Friday, August 19, 2011


There's a rabbit inside this house!


  1. Lol !
    Look at the surprised look on his face :)

  2. what´s funny you are dear!! gloria
    We love bunnies and we had (but pass away some years)we called her Pepita!!

  3. Jo ~ glad I caught that expression. We have it backwards, don't we? Cats outside and rabbits inside? lol...

    Gloria ~ doesn't pepita mean nugget in spanish? Now there's a coincidence for you!

  4. I think the cat looks a bit mad...why can the rabbit come in and not me?! ;D

  5. oh...i can tell by the look on that face !!! somebody spied something :-)

    it's nugget...too cute !

    kary and teddy

  6. Julie ~ Tiger does keep trying to come in. I wonder how he and Nugget would get along? ha.

  7. the look on that cats face is great!

  8. yes - great photo----I can't believe how much the kitties have grown!!

  9. Sometimes I wonder if our pets wonder who's in, who's out. Bugsy looked at me the other day and his expression was simply, "Poor mom, she's locked outside again." Actually, he was locked in, he chases the garbage truck. Great picture, will the cats be moving in for the winter? (-:

  10. a real rabbit? or a "roof rabbit" which is what the MIL called cats when she was a little girl?

  11. Cali Girl ~ no...a real rabbit...he's huge and runs loose in the house like a cat or dog. ha. Look on my sidebar or Wednesday's post.

  12. hahahaha oh that was priceless for sure
    Nugget must have not liked him at the door
    But I think after months now
    Those two would prob get along somehow
    They might just wow
    And snuggle up instead of fighting with a pow
    Yeah could be a stretch
    Nugget he might want to fetch
    For a snack
    To feed his cat pack..lol

  13. Pat ~ Nugget doesn't get all crazy when he sees the kittens at the door now. And they've sat with the glass between them and looked at each other. Who knows! Maybe they would get along!

  14. I love documentaries, too. And, I'd rather have a bunny in my house than a squirrel. Kitty is a stalker. :)

  15. Anita ~ that's a cute story about Bugsy....couldn't help but laugh that he chases the garbage truck either. lol...

  16. Only one way to find out
    If they'll fight and shout or romp about..haha

  17. Pat ~ that is true, so true!
    But I'm not sure I'm ready for cats inside.
    A trip to the vet they would need besides.
    And I couldn't just have one in
    and have the little thing grin
    at his siblings shut outside
    His smile would be too wide!

  18. Pat ~ although if I ever do
    at least you've given me a clue
    as to what to do with all of those Pringles cans
    to meet all of their demands.

  19. ha something new to play with...a dog wandered into our yard today shortly after the new kitty went out for a stretch...omg...it was scary hilarious...

  20. True that would be rather rude
    And a tad crude
    But if some go on their way
    And some stay
    One might come in some day
    And yes now those tons of pringle cans can be used at your bay
    It's so much better as they can be reused
    And there isn't do lingering stink to be abused

    haha and new kitten and a dog
    That must have been an interesting sight at Brian's log

  21. Puuurrrty cute for sure! You are always ready with that camera huh? What an exciting life you have. =) Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. So what do you feed those kittens that make them so adorable?

    Great title.

  23. Nugget says as he stands on the other side of the screen door, "My what big eyes you have kitty!" We aren't allowed to keep rabbits as pets here in Queensland but it is allowed in other states of Australia...just not here! Bahhh

  24. So cute.;)) And they grow so fast.;)
    Have a lovely weekend Betsy,

  25. Years ago when the girls were young we had a large rabbit named Daisy. She had a cage outside which is how she was raised. We would let her out to run in the yard and I finally got tired of her staying in the cage. I finally kept her out to run free in the yard. She did good for quite a while and got along with our cats just fine. It might have been because she was bigger than the cats but she also had some mighty fine claws. Our dog also did well with her. It was very sad when she died but the vet says that a poisonous weed must have blown into the yard and mixed in with the grass. Then she had to of eaten it and it made her sick. I've not been able to buy another rabbit since.

    We had gotten hamsters and guinea pigs too and the same cats that did good with the rabbit were good with them too. But one of the cats I have now then decided that his job was to rid the house of any critters. I gave up after he got my last hamster. Wendy kept getting out of her cage and Jericho found her first that last time. He brought her to me and was so proud of himself. He was just past being a kitten and did not know better. I almost got rid of him. That hamster was such a good pet. I miss her.

    I can only say that some cats are fine with rabbits and other critters, while others look at them as I guess they are genetically bred to look at them, such as food.

    I think I am saying that keeping that glass door between them is probably the safest thing for Nugget.

    God bless.

  26. MrsU ~ I think you're probably right. And these kittens have been taught by their mom to hunt and eat their kill. Even though Nugget is bigger, they still will have that instinct...and even the taste for that kind of food.

    Poor hamster! Yes, I'd feel so bad. Oh dear...

  27. In which case it is a good job that the cats are outside the house

  28. Holy cow! What's a rabbit doing in the house! This post was so funny and cute, Betsy.

  29. Nugget! Ohh, he's too cute. He's a lop, right? They are beautiful and soft and cuddly. My brother and his wife have rabbits. They mate alot and it's the most hilarious mating I've ever seen (not that I've seen alot of mating, mind you). I think I'd better stop now.

  30. Cali Girl ~ lol! Oh, can't say I've ever seen that. Yes, he's a lop ear...so sweet...and he hasn't stopped growing! Oh my...

  31. Goodness they are getting big! Did he really see the bunny. Did the bunny run? Uh oh!

  32. Christie ~ yes, it really happened...true to life snap of Tiger seeing Nugget through the door. ;)

  33. Aw, another brilliant photo of that pretty grey kitty. What a great expression you caught!

  34. what an exciting state of existence:)

  35. that is the BESt tagline and shot. LOVE it. hahahhaha. how bizarre for them to see that!


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