Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #5

  1. Enjoyed my pot of coffee. Cool enough to drink it all hot instead of pouring it over ice in the afternoon!
  2. Tried out my new Personal Off mosquito repellent. No more spray. Just turn this on and clip it to you or something nearby and it blows a breeze of citronella around you. I clipped it on my veggie basket while I worked in the garden.
  3. Played with Nugget.
  4. Harry brought me the band-aids. He really just needed some Neosporin on a cut. I took off the last of my band-aids. Nice. At one time I had 11 on my legs! Not easy shaving that way, let me tell you. Not very attractive, either. lol....
  5. Fluffed the pillows in the window seat.
  6. Watched Spencer repair his paper stacks. See sidebar for more detail.
  7. Repaired my sunglasses. I lost one of those tiny screws. Grr. They don't feel the same on my face now. Still need to fiddle with them a bit.
  8. Noted the first leaf turning on the burning bush.
  9. Made fresh salsa, again. Yum.
  10. Weighed the boys. I'm especially curious how the cheese free diet will effect Spencer's weight. He weighs 12-16 pounds more than his brothers.
  11. Cleaned all the dust and rabbit hair out of the fan. Yep, that was nasty. ha.
  12. Mopped the kitchen floor.
  13. Baked THESE cookies. An instant favorite.
  14. Chatted with Harry as he listened to his tunes. You know how all kids have their camera pose or camera smile? This is Harry's pose. ha.
  15. Walked around the house and picked up a load of trash and dirty laundry. Made mental note to remind the men that they will not live like slobs and I am not the maid. ha.
  16. Sorted things in my closet and filled a bag to take to Good Will.
  17. Noticed the magnolia is about to have it's second bloom of the season.
  18. Charged my iPod.
  19. Updated the calendar with upcoming important dates for the next few weeks. Working quite a few auctions. Hmm...I feel some interesting posts coming as a result. My friend that works with me texted me about a lady who bid and won a 'bearded dragon' and carried it around perched on her shoulder for the rest of the day. She said I really missed a funny shot to put on my blog. Too bad I was sick and didn't work that one. ha ha.
  20. I'm thoroughly enjoying the heat and humidity being gone. So nice to have the doors and windows open. I love that homey sound of the squeak and bang of a screen door.
  21. Ate more cherries!
  22. Dusted the top of the china cabinet.
  23. Tried to decide what to do with a bag of cherry tomatoes The Mister brought home from work. I saw a yummy homemade pizza on a blog that used them.
  24. Was distracted constantly by big puffy clouds that floated by the windows.

Enjoying the beauty in ordinary things!

Hope your day was wonderful, too!


  1. Number one caught my attention! Ahhh yes the days of enjoying hot coffee are coming again. Sorry, I'm just a lover of fall. :)

  2. Oh, no apology needed! Fall is my favorite! Summer is my least favorite!

  3. I had to close everything up and turn the air conditioner on again today :-(

  4. Kathy ~ oh no...that means the heat is coming this way! ugh...

  5. Enjoying the cooler weather here too. Sorry about Spencer dumping the garbage out but glad he decided to clean his items a bit. ;)

  6. I couldn't help but giggle about Spencer's paper stack escapade, dumping the trash under the sink, so his stack was in the proper place :)
    You have such busy days !

  7. What a busy and productive day you had. Glad you found time to gaze at your garden and notice all the subtle changes. I'd love to see that magnolia when it opens, the colour looks gorgeous. And I sympathise about your sunglasses - I'm always losing screws!

  8. jenny ~ I'll be sure and snap some pics when it's in full bloom! :)

  9. We must be having the same weather. I am so enjoying these cooler days with the windows open. I forgot what the birds sound like!

    I know the I Pod look!! ;-D


  10. happy to hear the nice weather is there too!

    good luck to spencer on his cheese free diet....

  11. nice...big puffy clouds distract me often...and nice on losing the band aids...now can i have some fresh salsa...sounds yummy...

  12. I would love to open all the windows but we are still using the AC. I feel so claustrophobic when always being shut up inside. Posing for the camera is cool. Love the pic.

    God bless.

  13. Brian ~ of course you can...grab some tortilla chips and help yourself! :)

  14. Still hot here too
    Need to take a cold shower or two
    Every day
    Just to keep the heat away
    As no a/c
    For this crummy apartment and me..haha
    Sounds like you had tons of fun today
    Picking trash up that you already thrown away
    All that cleaning made me tired
    Must have had a lot of coffee to keep you wired..haha
    Played with Nugget too
    Making him not feel bad over the kittes that usually play with you..haha

  15. Im with you on number 20.Isnt it so nice to have windows open and the outside smell inside and just the sounds of summertime.How lovely it is.Im thinking that this will be with us for the rest of the season.

    Looks like you had a very nice day.Cookies look yummy too!

  16. oh my I just read about Spencer LOL.Poor guy.Poor you all that garbage to clean up in the cupboards.

  17. Pat ~

    poor you in a hot apartment
    hope the cool weather hits soon at your compartment.

    We have more than a month of summer to go,
    so I'm sure we'll heat up again here in the states below.

    Yes Nugget got some attention
    He usually does, I should mention.

  18. I love love when you do this kind of blog,, its great!

  19. My favorites:
    1. nice change
    6. I agree, it's progress
    7. use a stright pin and bend it
    13. yummmm, will try
    17. need to check mine!
    19. Love Susan Branch calendars
    22. Good for you!
    24. I'm going out right now to look.
    Actually I had more. I condenced the list.

  20. Christine ~ you're so cute. A straight pin? I will try that. I used a wire from a twist tie, threaded it through and twisted it. But it's too flimsy. I like your idea better!

    Hope you have blossoms and clouds!

  21. Clouds, magnolias, and cherries, wonderful. Garbage in the cabinet, not wonderful. LOVE your Wednesday activities.

  22. Playing with Nugget sounds like fun!

  23. Farmchick ~ he is fun in his own way. He likes to hide and ambush you when you walk by..and then chase and cut you off. ha.

  24. those are some good looking cookies, and this is quite a productive day:) i like hot coffee in every season:)
    here from brian miller.

  25. Welcome Ed ~ I'm glad you stopped by! Have a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies while you're here! :)

  26. You're one busy woman! Hope you take some time for yourself too:) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  27. Oh what a busy day.;) At first I though 12 meant you've had a pedicure.;)
    Hope today will be another lovely day for you,

  28. You know what it is like when you try to read so many blogs - inevitable you end up quickly scanning many of them - missing out a sentence here or a paragraph there. I have to say Betsy I never do that with yours - and that is about as high praise as I can give anyone.

  29. Oh, I am so longing for the screen door days!! We are still in the 104 days (62 so far this summer... not our usual). Your Wednesday sounds perfect! Look forward to hearing the coming auction tales. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  30. Aw, Alan ~ thanks for taking the time like that. And I gave you lots of words today! ha.

  31. Another busy Wednesday. Love the story of Spencer's Paper Stack! There was a little progress made! :)

  32. Emille ~ time for myself comes next week when the boys go back to school. :) Ahh...can't wait!

  33. Ed ~ there's always coffee on and something in the oven here...you are welcome! :)

  34. A VERY good day!

    I have always wondered if those mosquito THINGIES worked!!

  35. Jill ~ it's working! I haven't been bitten at all and it's nice to to have to spray down your entire body just to walk outside for a few minutes.

  36. Simple and keepin' it real....the best. Let's see...how many more days until school? You're gettin' closer.

  37. karena ~ school starts next wednesday! :) :) :)

  38. what day you had Betsy!! mine was a little busy !!! gloria

  39. Love your blog!! I especially am enjoying your pictures, and the old P/U truck caught my eye right from the start! Love the collages that you put together too to represent your day. Love that! And of course, your writing is superb.

  40. Thanks, Don...always a pleasure when you visit! ;)

  41. #12--wearing anklets you mean?! soudns like another productive day in the household run by the queen herself.

    BTw, I always lose sunglasses so stick with cheap ones now that have ironically enough made it a whole year thus far and with their purprle colour lens it is quite the view let me tell you!


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