Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday's View

I worked an auction today. We were outside and the clerking table was set up under a little shelter. I took these pictures from my chair. What a lovely view! Not a cloud in the sky, 70 degrees with a light breeze. Perfect! There wasn't a port-a-john and for a while we considered turning this little shed into an out house. But someone finally arrived with keys to the house so we could go inside if we needed to. Good thing, because I don't think I would have gone in that big blue barrel! haha. Pat, I added that picture and bit of news just for you. :) (In case you didn't know, he shares my dismay of port-a-johns!)
Other than the threat of yucky bathroom accommodations, it was a gorgeous day. I even got home early!


  1. What a beautiful view to enjoy whilst working. Thank goodness for the arrival of the house keys. I wouldn't be using the big blue can either... How on earth would one be able to negotiate that... it's so big!!! Here in the Land of Oz... your Porta Johns are referred to as Porta Loos! Beautiful photos!

  2. Beautiful scenery! I wouldn't have been too thrilled about that blue barrel either!

  3. Katherine ~ that's exactly what I said...If you sat on that tall blue can (which we wouldn't, would we!) our feet would dangle in the air, unable to reach the ground. Nope, wasn't going to do it! :)

  4. Oh what a gorgeous day to be out in it! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. Maybe some day I'll share my daughter's hilarious story about no bathroom on a plane! YIKES! We can be thankful for port-a-johns (or jills=), huh? Enjoy a lovely weekend Dear.

  5. Interesting coloring on that shed. Trick of the light, perhaps?

  6. hahaha that's one big port a pottie house
    The can could have housed a mouse
    So yeah would never ever go there
    As always would hold it until I got home to my lair
    You even had a nice day
    Here is something that causes complete and utter dismay
    We had STUPID snow yesterday
    No flurries, actual snow I need to move down your way..haha

  7. Silver ~ it did have some faded paint on it!

  8. Pat ~ snow? Wow! I do love snow
    but want some autumn before that show!
    So how does the Chevy handle in the snow?
    You could always ride a moose, you know!
    Laughed as soon as I saw that shed
    and just knew you would shake your head
    If I took a photo for you
    and told you it was almost a loo.

  9. Sounds like a great day to me, even with the bathroom problems!

  10. A created loo
    Hmmm I think a post on that is due
    What can be used for a loo
    Could be fun to do
    Hopefully it will handle well
    Can't be much worse than the focus though I must tell

  11. Pretty trees. I am looking forward to watching God paint the landscape red, gold, orange, and bronze once again. Just wish I could stretch fall out and bottle up this wonderful weather!

    Why is it I can conjure up the smell of an outhouse so easily? Must have visited a few too many in my days.

  12. Martha ~ haha...some smells just stick with you, don't they?

  13. that shed looks much better than a few portajohns i have been in...just saying...smiles. nice view of the trees....

  14. Thats a very pretty place you were at.
    Thank God there finally was a place to go. lol

  15. Lovely Fall pictures Betsy. We certainly have been blessed with glorious weather haven't we. It's our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and it promises to be gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Hi Betsy .. stunning views .. I couldn't have survived either .. glad you had such a peaceful day once the keys arrived! .. cheers Hilary

  17. Im with you and Pat,ugh ewe I dont like those things either.

    Lovely pics and you probably get the same weather we do here.That was our temp yesterday and a gorgeous day it was.If you notice theres always that touch of a fall breeze with this gorgeous weather.

    Have a nice weekend Betsy!

  18. Port-a-loos are so essential!! Or more bright coloured barrels! LOL!

    At least it was a lovely day!! Take care

  19. You captured that perfect day with perfect pictures. Love those trees. It's a beautiful day here too...love these crisp days, that are just perfect for a long sleeve shirt, and my boots.

    Have a Great Weekend, Betsy.

  20. Beautiful trees to enjoy. As for porta-johns, I just read that a Dutch train operator is providing special plastic bags on their trains that don't have toilets! Too gross!

  21. jenny ~ ummm...that is just too gross. Sounds like you'd need an extra hand or two just to be able to accomplish that. yuck!

  22. port-o-let here!!

    aside from that issue, not a bad way to spend a day "at work"...


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