Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Are You A Bird Brain Give Away!

So, here's a little game for you!
I have 12 birds listed here from my backyard.  In the comment
section, tell me what type of bird each one is!
The first to get them all correct will win a little giveaway!  

This Lenox Blue Jay was in the auction trash last week!
Not only is that amazing in itself, but it survived the entire
day in a box full of other glassware that probably 25
people carelessly rummaged through.  It doesn't have a single 
chip on it!  When I picked it up, I really expected the 
beak to be broken off, but he's perfect!

It's the 1998 Christmas Blue Jay
Fine Porcelain
Handcrafted, Limited Edition.
He measures 5" tall.

Yes, I'll ship anywhere in the world!

So, let's see who knows their birds!
I don't care if you have to look online to find the answers.
Any way you figure it out is fine with me.
And don't just say 'sparrow' or 'finch'.
You must say what kind of sparrow, etc.

I'll give the winner and answers tomorrow.
And no, I won't give any hints.  In fact, I don't think I'll
reply to any comments that are exclusively a guess without
any other kind of chatting. haha.

If nobody gets them all correct, the person with the
most correct will win.

Good luck!


  1. You will have to count me out on this one! I do not know my birds at all! Okay, maybe a couple.....

  2. Oh what fun! I love birds. I know most of the ones here except a few of the female ones I would have to look up but I'll just watch in anticipation for a winner and enjoy it this way :)

    What a surprise to find the blue jay unscathed after his 'frolic' in the box!!

  3. Why or Why haven't I been taking bird notes while visiting your blog. I might name three...Can't wait to see who has the biggest bird brain? HaHa.

  4. Great photos Betsy but I have a big knowledge gap on most of these birds so I would probably come last in the competition lol.
    Whatever they are they are great. I think I saw a dove in there somewhere.

  5. Wow! Is it really that unusual to know the names of these birds? I thought this was going to be easy. I guess I'm weirder even than I thought. lol....

  6. OK Betsy Let's have a go
    I don't know them all but here are the ones I think are right:

    No 5 is a Dove
    No 6 is a Jay
    No 7 is a Finch
    No 9 is a Starling
    No 12 is some sort of Tit
    No 3 could be a Sparrow
    No 8 could be an extremely cold and anaemic Gold Finch
    No 10 Is I think a Gold Finch
    The rest I cannot guess

    But they are all beautiful photos

    1. Not bad! And thanks for at least giving it a go! :) And hey, you're winning so far! hahaha....

  7. Ok....my bird brain has been hard at work, Betsy...
    It helps that I have actually seen all of these feathered friends...
    2.Chipping Sparrow
    3.Female Sparrow
    4.House Sparrow
    5.Mourning Dove
    6.Blue Jay
    7.Male Purple/House Finch
    8.Female House Finch
    10.Whie Crowned Sparrow...I see him only in the Spring
    11. Female Cardinal
    12. Chick-a-dee-dee-dee

    So....how did I do?
    What a wonderful idea for a post♥️

    Linda :o)

    1. what a bird brain you are...but I can't say how you did! Not until tomorrow!

    2. On the twelfth day of Christmas
      Young Betsy gave to me
      Twelve tiny Juncos
      Eleven Chipping Sparrows
      Ten Female Sparrows
      Nine.House Sparrows
      Eight Mourning Doves
      Seven calling Blue Jays
      Six Male House Finches

      FIVE Female House Finches!!!

      Four squawking Starlings
      Three White Crowned Sparrows
      Two Female Cardinals

      AND a lovely Chick-a-dee-dee-dee

      ROFL Not an answer but cribbed from Linda

    3. haha...oh, this is great...you are hilarious! :)

  8. 1 junco
    2 tree sparrow
    3 song sparrow
    4 house sparrow
    5 mourning dove
    6 Blue jay
    7 house finch
    8 pine siskin
    9 starling
    10White crowned sparrow
    11 cardinal
    12 chicadee

  9. I think No 12 is a Willow Tit
    And the rest are definitely not budgies lol

    1. Now why didn't I think of putting my Budgies in this line up? lol....

    2. I've just popped over to see the answers. Looking forward to the judges's verdict with the correct answers.
      Like Amy, it's almost impossible for us Brits - we do not see these varieties here although I am expecting Brian's penguins soon lol
      We once had a pair of escaped peacocks visit us which was a surprise and I did see an escaped Budgie in our garden one year.

    3. The answers won't be posted until people have a chance to guess today. Regular posting time this evening! It's not even 8AM here yet! lol....

  10. Well I can get #11 the Cardinal and #6 the Blue Jay
    #5 is a dove with cherry butt on display
    #1 thru 3 are sparrows at play
    The rest I could cheat and look at other answers at your bay
    But oh the same
    Mr. Cardinal is going to be ticked he never got in the game lol
    Plus I did it in rhyme
    Bonus points for my chime?

  11. none of them are penguins...
    is that good enough? ha.
    they are pretty...
    i think you should add penguins to the zoo though
    just saying..

  12. Well I knew some right off the bat... but looked some other ones up... fun quiz. Kind of on the fence about a couple but here they are. I love the Lennox blue jay - miracle he wasn't bashed!

    1 Dark-Eyed Junco
    2 Chipping Sparrow
    3 Song Sparrow
    4 House Sparrow
    5 Mourning Dove
    6 Blue Jay
    7 Male House Finch
    8 Female House Finch
    9 Starling
    10 White-Crowned Sparrow
    11 Female Cardinal
    12 Carolina Chickadee

    1. It is a miracle! Many times I reach for something only to be disappointed with a chip....then I wonder if it was damaged during the day with people digging in the boxes. He's a beauty!

  13. Wow, there is no way that I am going to be able to compete on this one, fantastic fun idea though, you are so lovely Betsy. I don't think that I will ever understand how people leave these things behind after auctions. There you go ! All to your benefit - or in this case one of your lovely readers!! Looking forward to finding out the answers!! xx

    1. I will never stop being amazed at the auction trash! ha.

  14. I am so far to the bottom of the list that I will be bouncing up and down like a chicken looking at pictures and writing the names of birds.
    1. junco
    2. sparrow
    3. house sparrow
    5. mourning dove
    6. blue jay
    7. purple house finch
    9. starling (I looked it up to make sure.)
    11. cardinal

    My mom knows her birds much better than I do, but I'm learning.
    12. chickadee

    1. Good guesses! If you think of more you can come back some time today! :)

  15. 1. Slate Gray Junco
    2. Chipping Sparrow
    3. Song Sparrow
    4. House Sparrow
    5. Mourning Dove
    6. Blue Jay
    7. House Finch
    8. Pine Siskin
    9. Starling
    10. White Crowned Sparrow
    11. Female Cardinal
    12. Black Capped Chickadee

    I think #3 has been buffaloed. It could be a female house finch too. Or, maybe.

    1. Nice guesses! I was hoping you'd join in! :)

  16. That's not fair! I've never seen half of these birds before. I've looked up some of the answers given here online. Never heard of a Junco. What a weird name. I did read The Big Year after seeing part of the film and although it was fascinating I wished it was illustrated. It's hard to get excited about spotting a bird if you never heard of it and haven't a clue what it looks like. The film at least showed some of the birds.
    As always your photos are lovely.

    1. Aw....sorry! You could look online!

    2. I know. But to be honest I was so busy at work today I didn't get much of a lunch hour. I'll stick to admiring your photos.
      Maybe I'll get The Big Year on DVD. That'll help.

  17. LOL! I guess I'm a bird brain... or not. LOL! I only know a few! They are all beautiful though... as is that porcelain jay! I did recognize him! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  18. those are NOT california birds is what I can tell you. hope the blue jay finds a good home. We do have blue jays in the nearby mountains and we had scrub jays in san diego. I never in my life have seen a live cardinal. I feel so cheated! taria

    1. And you know what? I've never seen a scrub jay! I'll have to look that one up!

  19. Well I only know pigeons, ducks, geese, owls, chickens, and hummingbirds. We get a lot of birds but I never look up their names because they stay hidden in the trees. Almost all the trees here are filled with their leaves so it is hard to see the birds. Very much appreciated that you share your birds with us.

    God bless.

    1. We have hummingbirds in the summer....always fun to see!

  20. What a find!
    Came way to last to the party, darn.
    Congratulations to the winner!

    1. that's not true....the party lasted all day! :)

  21. Oh I love all these birds.
    I have two blue jays I love to watch. Yesterday I was making the crock pot soup with lamb cubes.
    So I tried to cut off the extra fat that I found on the cubes cause otherwise the pot is small and I have to put less cubes or it will be too fatty. Then I thought well the blue jays might like these pieces of fat for winter. So I threw them outside by the tree where they usually go to but instead, across the street were a bunch of crows and they were ready to pounce on anything I threw outside and so they did.
    I know crows are spirit birds but I dislike them. You have to admit though , they are great survivors.

    1. what little piggies those crows were! But they are so much bigger, the little birds don't mess with them! ha.

  22. ooops I've posted at Linda's by mistake - sorry!! lol


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