck in to the garage for repair before he catches his death of cold!

    I shall be back tomorrow to share my random act!

    Vince xo

    1. OK...see you tomorrow! Looking forward to whatever it is! :)

  4. A millionaire and won't spend a buck,
    Even to fix his broken down truck?
    Geez, can't take it with you.
    But I guess he'll always be a millionaire that way at his zoo.
    Never even heard of hot hands before
    Guess they aren't near my shore
    And that would remind her indeed
    To eat healthy at her feed.

    Hmmmm not sure i did a thing,
    This week at my wing
    Nope, not a one
    Guess I am no fun

    1. If your heater breaks
      a care package I will make
      and send Hot Hands to you
      and your kitty cats, too.

    2. haha I'll be sure and let you know
      Should it break at my show

  5. I think you could make a habit of this!


    1. You know, that's a great idea! ha. We all should!

  6. Such fun things you did again this week. Someone will be so thankful for the picture. My hubby did a RAK this week and brought me several of those hot hands, because he knows I'm always freezing!
    I've had lots of fun with this. Thanks for hosting!

    1. It's been fun, hasn't it? Thanks for joining in all 4 weeks. I really appreciate that and you had great acts, too...I was inspired and even stole some of your ideas! ;)

  7. Great story, Betsy.....
    I have no acts of kindness to mention.....now I feel bad. :o)
    Hey........I gave our neighbour here, 2 big fat frozen pork chops!
    Does that count? No.......probably not.....I will try harder...
    Linda :o)

    1. It absolutely counts! Yum! I'm sure they were very pleased!

  8. Oh that was sweet of you Betsy! I'm sure his hands were happy! :) And I love the card! Good inspiration! Have a lovely day!

    They have unanimously overruled my good common sense and declared that to Ohio we shall go. I hope that predicted snow/sleet storm behaves!! :)

    1. Dinner sounds delicious BTW! :) mushrooms and steak, can't go wrong there!

    2. Yep, we're supposed to get freezing rain! Hopefully it will miss you! Be safe! But it sure is cold! 3 degrees this morning!

      I hadn't had cubed steak since I was a little girl and someone told me to try it again (it seemed like glorified hamburger to me. ha.) They browned it in a skillet, added a can of cream of mushroom soup and a package of sliced mushrooms, covered and simmered on low for 20-30 minutes. I was surprised how good it was! So, we're having it again! :)

  9. TWO Random Acts in one week? :-)

    1. haha..yes...I did that each week this month. Double the fun! :)

  10. That's a very nice sketch! I miss your drawings.

  11. Oh that ole Frank....he will soften up yet! He's all bark and no bite. YOU MADE his Millennium with the gift but more so because you smile and talk to his grumpy curmudgeonly self!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sad your Friday posts about this are over! You will have to re visit!

    1. He IS curmudgeonly! haha. Cracks me up. I wonder how he did going home. ha.

  12. Nice story about hota hands, why this man dont buy any if he has a lot of money???

  13. I am finishing up accomplishing and writing a few of mine. Is this post up until tonight only or tomorrow as well? Either way, I can still post it. Have not been able to make it outside in almost two months, so my random acts are more random than acts! But I do have a few things to report... see you later! :-0

    And I don't know about the others, but I am going to keep doing something every week. I think it's great what you started, Betsy, and even though I try and do things when I think about it, it is best for me to have a weekly reminder to vault me into action! Or gently nudge me, as the case may be. xo

    1. The links are scheduled to close at 9:00 tonight but that won't affect the comment section! Yes, staying home forces you to be a little more creative, doesn't it? Looking forward to what you did!

  14. Lydia is right, we need to "make" time for Random Acts of Kindness.
    I made time but didn't document my acts. This week mine was a spontaneous act (returned a grocery cart from the very back of the parking lot).
    You have brought it to our attention that we need to reach out, planned or spontaneous, KINDNESS. It could be as simple as a warm smile or talking to an elderly neighbor (another of my spontaneous acts), while sharing the sidewalk. Your ideas have triggered imaginations and thoughts for the rest of the year!
    So for the rest of this year, I'm making Friday, Random Acts of Kindness day, even if I don't do it on Friday!
    This was a great idea even if I didn't participate visually every Friday.
    Kudos to you dear Betsy!

    1. I agree, Christine! Fridays would be great to continue the adventure! I'm quite sorry to see it end.


    2. Yes...make time! We can if we choose to!

      Love your acts with the cart and the neighbor. I'm sure your neighbor appreciated a few moments of your time. :)

      This was very fun...I really enjoyed it. :)

  15. Well, here I am squeaking in at the very last minute! I did the adventure again this week, Betsy, and I have to say it's been such a fun adventure all month! I shall never forget offering to walk the neighbor's dog and getting pulled along in the rain by two dogs. It's turned into a great friendship and I stop by to fetch his dog quite often now while I'm out walking anyway. I stay afterwards and have tea and chat. It's brilliant, just brilliant and I wouldn't have done it without your adventure, so thank you for that.

    I thought maybe I would expand my dog walking and stopped by an elderly woman's home further down the lane. We say hello as I walk if she's out in the garden, so we weren't total strangers. I explained I had my own dog and the gentleman's and what's one more, right? So off I went with three dogs. The leashes only got tangled once and the sun was shining. It was most enjoyable even for me.

    Now, what can we all do to encourage you to continue the adventure?

    Maybe I'll open a dog walking business. (smiling)

    I hope you have a most enjoyable weekend, lovely lady.

    Vince xo

    1. Well, Kudos (or high 5's) to you too!
      I have to tell you, I have told your story to a few friends.Now I can add onto it!!

    2. I agree, Vince....your story really stole the show. So very funny..I laugh even now thinking about you being dragged through the mud in the rain by two crazy dogs. haha. I'm glad it's worked out to be a new friendship, too...and even with the lady's dog now! Thanks so much for joining in!

      Continue the adventure? Oh, I don't know. If there had been a larger group participating I probably would. But for 3-4 people? I probably won't. Doesn't mean I won't do any more random acts, though. It's just too much fun, in my opinion! :)

  16. Too late for this week but I'll tell you mine next week.


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