Friday, December 30, 2011

Flying Fish

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The sky was full of goldfish tonight!
"I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl!" ~Princess Margaret
"No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish."~Kin Hubbard
"I've got a new invention. It's a revolving bowl for tired goldfish."~Lefty Gomez
"There is a natural hootchy-kootchy motion to a goldfish."~Walt Disney
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  1. haha I think hootchy kootchy and whoopdi friggin doo would go well together
    In any kind of weather
    Speaking of which looks like yours is nice
    Those poor goldfish may pay the price
    When it gets cold
    The sky may take hold
    And they'll come down in a rush
    Like they were given a good flush

  2. Silver ~ thanks! :)

    Pat ~ well if the poor fish fall they should come to the zoo.
    I wouldn't mind another pet or two. :)

  3. Hootcy-kootch and whoopdi friggin doo
    And wow, that is a mouthful, too!

  4. Ahhh I see them swimming through the trees! Such a bright orange!! Headache gone Betsy?

  5. Silly fish
    Flying by
    Betsy wishes
    you'd stop by

    Her cute kitties
    would like you too,
    but maybe not
    to be part of the zoo.

  6. Rebecca ~ the trees could be coral or seaweed! :)

    Yes, finally..after 48 hours, the headache is gone. Whew.

  7. absolutely beauty Betsy:)
    But always your pics are amazing:)

  8. Rebecca ~ hahaha! That was great!

    You're being sucked into the rhyming race!


  9. Mine too--that's a long headache.
    :( Glad you are feeling better tho.

  10. Rebecca ~ I know..two days is a long time. Mine usually do that. Crazy. Glad you're better, too. Gloria wants to feed us yummy food. That would probably cure headaches, too. :)

  11. Beautiful post, Betsy! And fun!!!

    Happy New Year!


  12. Hmmm-heading over to Gloria's blog now--no headache--but I'll still take some yummy food. :)

  13. Rebecca ~ you'll love it...her photography is always beautiful!

  14. My first thought was goldfish clouds, then I read the quotes. Nice combination.

  15. Her pictures make everything look so good. I could probably convince my hubby to eat saurkraut if Gloria photographed it. haha

  16. It's a beautiful sky...
    Those fish aren't shy.
    In my minds eye,
    they've been colored with fluorescent dye!

  17. nice shot...they do look like goldfish...

    we have one buried in a pill bottle in the front yard...in case we ever move we can take it with us...at least that is what they tell me...

  18. Nice rhyming Mari!

    When Pat comes back, his head will swell
    That he started this, he will tell!

  19. Brian ~ oh, you're nice. We've always flushed ours. ha. Although, we do have a pet cemetery in the back yard. The Mister says he's burying me there some day, too! lol....

  20. haha wow a rhyming comment train
    Has truly begun to rain
    Isn't this such fun to see
    And another pet or two or you crazy?..haha

  21. Pat ~

    You have to ask?
    It isn't such a task
    To know that I'm crazy
    and a little hazy. ha.

    Acutally I have an aquarium that has been empty 2 years.
    It's been telling me to fill it up
    Yes, it talks to Mrs. Dolittle.

  22. An empty aquarium talks to you
    That I never knew
    It must be really something
    Although I'm sure the fish would fling
    If the kitties came in to get warm
    Then you truly would have a fish storm

  23. Raining fish
    and cheaping birds
    all afraid of the feline herd.

  24. Very pretty!

    I'd never have thought to call them goldfish but they really are about the right color!

  25. Mrs. Dolittle does it again!

    What a beautiful sky!!

  26. It is beautiful, isn't it Christine? Did they fly over from Washington? ;)

  27. If they looked like Salmon, I'd say they were the "flying fish" from Washington. These are definitely Gold Fish and real beauties.

  28. Betsy, we live so far apart...yet the view from my back door was similar...but NO fish!!!!

  29. haha...Wanda...they swam this way! Now why didn't the ocean states have fish and Ohio did? lol....

  30. Too fun! I couldn't imagine what you were sharing when I read your post title. Love all the quotes too. Very cool picture!

  31. I love this! It reminds me of our koi, now swimming under the ice! Very cool! (o:

  32. Totally amazing capture!!! What a great sky. Happy New Year, Betsy. Mickie ;)

  33. Hi there - splendid fish!

    “Loud fish? Howd fish? Now I look on lots of cloud fish.
    Why fish? High fish? Now I look on lots of sky fish.
    Hiding now behind the trees, swimming past in fours or threes!”

    Channelling a bit of Dr. Seuss there!

    Hope you have a good New Year.

    Cheers – Stewart M - Australia

  34. Marvelous sky...
    Greetings from France,


  35. Fly free and golden - no fishbowls for these fab creatures! Yay! Take care

  36. Hi Betsy .. love the frosty moon - very cleverly put together with the snowflakes.

    Goldfish - I could have done with that photo for my pond! We had a red mackerel sky this a.m. .. rain is on its way ...

    Both lovely photos - great fun - Happy 2012 .. cheers Hilary

  37. it looks really like flying fishes! wonderful captured ♥

  38. I had a sick goldfish once and I did feel helpless!! Sigh!
    Your pic is awesome!!

  39. It is truly amazing how much they do look like flying goldfish. And I think we here in the ocean states do not have the clouds that you have. Well at least not here in sunny SoCal. Too much sun, very little rain, very few clouds. We do get some but not normally the type that you get. Big sigh. Really cool to have fish clouds.

    God bless.

    PS...but then again we are at almost 80 degrees today and not a cloud in sight.

  40. that's a gorgeous picture!!! Betsy a very happy New Year to you and your dear ones, may it bring to you all that your heart wishes for!!!

  41. Ah, I found you! somehow I couldn't get to your blog from your comment on my Artistique blog (but I'm commenting from my Mysteries blog -to add to the confusion). These clouds sure DO look like fish:) Have a happy New Year and lots of problems solving skills, which you need with your 5 men:)

  42. Sooo beautiful it is :0) Happy New Year ! :0)

  43. oh, that is brilliant. Tehy do look like that. how fun!


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