Friday, March 1, 2013


"They say that every snowflake is different.  
If that were true, how could the world go on?
How could we get up off our knees?
How could we ever recover from the wonder of it?"
~Jeanette Winterson

Almost every winter I have to post some photos of
actual snowflakes taken by the renowned 
Wilson Bentley.  He was an American farmer
and snow crystal photomicrographer who
captured over 5000 snow crystal images and ultimately
published 2000 of them in a book in 1931.

The book, titled Snow Crystals, is still in print today.
I have a new paperback version of it.  
But I have a first edition copy on my wish list. :)

"Quick!  The first flakes are coming, the couriers of the
coming snow storm!  Open the skylight and directly under it,
place the carefully prepared blackboard, upon whose ebony
surface the most minute form of frozen beauty may be
welcomed from cloud land.  The mysteries of the upper air
are about to reveal themselves, if our hands are deft
and our eyes quick enough!"

Wilson Bentley

I noticed that his book was published the same
year he died.  I'm sure he found great satisfaction
in living to see that accomplishment!

  • Sparkly
  • Nippy
  • Occurances of
  • Winter.
  • Frozen
  • Light and
  • Airy
  • Kisses on my
  • Eye lashes :)

Snowflakes remind me of the verse, Psalm 19:1,
 "The heavens declare the glory of God;
 the skies proclaim the work of his hands." :)


  1. I love snow and these look amazing and beautiful betsy!!

    1. yes but Pat dont like snow LOL ha!
      bu these are beautiful!

    2. I think even Pat would agree that they are beautiful...and germ free! haha.

    3. Germ free
      Not yellow from pee

    4. haha...so true
      as it is said by you.

  2. I love his snow pictures! Snowflakes are truly a thing of beauty when you look at them individually. I'm not such a fan of them in quantity though. :)

    1. haha...not quantity? Well, you have had your share of snow this winter!

  3. I am sure the hand of God is there in those snowflakes.
    Every one is different indeed and all are highly complex. I think He did it to make us wonder like He does when he mentions he jnows every hair on our heads and every star in the heavens, billions and billions of them, and furthermore he can NAME them all.
    Returning to Earth, loved the photos.

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? Some of them remind me of looking into a kaleidoscope! Yes, naming the stars I think, makes it all the more amazing. :)

  4. I wonder if the same holds true of mud? Of course, there is something so much more desirable about snowflakes. Who would ever check mud under a microscope? (I must be getting tired...)

    1. maybe if it came in flakes. lol....

    2. Mudflakes! Now there's an idea.

  5. Yes they look grand
    Here at your land
    Even if I am sick of snow
    And want it to go
    As a ton more comes tonight
    And will fill the road come mornings light
    So this ode to snow
    Get a little pfft at your show lol

    1. You should just decide that you like it
      instead of constantly throwing a fit! ha.
      Especially where you live
      some snow has got to give!
      Come on, it will be fun to be more like me!
      You just wait and see!

    2. haha when there comes a day
      That I don't have to go to any work bay
      Then I may like it more
      Until then, will always hate it at my shore

    3. You need to put on your boots and hat
      and go out there and make a snow cat.
      Would make you love snow
      and give O and C a window show.
      Then take some photos clear
      and post them for your readers so dear.

  6. ha i love your acrostic...and what cool structures...i love icicles as well their fluidity....very cool...might snow here tonight or tomorrow...

    1. thanks! :) We've had snow the last couple of days...big fluffy flakes. Love it!

  7. I always love sharing his story with my students.

    1. He is a fascinating story. I love how excited and awe-struck he was about it all, too!

  8. Ahhh... the snowflake.

    1. they are perfection, aren't they? I love seeing them like this!

  9. Hi Betsy,

    I guess you could say that I have very little experience with snowflakes, so for me it is a really fascinating thing to see that each snowflake is different. They are just another one of nature's wonders. And it is truly amazing that he could take such fantastic pictures with the equipment that was available at that time. I am sure what they can do today would truly astound him. Thanks for showing us these pictures and I really hope you find the first edition someday. Maybe they will someday have one at the auctions you work at.

    God bless.

    1. that is exactly what I was thinking...what incredible images he was able to get with the technology of his day. I really haven't actively looked for his first edition, just thought how cool it would be to have one. I should start a serious search for it! It may take a while and I don't even know if I could afford one. ha.

  10. Do you know that it was through Snowflake Bentley that I first found your blog a few years ago? I hadn't been blogging long and was posting some snowflake pictures that I had taken with a macro lens...I googled "snowflake quotes" and your blog came up. So glad it did...you make my day brighter with your photos, creativity,humor and love of God. See? Snowflakes are a good thing!

    1. No, I did not know that! How very cool. Well, I'm glad you did find me because reading your blog and seeing your amazing photography is one of the highlights of my blogging experience...and I really mean that! And hearing you say snowflakes are a good thing ...is, well, a good thing! hahaha! Hang in there...spring is coming! It's March! ha.

  11. I'm so glad you posted the snowflakes miracle again! What an inspiring reminder of what is all around us. I'll be looking for this book!

    1. It is inspiring, isn't it? You'll enjoy the book...it's amazing!

  12. I love the snowflake photos.
    Ps I am seeing if this works from my iPhone. :)
    So if I see this....it does.;)


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