Thursday, February 28, 2013

At the Auctions

The auction I worked at today had lots of interesting
things to look at!  That first photo is of an antique cast iron
butter tester that won a prize at the World's Fair!
I loved the old time fire truck pulled by horses.
Kind of looks like the Budweiser team, doesn't it?
That coffee grinder was fun, and that orange pottery
was highly collectible.

It's hard to see, but that's the back side of a race horse
and jockey.  It was mechanical and the horse bucked the
jockey in the air.  Loved the cast iron horse head door
pull.  Then there's the big butter churn and a hand made
tandem bicycle.

I thought these lightning rods were really cool!
Would have loved to have gotten the train one for the
boys' bedroom, but they went for well over $100.
Seems everything went for a lot of money today!

There were two sets of horns.
My great grandpa had a pair on the wall above his
bed when I was a child.  It's the first thing I'd want to
look at when we would go visit!

Loved the pink pottery bowls.
The Barbie, clothes and case was fun, too!

Several lanterns with amber glass, another butter churn
and pretty pottery were fun to watch being bid upon.

No trash today!
All in all a pleasant auction.
I even got home early!

So, what did you do today?


  1. Replies
    1. Looks who's on top!
      His swelling head will pop!

  2. Cool pottery! Love the orange and the blue and white.

    1. I knew you would like the blue and white. It was really lovely in person!

  3. The orange pottery is collectible you say
    I'll take your word for it at your bay
    Some interesting stuff indeed
    Be fun to have that horse head door knocker at ones feed
    Make it seem all castle like
    Maybe make any unwanted guests take a hike
    If not could always use a lightning rod
    To fry them like a cod haha
    And as for me
    Sitting here bored at my work sea
    But it's at least not Flappy
    Just some car guys that are yappy

    1. yappy car guys
      with no flappy makeup on their eyes? haha.

      the orange wasn't my taste either
      but it went for big bucks, I'm not a teaser! :)

      You could use the lightening rods and horse head together
      to scare people off in any kind of weather!
      Annoying peopoe would think twice
      about knocking no matter how nice!

      Hey, enjoy your doctor visit tomorrow
      I'm feeling better without any sorrow
      Just a bandage until Friday
      and then I go back again on Thursday! ha.

    2. Yeah it does help after a while
      But for a day or so you feel vile
      Get stabbed today
      And popped tomorrow at my bay
      Fun stuff
      And no the car guys are rather gruff

  4. Looks like a fun auction. Hope the sellers did well!
    Just a normal day at work for me today. :)

    1. They should have been pleased...I thought the prices went high!

      Do you ever have normal work days? ha.

  5. What bandage???? What did I miss???
    You ok???
    Looks like a nice day at the auction...
    What I did today....let me see...walked 5 miles on the beach before 10am...
    Packed up some more stuff....
    Did 5 crosswords....
    Laid in the sun...another 3 mile walk...showered...went to John's Pass...
    Bought Vivivan a sweet little snowglobe...ahhhh...
    Had a delicious burger at Conch Republic...
    Got back in time for our last FLorida sunset for 2013...
    Made sandwiches for the long drive tomorrow...
    Wrote on Betsy's blog...hahahaha...
    will do some more packing...up bright and early...on the road by 8:30...to Chattanooga Tennessee...

    Linda :o)

    1. I had a cyst on my wrist that got drained yesterday. Ew. I know..yucky. I have to wear a compression bandage on it so it doesn't fill back up. Hurt so bad when they drained it, I got dizzy. ha. But it's going to be nice not having that knot on the inside of my wrist.

      Your day sounds wonderful. I'm glad you got to see one last sunset. I've enjoyed your trip so much!

      You bought a snowglobe in sunny Florida? haha.

  6. What a great auction!

    What DID I do today? I baked a packaged mix of apple cinnamon muffins and made the house smell yummy, hugged a small child, Skyped my favorite mom in law, and this evening we had our taxes done. Maybe tomorrow I'll be productive.

    1. ha...that sounds plenty productive to me!

  7. what nice an beauty things Betsy! Hope you feeling better of your wrist, I always read your sidebar but maybe I dont see! Hope you feel better.
    We travel all night an today I make a lot of laundry! and order and clean LOL an I finish a post right now!!

    1. welcome back home! :) Glad you had such a fun little holiday..and at such a beautiful place! Oh yes, lots of laundry when you get back home! haha.

    2. Yes loads of laundry and Esperanza back to work today an she let a ...mess;))
      Hope you feel better of your wrist!

    3. Hopefully you will conquer the laundry mountain today. ha. I have a lot to do myself. Feels good to stay home! I wish I had a piece of that blueberry kuechen for breakfast!

    4. Ih Bteys yesterday I made 3 laudry and today two more, now I have to iron.:))
      Anyway I love be at home, yes and I sleep so well in my bed!!
      Is my first time in the day I come to computer in all day:)

  8. You almost always see a lot of interesting things at the auctions you work. Your photos get me thinking about the person who collected these items, and how they might have come to own them.

    Sorry you didn't get any goodies out of the trash today!

    1. Almost always, yes! Some are SO busy I don't have time to get my camera out. Today was fairly calm! Yeah, no trash....maybe next time! We have lots of auctions scheduled in the coming weeks!

  9. nice...lots of cool stuff...the lightning rods...the horse drawn toys...i could def find some treasures there...and my twin...she is def from ohio...smiles.

    1. smiling back! :)

      the lightning rods were very cool! Neat conversation pieces...I'd take them all!

  10. It must be so much fun to work at these auctions.;) Come to think of it, I no longer see lightning rods on houses - wonder why that is.;)
    Hope you have been well dear Betsy.;)

    1. It is very fun! I wondered the same thing about lightning rods. It isn't common like it used to be!

  11. I love your auction posts and the trash treasure posts. Always so interesting and seems somehow historical to see what people have saved. I too am sorry you did not get any "finds" out of the trash this time. I really do enjoy seeing them. I wonder if any of the customers have seen your posts and are realizing that maybe they should totally check out what is in the box. And I know the boys would have loved that lighting rod. Thanks so much for the great pictures, they are fantastic.

    God bless.

  12. This looks like so much fun! What did I do...started thinking about re-doing my loft/office space. I gathered up photos and frames...hopefully spray painting them black on a day a bit warmer and less windy!


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