Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grey and White Random

I noticed that the photo file for the last couple
of days was totally grey and white!
So, why not just show you all the grey
randomness that has been going on here.
Even the sky was grey today!

I showed you my 9 cent sugar shaker from the thrift
store the other day.  Yesterday they had two more!
Now I have one for sugar, powdered sugar and
cinnamon sugar!  A whopping 27 cents in all. 
Since they keep showing up there, that must
mean that I'm the only one that likes them! ha.

They also had 6 brand new white damask place mats
with the tags still attached. $1 each.
Betsy + 5 men = 6
Perfect for Christmas dinner. :)

Even the cats fit in with this theme, if you count black.
Here's Jack, Tiger, Domino and Charcoal having lunch.
I guess the grey ones curl their tails while they eat
while the black ones leave them out. :)

Yesterday I pulled into the Wal-mart parking lot in Springfield, Ohio and
 there was a flock of Ring-billed Gulls taking up a section.
  They were even double parked! ha ha.  
Very tame, not moving as cars drove by, they were
soaking up the sun.  I love the one in the back balancing on one leg. :)
Of course, I was the only one to stop, take pictures and chat
with them for a few minutes.  I invited them over, too! lol...

And last but not least, when your dryer is going to cost $470 to repair and 
the new one you want costs $600, it's just better to get the new one, 
right?  And if you have men with muscles at home, there's no
need to pay for delivery. ha.  But in true tradition, The Mister had his
friend Murph along today.  He got the door switched to open on the
side I wanted just fine, but when he went to put on the electric 
cord in the back, the screw dropped behind the cover and into the
outside frame.  He looked through his tool boxes and didn't have
another screw that size.  Then the socket set got knocked off the 
dryer and on to the floor.  ha. After an hour of fiddling, and a bit
 of growling, he finally retrieved the screw and we got
 the dryer in it's rightful spot.

Now I have a  matched set! Yippee! 
And yes, they are Speed Queen.
Commercial Heavy Duty, Super Capacity.
Lifetime Warranty.
I love my washer we got earlier this year.
No fancy colors, bells or whistles.
No electric panels to short out.
I just want the things to wash and dry
a mountain of laundry each day without fuss. ha.

So, how was your day?
Was it colorful, or grey?
And I ended in a rhyme for Pat.
How about that? ha.


  1. I put together the Goodie Basket for our Pastor and his family. It was fun. I used the basket I found wearing a sweater...I'll post a picture later.

    I have a standard white washer and dryer and I love them both..so that's my white for the day.

    You three sugar holders are so clever and cute! Great idea, I use those three kinds of sugar all the time too.

    1. Now, if it was just possible to have 'drizzle' in one, ready to top anything sweet, right? ha.

      Your pastor's family is going to love their sweatered basket full of goodies! :)

  2. These are lovely pictures Betsy and is amazing like jack has grow!! is really big! lol

    1. yes, Jack is almost as big as the original litter! He's really grown just this week!

    2. Yes is amazing because I remember when he was little!(not many time)
      Your header look lovely betsy;)

    3. He was just born in June, but he's grown! I suppose he's about a teenager now. ha. Big but still acts like a kid and kind of awkward in his long legs. haha.

    4. omy a teenager?? Look Ares has 4 years and still is a teenager and makes disasters LOL

  3. Ending in rhyme
    Is such a grand time
    And sounds like quite the pain
    To get it to work at your lane
    But it came due
    And so fun to see the kitty crew
    I guess the tails of the black
    Aren't afraid of an accidental stomping attack.

    1. I knew you'd like my rhyme chime!
      I've conquered the laundry mountain
      with my dryer graduation. ha.
      And tail stomping has happened before
      but only by accident as they stretch across the floor.

    2. Yeah happened here too
      I think it is a right of passage between me and you

  4. I like your black and gray.
    I'll take it most any day.
    It looks good on the cats,
    and of course, the place mats.
    Your finds at the store,
    didn't leave you too poor,
    so now you can do
    all that laundry galore!

    1. hahaha...well, look at you!
      Pat will love your rhyme, too!

    2. haha yeah well done
      As you went on the rhyming run

  5. nice on the appliance....and way to go hubs as well saving the day by retrieving the screw....ha on the cats....and cool on the gulls as well...thanks for a bit of normalcy betsy...

  6. I would say my day was colorful. I bought a bright green frog for Mom to wrap up and give Lucas for his birthday. Aubrey thought it was fascinating, but the boys were too distracted by the Transformers and Batman to pay much attention.

    Love the cat photos and I love their tails too. And, I don't want bells and whistles on my appliances either. Can't stand the ones on the stove and am grateful my laundry appliances have regular knobs and buttons.

    1. Well, it's hard to compete with Batman. ha. One of our cats, Socks, has a springy tail...if you pull it out, it seems to spring back into a curl. ha.

      The repairman did tell me that the bells and whistles do cause those newer machines to have more repairs and more costly ones....and their life expectancy is short. I never used any of the extra gadgets, anyway. And this dryer is front loading, giving me a nice big space for folding clothes on top. I've never been so pleased with 'plain and basic'. lol...

  7. Hi Betsy - I'd always have plain and basic if I could - exactly as you say they're simpler and seem to last much longer. I am so pleased I'm not doing your mound of laundry everyday or nearly ...

    Love the photos though and your thoughts on shades of grey - glad you included black ..

    Have a happy week - now you've got the washing and drying sorted ... and your beautiful gift baskets distributed out .. I hope you can get some relaxation sometime ... cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, you should be happy about the laundry! Ha. It does seem to grow with a large family! And you're right...the biggest projects for me are done...I actually think I'll have some time to relax and enjoy now!

  8. Can't imagine why no-one else has the imagination to see the use of those pretty sugar shakers, but then again, not many people have your flair. I am amazed at those gulls! Gulls here tend to congregate on top of the Mill roof. I thought it was because it's warm up there... but maybe it's just that there's no room on our Asda (Walmart) car park!

    1. the gulls did crack me up! Of all the beautiful places they could be...why the Wal-mart parking lot? haha. There is even a lake on the edge of town....a much more scenic place to hang out! :)

  9. I've grown to love the simplicity of shades of gray and the classic beauty of black and white. Still love a dash of red along the way! ;) I tell you, Betsy, my next washer/dryer will be the same thing! I was sucked in by the fancy front loaders... oh, give me my old top-loader with an agitator! LOL! Good choices! blessings ~ tanna

    1. simple seems to usually be the best...in a lot of things!

      Hope you're enjoying your weekend and glad you're all well now!

  10. I enjoyed all the pictures but especially the one of the cats dining...so cute.

    1. I think they're pretty irresistible, too! :)

  11. The operative seems to be ha. I also noticed you're so much better at rhyming than The Cat... what's up with that? (I know, it rhymes. It must be contagious.)

    1. ha. :)

      I do say 'ha' a lot. It's less common than lol. And shorter than 'ha ha'. :)

      I rhyme better? Oh my! Too bad that cat probably won't be by again to read on this post.
      Talk about dungeons. :)

      And see, you aren't grumpy at all! Just blue. Very, very blue.

  12. those cats are adorable!! Grey can be pretty awesome!
    Mary x

    1. aw mary...it's great to see you! Hope you're doing well with your foot up and on a pillow! :)

  13. Great new header...
    Love that you got to have the other 2 shakers...
    You know how much I love seagulls...
    The first time I saw one on one leg...I thought he actually only had one leg!!! HAHAHA...
    Love the picture of the cats......
    Love that you got a new dryer...

    Grey here as well...and wet...and crappy!!!

    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. hahaha...a one legged gull...oh, that's so cute! :) It does look like that!

      LOVE my new dryer....so fast and quiet.

      very grey here...and wet! I hear we might have snow this week if it gets cold enough!


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