Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

  1. Made some Christmas cards yesterday. Once I figured out how to draw a realistic pine cone, they are showing up every where! :) Silver and blue seem to be a recurring theme here this Christmas.
  2. We woke up to a temperature of 12 degrees this morning. Blue sky, no clouds and beautiful sun. The snow flurries of yesterday didn't stick and the grass is green! ha.
  3. My favorite part of the day was when Spencer kept going over to the stockings and peeking inside them. :)
  4. You know, I never did find my Christmas spirit! Maybe it will elude me altogether this year. It's been a sad year for me on several levels. Real life doesn't change just because it's a holiday, you know? But I'm still thankful for a thousand things and have too many blessings to even count.
  5. Spencer has had a bad cold all week. He missed school Monday and Friday. How do you teach a child with autism how to blow their nose? If you hold a tissue to his nose, he sniffs. lol. I've tried everything without success.
  6. The triplets need haircuts. Oh boy, was the bedhead funny this morning. Actually, it still is...I never combed it. Come to think of it, they are still in their jammies, too! :)
  7. I kept my Christmas Cactus alive all year but there aren't any blooms! I did have one large bloom in September, though. Maybe it got Labor Day confused with Christmas?
  8. I have 4 different kinds of Christmas cookies in the freezer so far. The gingerbread men never made it, though. They were gobbled up before they got into the Ziplock bags. ha. Sugar cookie dough is chilling as I type. I'm thinking fluffy icing and red sprinkles will be nice. There sure are lots of yummy recipes floating around the blogs this week. I've enjoyed browsing through and picked a few to try.
  9. What is error 404? Blogger keeps saying it to me. ha.


  1. Hi Betsy, I was seeing Christmas recipes almost all afternoon, (aprt of make lunch, washing dishes,iron etc.) you know)
    Your cards look beautiful:)
    You made a lot of Christ5mas cookies, I dont make still any :) but maybe the next week, Im living each day the best, this was a hard, very hard year to mee(: but also Im thanksful for many things too:)

  2. Error 404 is blogger's way of having a sulk! LOL! I say it wants some of your yummy christmas cookies!

    Awww I'm sorry the christmas mojo is eluding you so far. I hope you have a peaceful rest of the holidays! I also hope your boys get better soon.

    Your cards are lovely! My christmas cactus is yet to bloom and I've nourished it for over 10 years now. LOL! take care

  3. God! Those commercials are sooo stupid. I think it gets worse every year.
    I see them and I shiver in fear.
    Things are getting desperate now
    We have to get that spirit some how
    The cat has an idea
    Of course you may think "oh dear"
    Just remember not to blame Pat
    It's the cat being a dirty rat..haha
    And Error 404
    Maybe 503 is off doing a chore

  4. Gloria ~ we just have to look on the bright side, right? And there always is one...

    Yes, next week you can make your cookies. I have a pile of shirts to iron, so you're ahead of me there. ha.

  5. Pat

    The cat has an idea you say?
    Oh no, and oh dear I cry in dismay!


    I know...he's going to tell me to get a flu shot cure
    and then I'd be wishing for how life was before!

  6. I don't remember ever seeing an image of the moon that is so beautiful! Pine cones are beautiful too.

    A huge Ho Ho Ho all the way from Bend Oregon!

  7. My daughter and I baked cookies today too :) Sand Tarts and Soft Sugar Cookies, but haven't put icing on the sugar cookies yet. My mood for that left me before it was done so they will have to wait. Your pine cones are pretty! Have a wonderful evening!

  8. Love the pinecones...they truly do look so real. Love the shading.

    Seems like my oven has been on for a week, and I continue my baking and freezing.

    This morning I grated the chocolate for my Mom's English Toffee. Will get that made next week to send some to Jill in Oregon.

    Some times, that Christmas Spirit does elude us..But I'm sending love and hugs to you today.

  9. Betsy I still have piles of clothes to iron:) (lol) here is always the same and I think you too, lol

  10. Thanks, Helen...I think I got lucky with that photograph and caught the moon just at the right time!

  11. Martha ~ just got done frosting mine. I tried a new recipe and it isn't as good as my old one. Sigh. But I'm sure someone will eat them. ha.

  12. Thanks, Wanda!

    I made your toffee recipe last year...it is THE best! :) Jill will love getting a box of that!

  13. hahaha the cat would never tell anyone that
    Wouldn't even wish it on a rat
    You may cry oh dear in dismay
    Should make for an interesting post of the day...haha

  14. Kind of amazing that you're doing each of those pine cone cards by hand! Typical attention to personal detail!

  15. Betsy, lovely cards...hope you get the spirit soon!

  16. Your Christmas cards are gorgeous, Betsy. Brrrr... so sorry thta Spencer has a cold. Pop Pop and I have colds now that we caught from our Littlest Man. Apparently, your immune system gets out of practice if you don't have little people in your house all the time. ;)

    With as many things as I have to be grateful for and the magic of having the boys here for Christmas, I still haven't found my spirit yet either, Betsy. I'm trying to fake it till I make it. ;) Here's to both of us finding it soon. blessings ~ tanna

  17. If Spencer has what I am suffering with, he won't have to blow.....it just pours out!!

    Sorry about the e-mail I heard you received. I don't understand why people spend so much time doing harm when they could channel it towards good!!!

  18. if it continues to allude you i will come stand on the porch and sing carols at the top of my lungs until you get it...smiles....too cute on the stockings...12 degrees, yikes...and those are nice looking pine cones...

  19. Pat ~ uh oh, I guess I've been officially warned! ha.

    Silver ~ these go pretty fast..not as much detail as a CT drawing. :)

  20. tanna ~ sorry about your cold!

    And if I find my Christmas spirit, I'll send some your way! ha.

    nanny ~ I was going to let you know your email address was hijacked and then got busy today! Hope all is well on your end. Crazy virus spammers!

  21. Brian ~ now that made me laugh! ha. I'd LOVE for you to stand on my porch and sing anything at the top of your lungs....just let me get my camera before you start. :)

  22. I hope Spencer's cold soon leaves, lovely pine cones, beautiful!

  23. Your pine cone is beautiful! I love seeing your sketches. My Christmas cactus has not bloomed either, and I was so looking forward to it.

    Christmas hugs to you.

  24. I tried to get into the Christmas spirit early this year, but so far it has eluded me too. At this point I'm not sure I will ever get there... But, I will put on a happy face, and trust that His spirit inside will shine forth.

    Yesterday's sticky wet snow didn't last here either. I was hoping you were sending something better this way than a frigid wind chill.

  25. Your pine cone cards are very pretty, Betsy!

    With my family far away I am finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit myself,this year. I always loved cooking big holiday meals and baking lots of cookies for everyone to take home, but none of that will happen. I'm trying to re-focus on other ways to enjoy the holiday..trying to be more spiritual.

    I have my Christmas cactus in a Western facing window, so I think the shorter days and fading autumn light triggers it to begin blooming.

  26. Pat ~ that's always a good thing to concentrate on! :)

    Thanks for the tip...maybe I can coax it into a bloom or two.

  27. Hi Betsy .. funny about Spencer always peering into his stocking .. I'd laugh too ..

    Those Pine Cones look gorgeous .. while no doubt the cookies will taste rather delicious ...

    Enjoy what you can ?! Cheers Hilary

  28. Loving your pinecones Betsy.I dont know why but this year I too see them everywhere in an array of different colors.

    Sounds like your oh so busy on the cookie making.I do love gingerbread myself.I would of gobbled them up while making them ha.

    Im in a good mood for holidays this year.Last year,the first this ever happened,I took down the tree Christmas day.If you remember last year was,here anyway,the summer that left real fast it was hot one day and then boom it ended up really cold about the very beginning of September.For me I was so depressed couldnt get into the swing of anything.Crying spells thought I was going through my second menapause hah.

    Have a lovely sunday,blessings.

    Oh by the way I agree when feet smell the whole body needs washed LOL,to funny.

  29. Christmas spirit can be elusive this time of year. It can all get overwhelming!
    Those cards you made are awesome!
    May you be filled with Christmas joy!'

  30. Hi Betsy
    your pine cone cards are beautiful!

    I don't have the Christmas spirit this year either, just too busy with everyday things to be joyful about the real Christmas meaning.

  31. Becky ~ aw...I'm so glad this year is better for you! Maybe the long beautiful fall did you some good! We do have a lovely frost this morning, though!

  32. i absolutely love the way you draw. i've said it before but will again that you have such an appealing style. i also have not picked up the holiday spirit. some years it eludes me. hopefully not this year:)

  33. I am liking the pine cones. Very nice. I am tired of Blogger and Error 404....blah!

  34. Ed ~ thanks very much. And I hope the Christmas spirit sweeps you away very soon! :)

  35. Farmchick ~ it was error 500 that I kept getting this afternoon. ugh.

  36. #4 was happening here too this year Betsy. In an effort to get my Chrissie mojo happening I selected Millie's Christmas playlist on the iPod, sent it blaring through the car speakers & set off for the drive to work this morning. Surprise, surprise it did the trick, so get going girl, plug your music in, crank it up & drive everyone crazy!
    Millie xx

  37. What lovely cards - those who receive them will be thrilled. I would frame mine! It's funny how that Christmassy feeling seems to get harder to catch each year. As I get older I am more aware of how happy coexists with sad. I hope, however, that you get surprised by joy one of these days.

  38. Life doesn't care about holidays, but you always seem to be in the right spirit, keeping your cool, no matter what. You're right in expressing concerns but there are solutions which you'll eventually find out as you need them. You've proven this so far.

    Have you tried blowing YOUR nose in front of him. By repeating the gesture, it might imprint... eventually!!

    The best moment to come I think is when they'll peek into their stockings and there'll finally be something in there!!

    To you and your loved ones, the merriest of times for the Holidays!!

  39. Tickle ~ you are so sweet. Thanks for the encouragement! xo

  40. your card is and was lovely. Yes, i think many of us can realte to number 4 too.


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