Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I Did Wednesday #18

  1. Finally got my pony tail packaged up and in the mail to Locks of Love. I have to tell you that it is really weird to see your own pony tail laying on on your desk, unattached to your head. It was kind of creepy. ha.
  2. I needed a new winter coat so I shopped on Overstock.com for one. I didn't want something everyone else was wearing. I wanted something unique! I found a 1930's style short swing-coat in faux beaver fur. Ha. Perfect for those fancy business dinners The Mister is always dragging me to. But I'm crazy enough to wear it with jeans to the grocery, just like I did today. :)
  3. One of the younger kittens. Haven't been able to touch this one yet. Don't even know the sex. But it sure is beautiful. Especially those eyes!
  4. Barely got out of the village this morning when I drove past flair after flair along the road. Hmmm. Here's what I finally came upon. Had to turn around and take another route.
  5. Noticed this beautiful farm as I drove to the grocery.
  6. Noticed the snow on the neighbor's gazebo this afternoon.
  7. Saw the first icicles of the season!
  8. Watered the house plants.
  9. Chatted with Spencer.
  10. Enjoyed this barn with it's pretty decor.
  11. At the grocery, I perused the table of Christmas clearance items. Lots of tacky stuff. ha. But this box of pretty glass pine cone ornaments hopped in my cart and said, "Take me home!" so, I did. :)
  12. When I came home 3 hours later, that accident was still blocking the road! Oh my. That usually only means one thing...a fatality. And sure enough, I was right. So sad. And you know, I was running late this morning and left about 20 minutes later than I had planned. The accident happened 20 minutes before I arrived. Wow.
  13. Found a stack of Wolfgang Puck stainless mixing bowls with non-skid bottoms and fitted lids. 75% off because they were the display model. They jumped in my cart along side the pine cone ornaments. :)
  14. Really enjoyed this little Titmouse eating seed outside my kitchen window.

What did you do today? Hope it was wonderful!


  1. Did some grocery shopping, made supper for a SIL with a new baby that is sick, fed my always hungry crew here, took an invigorating walk, and played dice with the kids and my Hubby. Love your winter pics!

  2. Hi dear, a busy day! like always:)
    I love Spencer picture (look nice:)
    and the blue bird, beautiful!

  3. Oh how I know how things just jump into carts. Just the other day a pair of boots did just the same thing!

  4. great day and wonderful photos, love the pine cones, really nice, so sad about the accident, 7 teens died yesterday just in our area, two separate accidents took the lives of all 7 of them, so so sad, a harsh reality of life,
    on a happier not I love the sound of that coat!

  5. Betsy nice coat I dont have one many years, I love jackets or blazers I use in autumn and winter but I know there is more cold.
    I water plants too, I cry a little time, I make dinner, (burgers), swim a little, take the ultimate apricots and Im seen recipes to make something with apricots, and now I have to iron (lol)

  6. Love the farm picture:)
    Go to iron:)

  7. Things jumping into carts just seem to happen all the time
    With no reason or not even a rhyme
    Wow on the twenty minutes late
    Someone was looking out for you at your gate
    But then good have went a whole other way
    Though does cause dismay
    And yeah the cat is very cute
    Maybe it will come if everything is on mute

  8. As usual, a hectic day.

    Glad your timing was so good in regards to the accident.

    The gazebo looks like an ideal setting for some sort of intimate event... but I always did have a soft spot for them.

    And is that coat as soft as it looks?

  9. Now you have to post a picture of yourself without the pony tail! 75% off Wolfgang Puck cookware. You did the right thing. I spent my day at hospital with Hubby, just got home, ate leftovers and now I'm off to the Land of Nod.

  10. Gloria ~ no crying, dear!

    Anne ~ sorry about your hubby. Hope he is ok. Yes, the bowls were a steal for sure.

    Christine ~ things jump in your cart, too? Don't you just love that???

  11. Pat ~
    yep..would have been right there when that accident happened!
    So glad I was late.

  12. Silver ~

    I think I have you to thank for being late. You're just so chatty. :)

    Yes, the coat is as soft as it looks. ha.

  13. ugh on the way back from cleveland sat in a long line behind a fatality, not cool....bet spencer loved that...and cool on the bowls....

  14. What a very busy day! I love the winter pictures!

  15. I love those pictures "all a day in one" you made...
    Greetings from France,


  16. that kitten is for sure beautiful! 1 thing i loved about the States is that if you buy something that was in exposition you get such a nice deal on it, here in Europe that won't happen (i cannot speak for the whole Europe but the place we live they don't do it (you pay the same price for everything ):-( .. happy day Betsy!

  17. My Blogging Year hasn't started properly until I get chance to call in on one of my very favourite bloggers of all time. I have now called. Let 2012 commence. Happy New Year to you and all your boys Betsy.

  18. When I read the part about you mailing your hair I started wondering if they send you a picture of the wig they make. That would be nice.

    It has been a while since I last saw flares on the road. I guess once you quit going to work everyday and drive somewhere only a few days a week that I rarely see any accidents. I used to see so many and just never thought much about how few I now see.

    Love the snow and sometimes wish we had some here, but I guess it would be strange, thanks for sharing yours with us.

    God bless.

  19. Well, Alan, that was the sweetest thing to say. You've started my day off with a smile. Thank you. :)

  20. Oh, Betsy, I'm so glad you had a twenty minute delay. I knew #4 didn't look good. So sad.

    My favorite coat is one I found at Canton Trades Day for $10. It is a great old A-line, 3/4 sleeves, black soft wool with a little mink collar and one BIG button. LOVE it! I know I would love yours, too! blessings ~ tanna

  21. tanna ~ your coat sounds like the exact same style as mine...even down to the one big button! :)

  22. I love short, swing coats. You go!

    Those bowls... what a find.

    I had a similar experience a few days ago, coming up on a wreck that had just happened. I, too, was running late... God's protection.

  23. Ooh I like the bowls and the pine cones. What did I do? Apparently I caught the stomach flu. :(

  24. Oh, Rebecca ~ I'd rather catch anything but that. :( So sorry!

  25. What I Did Wednesday: I made a dear friend 20 minutes late in starting her errands.

  26. Silver~we are all so glad that you did!

    Betsy~yeah stomach flu doesn't rank very high on my list either.

  27. See, Silver...I always said you were a superhero. You saved my life....and you just had to be long-winded...didn't even use your cape. lol... :)

  28. Couldn't even find my cape. Just the rest of my Zorro costume.

  29. Oh I'm sorry about the fatality. So sad! :-(

    Look at that snow and ice! Glad you had some great bargains. Lovely pics of the sweet kitty and beautiful birdy and well done you with your locks of love contribution!

    Take care

  30. I guess being late
    Was a good fate
    Teaching another to set up a blog
    Giving Globland more Ohio Smog..LOL

  31. Pat
    Another blogger, yes it's true
    but she had to cancel! Her son has the flu.
    But soon we'll have her up and running
    Don't know what she'll think of all the rhyming!

  32. Lucky you finding those mixing bowls. I have one good set and many more plastic ones/ha

    So glad you were 20 minutes late this morning!!!!

  33. Busy day! I go that way to the grocery as well. Prefer the country roads ANY TIME.

    So sad about that accident.NOT GOOD.

    That kitten is gorgeous! I haven't seen that one.

  34. It's so nice to make a list like this. It's like keeping a diary on line :)

  35. as usual, you had a very busy day! The cutest things jump into our carts sometimes!

  36. I love your collages that tell how you spent your day! As for me, I am still recovering from a respiratory infection and just went back to work today

  37. art2cee2 ~ oh dear! Feel better! I spent the last 2 Januarys sick the whole month. So far I'm healthy..but it's only the 5th! ha. Get well soon!

  38. Love your Wednesdays, but we had a similare tragedy on our freeway Wed. 210 Shut down both ways for 5 hours... a shooting. Don't know the details, but it involed a Parole officer being shot.

    Thought of you today as I prepared a gift basket for a friend turning 75 that we've known since college. Driving to Santa Barbara this afternoon for the celebration.

  39. Wanda, I'm sure your gift basket looks lovely! Have a wonderful time!

  40. I went out an chopped wood for the fire. It is finally getting colder in Ohio.

  41. Glad you are enjoying your unique coat. I always hate wearing what others are! No fun!

  42. BragonDorn ~ yes, Ohio is feeling like winter!

  43. Michelle ~ and you know, it's so great to know your real name! :)

  44. Seeing an accident that you might have been involved in, had things been a little different, is a very sobering experience. Glad your day had some cheerful things in it too. I would love that coat!


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