Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blue Jay Duet


  1. always your birds look beautiful, and these speak LOL

  2. I dont know if the Word is talk or speak but are funny!!

  3. And now we have Betsy's Broadway Show!!! I love it! I will be singing this all day!!!!

    1. I thought those lines were most approprite...the blue sashes and snow on their eyelashes. ha.
      I didn't suppose they would be singing about the whiskers on kittens. lol...

  4. Fantastic photos, Betsy. Love your bird life there and love the Julie Andrews treatment.

    Good job you have no dogs or you would have to say:
    When the dog bites
    When the bee stings

    I doubt if you ever feel sad, somehow

    but if you did
    You would remember your favorite things
    And then you'd not feel so bad.

    But your cats would feature certainly
    . . . with whiskers on kittens.

    1. Oh, sure I feel sad sometimes.
      Do you think this song could help? :)

      Yeah, whiskers on kittens....
      and silver linings in clouds.
      Sometimes you just need a superhero though.
      Where's Batman when I need him? ha.

      no dog bites...but I do get a cat claw now and then. lol...

    2. Batman - well he is elsewhere in England right now in a place called "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" or is it suoicodilapxecitsiligarfilcrepus ?

      But you might find Robin in your garden lol.

    3. a robin in my garden.....haha....clever, Ed. :)

    4. Must be the fish I had yesterday lol . . . . .and the greens I had today!! lol
      It's the way you tell 'em.

    5. oh yes...that's it. Most definitely. ha.

    6. I find it so taxing and so very hard
      That so many birds frequent your back yard
      So many species, colours - every hue
      How do you do it, to capture each view
      In such detail and sharpness so very true
      Are you Mary Poppins or someone brand new
      Who can summon the birds from out of the air
      And tempt them with peanuts spread lightly and spare?

    7. Oh, I'm sure it has nothing to do with me at all
      Even though they know my voice and come when I call.
      I think they really just love the seed
      and thank me with song for my good deed.

    8. I wonder have you trained them to visit your hand
      And take food from it when bravely they land
      This happened to me in the wild one day
      A weak, skinny bird scared by others away
      Could not get any food of its own
      So to me it came, expertly flown
      It landed so hungry on the back of my hand
      And grabbed the bread as its feathers it fanned
      It then beat its wings and flew quickly away
      At least it had something to eat that day.

      Must have been ravenous and probable did not survive for long. It never plucked up the corage to do it again.

    9. I'm sure that bird never forgot
      the man that noticed he was down on his luck.
      Your kindness undoubtedly warmed his heart,
      that bread you gave set you apart.
      Even if he didn't survive for long
      your good deed was sung in his final song.
      A jewel in your crown you will have one day
      for loving God's creatures in a special way.
      Then up to heaven the bird did fly
      and met up with Mickey your budgie who died.
      Best friends the did become
      and shared stories about Eddie just for fun.

    10. Ah how TWEET!

      Where's my handkerchief? rofl.
      Yes I am sure he and Mickey are now birds of a feather.

      I think we should pool our resources and go on stage as a double act. Do you think the world is ready for us yet? lol

    11. LOL...Absolutely! When should we start? :)

      Betsy and Bluelights. hahaha....Who are we kidding? If we did this ad lib, we'd be laughing so hard we couldn't perform! :)

    12. LOL. But I am impressed with your ad lib poetry and soooo quick!!
      What fun - I am surprised we have not inspired others to join in.
      Maybe we need some more panda jokes.
      I've got lots of pig jokes but you'll have to do a post on pigs first lol
      But you are probably quiet tonight aren't you?
      I really must do another post soon. The shaving cream is beginning to go off!! . . . . . and i need a hair cut! lol

    13. haha..I'm just trying to keep up with you!
      Oh, I'll post tonight....but I must serve dinner here first.
      And I think I can come up with a pig post. Give me an hour. lol....

    14. Oh Blow it - that means I can't go to bed!! . . . . .another late night lol
      Oh well, I'll have a lie in tomorrow lol

    15. Oh, don't be silly! The post will run for 24 hours. You can start on it fresh in the morning! :)

    16. Just joking - not tired yet. I think we are about 6 hours ahead of you. I'm listening to Beethoven's piano Concerto No 5, The Emperor - marvellous.
      Enjoy your meal.

      Hey, I have been watching the DVD about the American Civil War, called North And South - have you seen it? Marvellous

  5. hahaha...nice singing voices jays....smiles
    send me some of your snow...

    1. with you I would share the snow. ha.
      We're getting more inches tonight!

  6. This is such a beautiful photo and the words fit it perfectly. They are the bluebirds of happiness.
    Love white dresses with blue satin sashes.

    1. They looked so pretty outside my window! And their frosty little faces were so cute! ha.
      I've been throwing unsalted peanuts in the shell out for them...they LOVE them. So fun!

  7. I just love your blog. I almost never comment, but know that I almost always read it.

    1. Well, hi Cathy! :) Thanks so much for letting me know who you are!

  8. Fun! Love the dusting on their beaks and faces. In the first pic, the two wee sparrows below the jays are very sweet and the one on the left looks like she is singing too!

    1. She does look like she is singing! :) The tree was full of birds when I took those pictures!

  9. Such sweet photos and captions- and what a mystery how tiny delicate birds do just fine in a snowy tree when we humans would freeze or die of complaining :)

    1. Isn't that true! I look at them every day and wonder how they survive...little bare legs and all!

  10. Your pictures made me smile this morning.
    My blue jays will have me singing this too now.

  11. I just love your blog post and the comments are great, glad I can be a follower.

    1. Well, thanks, Patsy! :) We do have fun in the comments section! Glad you joined in!

  12. The blue jays can sing in english, wow
    That is sure a show you could sell tickets too now
    They look content too
    Even with the crummy snow in view

    1. And why wouldn't they sing in their native tongue?
      They are US citizens, my son.


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