Monday, December 31, 2012

Waffles And When Not To Talk

I have a confession to make.
I have a hard time not insisting things be done my way!
I'm talking about things around the house.
I've been trying lately to keep my mouth shut and be
thankful someone is helping instead of criticizing!

The dishwasher doesn't have to be loaded just like I would do it!
The world won't come to an end if the pillows aren't arranged
on the bed like I would have arranged them.
And nobody will die if the mayo isn't put back it it's
usual spot in the frig.  ha ha.  Instead, I've been
trying to say thank you for making the bed or loading
the dishwasher.  Sounds simple, I know, but I really
have to bite my tongue!  ha.

So, when The Mister asked if he could make us waffles
this morning, I had to think before each word....but
that doesn't mean I couldn't be entertained, right?

If I made some waffles, would you eat them?

Do you know how to make waffles?

Uh...no.  But I could try.

OK, I'll eat some.  I'll even make the syrup for you.

OK.  I forgot about the syrup.  So, you start with flour, I'm guessing?

The recipe is taped to the inside of the cupboard door, see?

I sip coffee as I sit and watch, determined not to butt in or insist they are made the way I would do it.  

I watch as he picks broken egg shells out of the bowl.  :)

One stick of melted butter.  Melted...as in liquid?

Yes, as in liquid. :)

He gets all the ingredients together and whisks it forever. ha.

It seems a little too thick.  Much thicker than yours.

I'm sure it's fine, but you could add more buttermilk to thin it a little.

I watch as he pours the batter into a not-quite-hot-enough waffle iron.

Eventually, I was served a couple of very pale, limp waffles.  They were thin and rubbery, but they were hot and the flavor wasn't too bad.  

Not bad for your first waffle!

The cook seemed very pleased with himself.  And how could I complain...he even did the dishes! :)


  1. I'm beginning to wonder if you are my long lost sister! haha too funny! I have 3 kids that love to help in the kitchen, it's hard for me to not always pick the same one because he does things the most like me :) or just simply take over when they're helping because I think things are off track!

    1. oh look, first! should I gloat? or not.

    2. Yes, please gloat! It seems to be the thing to do! haha.

      Oh, that is funny....but also so nice your kids want to help!

    3. it is nice! and I have to remind myself that I started somewhere too. Patience has never really been one of my strengths. lol, I'm learning though :)

  2. I have the same issue and need to work on being thankful and not critical. I need frequent reminders. :)
    PS - love that picture!

    1. It's so easy to fall into that bad habit! ha. I've really been trying to stop it.

      Lovely snow, isn't it? I've been enjoying it so much today!

  3. aaah dear! he is so cute:).I can imagine really he making the waffles and he very pleased with himself:)) ha; sounds like a man lol
    the lovely he wants to make:)))

    1. Yes, it was very nice he wanted to make them. haha...Not the best waffle I've ever had, but it was edible. lol.... I wanted so badly to show him how to crack the eggs better or say to wait until the iron was hotter. haha...but it was all fine in the end. :)

    2. anyway he is cute :) oh the eggs!

    3. I know...really, I tried not to laugh! :)

  4. sometimes to me is difficult not critical and be thanksful sigh!

    1. I think it's just because these things are our normal routines and we know how to do things the most efficient way...and we have learned from experience. But it's better if we can just smile and be happy they are helping. Hard, though! haha.

  5. I'm impressed! Love the story.

  6. Oh I had to laugh...what a fun post and you did really exercise caution with your words. HaHa
    I do not have that problem with my dearest. I heard him tell someone the only time he goes into the kitchen is to get to the back door.

    I don't think he's every tried anything, and doesn't even have the smallest desire. I guess I should be thankful.

    Did you make the syrup???

    1. Yes, I did make the syrup. :) Maybe next weekend I'll suggest he make them again...practice makes perfect, you know! haha.

  7. haha you got to learn sometimes...and good job letting him make a go of it without too much commentary...lol...

  8. thats right, how could you,, lol,

    1. yes, it wouldn't have been right. haha.

  9. OMG....did I write this post????
    Perhaps most women are the same, when it comes to the way they like things being done...
    I have always said to my boyfriend "I would love you to be able to make me poached eggs"
    He does NOT cook...
    Well....the other morning...he actually asked me if he could make me poached eggs!!!
    BUt...I was not as lucky...or calm and collected like you...
    I showed him how to make them....FOR ME....and yet he has seen me make them for over 40 years...
    He does not eat them anymore...just the egg whites....as he has cholesterol issues...
    But.....I guess at least he ASKED.....right???
    We'll see if he asks again...hahahaha....

    Gotta give your Mr. credit....WAFFLES???? I have never even made those!!!!

    Thanks for the good laugh, Betsy....I needed that!!!

    Linda :o)

    1. Oh, that is too funny! The Mister makes eggs once in a while. They aren't very good. ha. He's a whiz with heating leftovers up in the microwave, though...and he makes great coffee, even though he doesn't drink it. :)

  10. lol
    I think every household is the same.
    My son tries to show me how things shoyuld be done and then leaves everything on the counter.
    My husband makes a mess when he cooks and spoils everything. He will stir the whole day
    and come out with nothing. but to give orders how things should be done?.....Number one lol
    Today I am making some things for tomorrow. Maybe no one will be here cause they are going snow boarding. But anyway I try at least to have some things made tonight Now my husband wants to eat everything and I said no It will not be ready.
    Some things have to marinate overnight to get the flavor for the next day. In this house I will be lucky if I find the food tomorrow morning.
    It's tough. Not easy with so many bosses around.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  11. Awwwww they were waffles made with love and from the heart!! Yay!! Happy happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!! Take care

  12. Glad to hear that holding-the-tongue is a monumental effort for someone else! LOL! I do think it is a worthy effort though!! ;) Happy New Year, Betsy! blessings ~ tanna


  13. My mister has taken over my kitchen totally because he`s good at it. Only problem is, is that when I decide that it`s time for me to turn out meals, he `interferes`!!!!! I had a good laugh reading this as I knowhow it goes!Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. I would love that...the mister being good at it! But I fear we will never get there. lol...

  14. hahaha oh I can relate
    As with my ocd i like things done my way at my gate
    But then at least it is less you have to do
    As long as you fight the view
    And not have to get up and change it to how it should be
    Sometimes I have to as things begin to bug me

    1. I must confess
      when things have been made a mess
      that I fix them after he's left the room
      otherwise it will cause me doom.

  15. Are you kidding?! Someone would die if the mayo wasn't put back in the exact same spot it came from. The fridge fairies would die! And i'm Queen Fairy. Hahahaha!
    I love this post! You and I could be twins only if you're not actually holding your tongue. ;)
    Besides my hubby would never offer to make waffles *I don't make waffles* or anything else to eat because he would burn water. He also has no idea what the buttons on the washer/dryer are for. He tells everyone the reason he doesn't cook is that I buy appliances with chinese writing on them. Yes. He's is way too funny.

    Once someone ask me if I could dry off with a towel that was folded inside out. I said, No, I couldn't.
    Then I said, I have no towels folded inside out. Nor are any of the bath cloths, kitchen towels...etc.
    Not even my cleaning cloths get folded inside out. All seams are inside as we speak. :D

    I'd just rather do things myself as face the hassle of having to re-do later. I'm happy doing it and they are happy letting me. As Pat said, My OCD wants things done my way from the gate.

    Happy New Year to your sweet boys, your waffle making hubby *Bless His Heart* and You! May the Lord bless you with more love and laughter than you guys can hold.

    1. haha..you are so funny. Well, I'll tell you, The Mister isn't allowed to touch the laundry. He doesn't follow directions well and each time he's done it, something got ruined....of mine! ha. I can laugh now....not then. :)

      I'm glad your towels are folded correctly...good grief...you wouldn't be able to sleep at night if they weren't! haha. :)

  16. Hey, that is very sweet of the Mister for making the attempt. You have to appreciate the thought, even if the results aren't perfect. :)