Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Auction and Porta John Etiquette

 Today's auction was out on the farm.  No gorgeous antiques,  no fun trash to pick through,
a forecast of strong storms, hail and a very strange 65 degrees, which seemed certain to bring tornadoes since it was only in the teens 24 hours earlier.  Here is my view to my left side, through the windshield of the auction truck.  Anybody want a big orange tractor?  That's Gail and Bryan, my coworkers in the blue jackets.  My job was inside the truck, registering bidders and doing check-out.

And here's my view in front of me!  LOL!  Yes, many of you know that I have an aversion to the off-site auctions that require us to use the lovely Porta Johns.  They are usually not put in a nice, private location!  I just had to laugh that it was in my direct line of vision for the day.  This one was is leaning, too!  Not as bad as one auction, where I could hardly relax in anticipation of the whole thing falling over with some poor soul inside with their pants down around their ankles.  Notice my hand sanitizing gel and my phone?  I use the gel all the time since I'm handling people's driver's licenses and money.  Today, one man was holding his license with his teeth and then took it out of his mouth and gave it to me.  Oh, please!  The phone comes in handy to text friends about porta johns, weather and other crazy things happening.

People watching is also entertaining when it comes to PJ's.  I'm amazed how close people stand to them while waiting for a turn. Too close!  Isn't their some kind of unspoken rule about invading people's personal space?  I think this should include the PJ's, too!  Today the entertainment was watching how many people walked up and pulled on the door when the little symbol indicated it was locked!  I wanted to yell, "Someone is in there, people!"  haha.  Once they realize it is occupied, they don't stand there to be seen by the person coming out!  No, they slink away and hide until they can try again unnoticed~ hahaha. 

But the most fun was seeing the symbol like this.  Oh, that was so confusing to people!  I watched this happened probably three or four times.  People timidly and quietly opened the door very slowly about an inch and peeked inside!   Why not knock??? Then when they saw it was empty, they looked relieved and went in.  So very funny!!

Did you have anything funny happen to you today?


  1. Boy, what a stinky post. (Get it? Get it? Oh, never mind!)

  2. I just had a normal day at work!
    Sounds like its a good idea to keep that hand sanitizer close. :)
    Hope the next auction has a better view!

    1. You're a nurse, right? Is there such a thing as a normal day? ha.

      Next auction is big and full of antiques. Yay!

  3. I bet the people who set up the PJ never have used one....
    otherwise they might think about where and how they are placed.
    I stayed home today....waiting for February to be over....LOL
    We did have a couple of very "brief" snow storms.
    Take care,

    1. I think you're right! ha.

      Tomorrow I'm staying home and welcoming March! :)

      It's finally getting windy here...I think the storms are just late in coming!

  4. We went to an outside party a couple years ago. They had the porta john all spiffied up with candles inside. But there is no way to improve the ambience of the pj : )

    1. We went to an outside concert one time that had a row of them...probably 50...and they were new, spotless and smelled nice. I was so impressed! ha.

  5. um yeah....def dont want to stand too close...cause i really dont want to hear...lol on the half turned handles too...i think i would def knock or holler....

    1. Exactly! If you're inside, it makes you very self conscious that people just two feet away are listening! lol! I'm with you on the knocking, too...def better than peeking!

  6. LOL PJ etiquette today
    Oh that is such a fun display
    I would never ever step foot in one
    But I would know enough to knock if it was half and half on the symbol run
    Sooo funny how they slink away are trying
    Much have had a great time spying
    License in their teeth is just plain ewww
    My ocd would need my hands washed too
    Reminds me of a guy at volleyball who licks his fingers time and time again
    Blah, I wash my hands very very well when I get back to my den..haha

    1. Thought about you a lot today
      for obvious reasons on display
      First thing I said as that thing was in view
      was "Oh, Pat's gonna love a post that will come due"
      Tried to hold that license on the opposite corner
      as I thought how he must have been a yawner
      when it came to germs and such
      without a care about spit that much.

      Maybe he was related to the volley ball guy
      licking his fingers? I'd just about die.
      How super yucky
      and not at all ducky.

      Maybe you and I should start wearing food service gloves
      those clear disposable ones...those we would love
      but then we'd get the weird looks
      and they would think we were the ones with quirks.

    2. hahaha Pat and portapotties go hand and hand
      That could be sad or grand..lol
      Yeah I'd try to hold it there too
      As tons of germs could come due
      But I bet he'll be the first to whine when he gets sick
      And probably letting his ummm boogers flick..haha

      Yeah he could be
      That is not nice to see
      I drill the ball at his head a couple times though
      That helps a bit with my ocd flow..haha

      hahaha I actually thought about that a time or two
      But yeah would get many crazy looks as some view
      Maybe we need wipes like Monk used
      Every time germs abused
      Least we could hide them some
      And avoid the werid looks and ummms..haha

    3. love those wipes and use them I do.
      our grocery has them supplied with the carts, too
      so you can clean the germs before you push it through
      the aisles
      with smiles
      until you meet someone like I did this week
      touching every single grape in the store...eeek!
      I'm serious..pulled each cluster from it's bag
      and pinched each one. Such a cad.
      Guess he didn't want to buy a single grape
      that was mushy or wrinkled ...or that had a face.

    4. haha I never used them at all
      Here at my hall
      Just use my sleeve on the cart
      When going to the grocery mart
      That is just nasty indeed
      You never know who has touched what you feed
      So best to wash it really good before you eat
      Even some apple as a treat
      People just bite into those
      And God only knows
      Who has touched it before hand
      Spreading germs thinking it is grand
      And poor grape face siblings feeling neglect
      As he tried to detect..haha

    5. I usually keep my gloves on
      so the germs will be gone.

      I always say that to my men
      not to wash their fruit is a sin
      you don't know you touched the stuff
      or where their hand was before the touch! ha.

      Maybe that's why I bring home so many food faces
      they are the rejects from the touchy feely masses.

    6. lol well at least they make for quite the display
      On the window ledge at your bay
      And if all else fails Nugget can have a snack
      Of the germy stuff at your shack
      Somehow I don't think he'd care
      And it wouldn't ruffle his hair
      Yep so many nasty people touch the stuff
      Then they whine and whine and whine as they huff and puff
      Poor me I got sick
      Maybe if they didn't touch each brick
      And then not wash their hands or food before they eat
      They wouldn't suffer such a defeat

  7. LOL! Now, that was a mixed message!! Nothing this interesting going on down here, Betsy! LOL!

    1. well, just look here for some crazy entertainment! haha.

  8. Ha, who would have known that observing the actions around a porta potty would be so interesting!

    1. Yeah, who knew! ha. People watching is always interesting!

  9. Porta Johns...the bane of the 21st century...of any century actually.

  10. LOL!!! Thanks for cheering me up this gray morning! LOL!! People are hilarious! Take care

  11. Hello Betsy, I am back from a short brake.;) Sounds like you enjoyed watching the entrance to that portable john, hihi.;) I admit being the same, I too try the doors even if it says occupied as I have experienced it showing occupied when it was actually not.;) So it is just a reflex I guess.;)
    Have a great day.;)

  12. oh Betsy I never saw to close a sanitezer like this! anyway I know so much the antiques in the country side sigh!! (not now thanks God!)

    1. never seen one? You don't have the little bottles of gel you use on your hands? They are great when you are somewhere you can't wash your hands.

    2. ah I know what you talk sorry dear I think you talk about the bath! ha! yes we have here but always I feel my hand are not clean:(

    3. Yes, I prefer soap and water...but this is handy when you're no where near a sink! ha.

  13. At least you had some entertainment and not just the side of the shed. It is amazing what people do when they hand you stuff. I work in a bank and people will be coughing all over and then hand you stuff or be leaning all over your space and touching stuff then tell you they have been sick, on the stool and throwing up and going back home to bed. So out comes the wipes and you clean your area and spray the Lysol. Auctions with junk are better!

    1. Oh my goodness...yes, you certainly can relate. haha.

  14. OH Betsy! Porta Johns! UGH!
    I will be joining you next week at auction! NO PJ at this one though. (relief)

    Saw a cute little kitten named Whiskers today...peeking in Dad's window! SO CUTE!

    1. Whiskers loves being inside with me, but she LOVES to spy on your dad through his window! So funny. I think she's a keeper...so sweet. She slept on my feet last night.

    2. I heard you get to work on the 10th. Huge auction...it will be fun!

  15. OK, just looking at these photos made me reach for the hand sanitizer! (o:

  16. Now where can we find a big sign or sticker that says, "Keep Back" or "Don't Follow Too Close"? I am not a fan of PJ's ( Ido like the abbreviation though...) but after birthing seven children find myself extremely thankful when the are available.

  17. So true....I'd rather have one than none. ha. Although, some are nicer than others. This one was especially dirty and nasty. But it is amusing to see where they are parked and how people act around them. Would have been a fun clip for America's Funniest Home Videos.

    1. There is always a bush
      To use for your tush
      So they aren't always in need
      At ones feed
      Probably more sanitary too
      Although there many may be able to view..haha

    2. yes, a bush would be more sanitary
      this one was very wary.
      Easier for you to use the bush
      than me, so hush.
      Most have now dropped their leaves
      so that would not please. ha.
      Besides, I prefer tp to leaves
      as some comforts I need.

    3. Take a stroll
      And bring a tp roll
      There you go
      Just watch it as the wind could be chilly as it begins to blow..haha

    4. I keep a roll in my jeep!
      I just know some day at the auction leap
      none will be had
      and that would be bad!

    5. hahaha probably a good plan
      As it could also get used up by some man
      So better to be safe then have none
      That would just be no fun

  18. bathrooms or PJ's are always good for entertainment. Glad you made it through the day without a tornado or the PJ falling over!

    1. the bad weather passed us by..so glad. Wow...Illinois got hit terribly! :(

  19. Thanks for the good laugh. I'm using a lot of hand sanitizer too lately, and soap and water. Lots of sick kiddos at my house. :(

    1. Oh dear! Hope everyone is better soon!

  20. Fun times seem to follow you wherever you go Bets! I love your perspectives. XO

  21. The older I get, the more I hate porta-potties. They're just so stinky and gross and . . . indiscreet. At the Alaska State Fair, people line up for what seems like miles to use the 10 or so port-potties and you feel like everyone's watching when you shuffle up to take your turn. Coming out is even worse because then you're facing the crowds, who are waiting like vultures to grab the next available toilet. Oy.

  22. Please give me one! I have again headache!:(

    1. a cup of hot chocolate? Why sure, dear...I hope it helps your head! Chocolate makes everything better, right? ha.

  23. thought of you today, I was helping with the food at an auction. but I didn't get to watch the PJ :) haha

    1. Ooooh....if you were helping with the food, then I know it was delish! :)

      No PJ watching? haha...you missed out! Sorry if you had to use it, though. :)

    2. ha, nope I avoid those things at all costs ha :)

    3. oh and thanks for your vote of confidence! I made a gallon of chicken noodle soup but it usually gets mixed in with the other soup of it's kind :) it was tasty tho!

  24. Hello Betsy.

    Marsha from The Better Baker wanted to get us in touch. I write about whole foods, healthy living, budget and health issues - one of them being autism. Wow - you have your hands full. My son has Asperger's and is currently experiencing a ton of anxiety. I really need to work on counting my blessings at times like these.

    Bless you - I am sure you are swamped - I am too. But be in touch as you like.

    I'm at http://wholenewmom.com

    1. Hi Adrienne! I'm so glad Marsha sent you my way! It's always fun to meet new blog friends...especially if they have something in common. Thanks for your link...I'll come and visit you! :)

  25. Quite a funny article. Human nature at its finest can be quite the fodder for comedy!

  26. There's nothing better than a good bit of portable toilet humor!


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