Friday, October 7, 2011

A Knock At The Door

Earlier this week I answered a knock at the door to see two little boys, about 7 and 8 years old standing on the front porch. The conversation went something like this...
  • Me ~ Hi!
  • Boy # 1 ~ (think tiny little voice with a cute lisp and pronounce the r's like w's) Hi. Would you like to buy a raffle ticket for $2 to help with the Cedarville football team?
  • Me ~ OK! Just a minute. Let me go get my wallet.
  • Me ~ (returning) Alright, here you go. (Spencer, giggling and galloping through the house, bounds through the foyer on his way to the living room.
  • Boy #2 ~ Hey! (Peering through the screen door) Hey~ I know him! And the others! Um, one of them is named Spencer!
  • Me ~ Do you know them? That was Spencer! Do you see them at school?
  • Boy #2 ~ Yeah! They ride my bus!
  • Me ~ Oh, cool! So you see them get off here every day?
  • Boy #2 ~ Yeah. And the others....what's their names?
  • Me ~ Harry and Alex.
  • Boys #2 ~ But..but...isn't one of them named Wacky?
  • Me ~ (almost not containing my laughter) No, none of them are named Wacky! Although...
  • Boy #1 (to his brother) ~ No, you're thinking of one of our old dogs that died!
  • Boys #2 ~ Oh. (with a perplexed look on his face).

We continue chatting a bit as I fill out the ticket with my name and phone number. Then they say thank you and good bye. LOL! Maybe I should have added that Spencer should be named Quirky! omg...that was TOO funny. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time.

I even forgot to ask what I would win if I had the lucky ticket!


  1. That is a good one. We have an autistic boy in our class well several. But anyway today he kept getting out of his seat. One of the aides told him to sit down. He looked at her and said you know your cute when your angry. I think we mustof laughed for a good five minutes. They do put a smile on your face. I was close to your neck of the woods last weekend shooting covered bridges. have a great weekend

  2. Saun ~ oh that is hilarious! I think if I could wish anything it would be that my boys could talk. I bet they could come up with some hilarious things. :)

    We have quite a few lovely old covered bridges around here!...as you probably know by now! :)

  3. their dogs name was whacky? and he was thinking of the dog...oh my...lol

  4. Brian ~ oh, it was cute...and he was just behing sincere and sweet...he didn't mean anything mean by it at all. Yes, I thought that was a funny name for a dog, too...but maybe it fit. lol...

  5. I am a special education teacher. I love you attitude. I know parents who would have cried for a week if someone called their child Wacky. My gosh if someone had compared their child to a dead dog that would have put them over them totally over the edge, like pull their child out of school so they wouldn't be humiliated ever again. I'm glad you can appreciate the humor!

  6. Chansen ~ oh, thanks for commenting. Hey, I'll be the first to admit my boys can be whacky. lol. And yes, you have to lighten up and laugh. He was just a little kid and it wasn't malicious at all.

  7. I laughed at you not knowing what you are supposed to win. :D

  8. Martha ~ lol... I know! They left and I thought...hmmm...I wonder what the raffle winner gets! haha...oh well, it's for a good cause anyway. ha.

  9. hahaha are you sure the raffle was even real
    You could win a shot on deal or no deal
    Or maybe just a worn out shoe
    These things should be found out by you..haha
    But that is rather funny
    Whacky for a dog or bunny
    Is a name I never heard before
    Guess you never know who is at the door

  10. LOL that is priceless...you need to win! ;D

  11. Pat ~ hahaha
    If the raffle is a bunch of money
    you'll start to call me honey
    Being my best friend forever
    in rain or sunny weather.
    Next pet I get I might have to consider that name
    Although a fish named Whacky wouldn't be the same.

  12. That is just too funny! Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Julie ~ I do at least need to win, don't I? hahaha.

  14. I think you should nickname someone in your house "Whacky"...if not one of the boys, then DEFINITELY one of the cats :-)

  15. Well kids do this all the time.I remember one little neighbor boy used to walk into our house and steal my souvenirs from the living room walls.His mother returned them broken.
    There was nothing I could do but pack everything up and hide them again.

  16. Kathy G ~ I think that's a good idea! It's kind of fun to say, too! ha.

  17. haha no a fish name whacky would not do
    A cat or dog, that's crazy, would make whacky work well at your zoo
    With a Savannah the name will surely work
    Get a dog and the kitties might think you a jerk
    So looks like whacky will not take form
    I may have to steal it one day when a mutt comes to my zoo making it even less of the norm

  18. Lady ~ hmmm...not getting the connection there. Sorry for your broken stuff, though! Strange!

  19. with all the crazy names people pick for their children, there are most likely some real children who are actually named Whacky.

    hope you win!

  20. with all the crazy names people pick for their children, there are most likely some real children who are actually named Whacky.

    hope you win!

  21. Maybe you'll win another old dog of theirs that isn't dead.

  22. Hilarious, simply hilarious.
    A good laugh feels so good. You're sence of humor is priceless.

  23. Christine ~ it WAS hilarious. I laughed so hard...mainly at his sincerity...and the name. Gosh, if I didn't laugh I really would be whacky myself. :)

  24. Oh Betsy ~ That is PRICELESS!!!

  25. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Love it when little people can make me laugh. Have a good "laughing" weekend!

  26. Hi Betsy .. oh they can sure make us laugh .. looks like a good Raffle though .. great read - thanks Hilary

  27. Perhaps you win a really good, re-invigorating laugh : in which case you have already won.

  28. Hope you do win the prize!!

    Too cute! Take care

  29. So funny...i love the names people give their pets. Have you thought of giving a kitten to anyone who comes to your door? (-:

  30. betsy = I mean kids do things and say things.
    That's why they are kids cause they live in their world. They do not see what a grown up sees and understands.When they say things its in innocence, based on what they see and hear not necessarily understand.I try to make life about a learning experience. In my case I was not able to do this.lol
    I find in life, you meet many people who live according to the kiasu (me first) mentality. For them it's not about learning to understand (in my case, the word no). Not many people take the opportunity to stop, to make it a learning experience, and then even if they do, it might not be appreciated because in spite of the fact we live in the same world, people live in their own worlds too,where they perceive and understand things differently.So......
    When it comes to your boys,who live in their own autistic world,they are not much different from the rest of us.lol
    The learning understanding part comes in when we try to close the gap to be on the same page.In my case I was not able to do this.
    The Mother would bring me my things back to say my child brought it to her place and broke them.My child never left the house because he was always supervised but her boy would always run away and sneak into my house to steal.
    They were both 2 1/2 - 3 years of age.I was an older vigilant Mother and the other Mom could have been my daughter.lol She respected me as such but she did not do the same job I did at home with my children.So it fell upon me to understand that there was a lesson to be learned here but it was not being learned because you need to understand there was a lesson to be learned first.
    Sorry to be so long winded lol

  31. Eh, there's worse names than Wacky. For example, the sister of a gal who used to live down the street had the given name of Booby. Not a nickname, her actual name! OY! Can you imagine how much she got teased when she was growing up?

    I hope you win that raffle, whatever it is.

  32. This is so funny! and you know well your boys of course!blessings to you and family! gloria

  33. Childhood innocense, not to be confused with cruelity! The look you described on his face after that freudian slip, explains it all. Well I wonder what you might be in the running to win?


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