Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

view from my desk ~ the neighbor's backyard
  1. You know how things break in threes? Yesterday our furnace, Taylor's car and the clothes iron all broke! Furnace and car have been repaired. The iron still sits there cold and lonely. ha.
  2. There isn't a single cloud in the sky today. Gorgeous, even though it is cold!
  3. And speaking of cold, we had temperatures in the 20's the night our furnace broke. I slept with the blankets over my head. ha.
  4. The skunk sprayed in the backyard. I've smelled all four cats and they smell fine, but something out there got sprayed! I don't know if it is a bush, furniture or a rug but it is BAD! And when we open that door, the smell comes right into the house. How do you get rid of a skunk without smelling like a skunk yourself?
  5. Taylor is off on his annual trip to Nashville with blue-grass-loving-friend, Daniel. They are again staying in good friend Rhonda Vincent's home. Always a good time for them!
  6. After he left this morning, I ventured into Taylor's room armed with vacuum, dust cloth, wet soapy rag, Windex, and trash bags. It is a college dorm room in our house, after all! The sheets are in the wash, and everything is clean. Two bags of trash were removed and I found 3 lone socks whose mates have been waiting in the laundry room for weeks. lol.
  7. Spencer has lost 19 pounds in 3 months since we took his 1 pound per day cheese obsession away. He looks great!
  8. I have five Christmas gifts purchased!
  9. It's the weekend! I'm going to be baking a cake for an order, watching Nascar, and managing the men. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing few days!


  1. I'm sorry I can't get past the weight loss , good for him, thats a lot of cheese.Does he miss it , he must, lol.To bad about the skunk but good thing the cats were spared.You have had a bit of bad luck, tomorrow is anothe day, sleep well, have a great weekend.

  2. laurie ~ Yes, he misses it. Every night he looks in the refrigerator as if it might magically appear. But he doesn't fuss or anything. He's been a really good sport about it. And he looks so good!
    Don't know if you remember or not what an obsession it had become...sneaking more than we allowed him to eat and gorging himself on it...then sometimes getting sick (on the carpet). Life is better for all when it just isn't in the house. ha.

  3. What a gorgeous view of your neighbor's gazebo, I would be gazing through that window every time I passed it :)

    Have you ever watched "The Turtle Man" on National Geographic channel ?
    He is a wildlife removal character who lives in the back woods of Kentucky...he's crazy, but in a likeable way.
    Last night he removed a family of skunks and relocated them to the woods, they were in an attic !
    The family who lived in the home thought they had ghosts in the attic :)
    The scent of the spray will eventually go away but sometimes takes up to a week.

  4. Jo ~ No, I've never heard of him! Oh my, he is brave! A week? Well, he seems to spray daily, so that doesn't help! I need the Turtle Man! ha.

    Yes, that gazebo is beautiful. I can see it while I sit at my desk!

  5. Just stopping by to say hi,
    and ewww on skunk smell.

    I hope you cake turns out great and your Nascar driver wins.

  6. Hi back, Rhonda! :)

    Sunday I'm baking, Monday I'm decorating. A 16th birthday..should be fun!

  7. wow great job on the weight loss...and why is the cheapest thing on the list is unfixed...haha...

  8. Betsy - your son is doing great with the weight loss. Good for him and I am sorry about the skunk smell. That must be horrid.
    Hope you have a great week end!

  9. Pee-eewww! So sorry the skunk sprayed something close. At least none of the cats were the victim! Way to go for Spencer!! Amazing.

    Five gifts! I'm impressed. Sounds like you have a busy and fun weekend in store. Enjoy! blessings ~ tanna

  10. Brian ~ haha...that is funny! I guess the expensive things were also immediate necessities. And...The Mister brought home a new iron this evening. I guess he thought it was a necessity, too. lol...

  11. If only I could lose weight by cutting out one food item... Hm. I probably could...

    I am looking forward to next week's three "Saturdays" in a row.

  12. Martha ~ yep, me too! And if you have leftovers, there won't be any cooking for those days, either! Nice!

  13. And leftover pie would be good too! For breakfast. :)

  14. Martha ~ Oh yeah, I'm SO looking forward to that. Yum.

  15. Our sky was beautiful today, too!

    Bake a cake for me please.

  16. Christian ~ I'd love to! Pick a flavor and I'll make tea, too!

  17. What nice view you have Betsy!! love it! You have Christmas gifts purchased! ah you are amazed!lol,
    Have a nice day tomorrow! gloria

  18. Your life is pretty full and I love how you stop to take in it's beauty. We all could learn a thing or two from you.
    What a beautiful picture.
    Yea Spencer!

  19. gloria ~ well, I didn't actually go Christmas shopping, but happened upon something that would be perfect, so I picked those up right then. And now I'm glad because I can say I've at least started! :)

  20. Christine ~ thanks, dear. You do the same, you know? :)

  21. betsy I think you are so smart and organized I would like have some Christmas gifts .... lovely you have

  22. Yeah I hate the breaking in threes crap
    Seems to always take that lap
    And ewww with the skunk
    Must be quite the nasty funk
    Bet the cats thought you were a tad crazy
    When you sniffed them to see if they smelled skunk hazy..haha
    Great on the weight loss too
    And spying in your neighbors yard, how peeping tom of you..haha

  23. Gloria ~ if we lived closer I'd exchange gifts with you..that would be so fun!

  24. Pat ~ the three guys just ignored me when I smelled their heads but Whiskers backed up and looked at me like WTHeck? ha.

  25. Oh, a skunk..I'm so sorry! That is one of the worst smells around. You have such a pretty view from your desk...I would never get anything done, just a daydreamer at heart!! Have a fun weekend.

  26. Enjoy your day Betsy !
    Best regards,


  27. Congrats to Spencer for his 19 lb. weight loss! That is super!
    Skunk spray is the worse...I don't know how to get rid of it!

  28. Ugh to the skunk smell, and I wish I knew what to use to get rid of it without hurting the plants. Have you checked online to see what information you could find out about it?

    I make gift bags for the grandkids and nieces and nephews so I buy things all year round. It is a lot easier then trying to do it in a few weeks.

    Yea, for Spencer losing the pounds and I wish that would work for me. I just need to stop bending my elbows so often.

    Thanks for the great random thoughts.

    God bless.

  29. I've never heard a "breaking in threes" rule. People dying in threes, yes. But Pat seems to have heard of it, too.

    Maybe all you people are just more careless than I am. (ducks)

    I like the gazebo in your neighbor's yard. In a nearby town, we have a huge one, a bandstand really, that'd be a great place for a wedding... if I could ever find someone wonderful enough to marry.

  30. (Forgot to subscribe to follow-ups!)

  31. Well, Silver...Pat and I have strolled through each other's minds, so we think alike some times. Yeah, things break in threes. Gosh, I have babies in threes. It's just a lucky number...or unlucky...however you want to look at it. ha.

    The bandstand sounds beautiful. Sorry you haven't found her yet.

  32. "Pat and I have strolled through each other's minds..."

    Sounds like a scary trip for you, haha!

    And as for finding the right one... Thanks for the good wishes, doll.

  33. Thanks Betsy you are absolutely nice and I would bake for you and the kids :)

  34. I wish my desk was in front of a window like yours. I may have to rethink this.

    Kudos to Spencer {and you}!

  35. Poor Spencer, is he having withdrawal systems? That is alot of cheese.

    Hate skunks........yuck.

    Wish we were closer, I'd send the hubby right over to fix your furnace!

  36. Aww, nanny ~ I can think of a dozen reasons I wish we lived close! :)

  37. douse yourself in ketchup, Betsy--re no. 4!

  38. that view looked like stock photography--its so beautiful. wow.

    Btw, you shoudl make T clean up his own mess. he is an adult adn you ahve enough on your plate. don;t baby him!

  39. What a lovely picture - looks like you live in an ornamental garden. Lucky you to have that view. All I see from my desk are slate roofs.

  40. i am envious of this view, despite the skunk smell.
    christmas gifts already? further proof of this organizational skill of yours i am super envious of.

  41. What a lovely view you've got. Great news for Spencer, I'll bet he feels better too being a lightweight now. I don't know how you get evereything in your day done and still manage to be creative and arty!. You amaze me.


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