Sunday, July 3, 2011


Taylor's favorite birthday cake.
Yellow cake from scratch with butter cream frosting.
Three layers, twenty candles.
Taylor's best bud, Daniel, joined us for dinner because, well
I just need more men around here! ha.
Slow cooked bbq pork ribs, salad and homemade rolls.
And he got his wish, whatever it was!
Present? A new Taylormade R11 Driver for his golf bag.
Whoa! Not exciting to me, but he acted like we gave him the
world. ha. I told him he better still be golfing with it when
he's in his eighties! :)
But Spencer stole the show when we sang "Happy Birthday"
and he joined in..completely off key, garbling the words as
he does, and making us laugh with his animated, "Woo" for
'you' at the end of each line of the song, with his lips sticking
out in a very exaggerated way. Was not expecting this and
certainly wish I could have gotten it on video. I think he
would reinact it for me, though, which I'll try to do soon.
7-2-91, 8:58 A.M., 7# 15oz.
Still skinny, still sweet, still looks like his mom.
But who thought he'd be 6 ft. 2 in. tall? ha!
We brought him home from the hospital on July 4th,
so I always have fond baby memories on that holiday.
And he's always claimed the fireworks are for him!
Happy Birthday, Taylor!


  1. Happy Birthday Taylor!!! Sounds like a wonderfully delicious celebration :)


  2. From way out here in beautiful Bend Oregon ~ where the ski mountain opens for Holiday fun tomorrow ~ Happy Birthday Taylor ... and many more. You are part of a really incredible family, you know.

  3. Gorgeous cake!
    Those boys love their Big Brother!
    And the same in return.

    Happy Day for you and Taylor.

  4. Aww, Happy Birthday to Taylor!! It is kind of hard to have our boys head into the 20s, isn't it?? Crazy!! I love that his favorites for his birthday meal are homemade things by his mom:-)

  5. Helen ~ I think he knows that. I love the way he loves his brothers, that is for sure. :)

  6. Christine ~ I'll have to share the recipe soon!

  7. Wow! My oldest son was born on July 2, too (but in 1984). I was still in the hospital on July 4th, so the only fireworks I saw that year were on the TV.

    Looks like you had a great family celebration.

  8. Kathy G ~ hey, neat! Well, believe me, I didn't see any fireworks that first 4th either. ha. Happy birthday to your boy, too! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your handsome, young man, Taylor.

  10. The cake is beautiful. Your son is handsome, the birthday feast sounds scrumdiddlyumptious and Spencers rendition of "Happy Birthday" was a wonderful birthday present for Taylor, as well as the rest of the family.

  11. Katherine ~ and you summed it up perfectly! :)

    scrumdidlyumptious ~ love that word! ha.

  12. Happy, HAPPY birthday to sweet, handsome Taylor! ALWAYS dear to us! LOVE the cake combo! YUMMY! Spence gave the best gift!

    Wasn't it just YESTERDAY he was ripping 'round the neighborhood on his big wheel?

    Guess what? Sam wanted Betsy's BEST chocolate cake for his BD so we are enjoying that recipe of yours AGAIN! DELISH!

  13. Jill ~ love that chocolate cake! But Taylor has never been that big on chocolate.

    We call his 'banilla' which is what he called it when he was really young. ha.

    Yes,...bigwheel just yesterday..I swear! With your oldest tagging along!

  14. Happy Birthday, Taylor! What a handsome young man. The time flies by much too quickly, doesn't it? Would love to see Spencer singing the song. :)

  15. Happy Birthday, Taylor! I must say I'd love to hear the singing. :)

  16. Cake ewww
    More food I'd rather not see, it's true..lol

    Half way up the hill
    Nice the driver gave him a thrill
    Sounds like happy birthday fun was had by all
    And yeah he's quite tall

  17. Pat ~ haha
    You look at the cake and say Eww.
    But you're over there making Peacock stew!
    So don't curl your lip
    and give me cooking tips.

  18. Here's wishing Taylor a happy birthday (sounds like it has been) and here's wishing his sweet mama many, many fond, happy memories of the day he joined your family.

    Way to go Spencer!

  19. that cake looks so awesome!!! Happy Birthday Taylor!
    My grandson turns 1 on the 5th. Last year, my daughter called me the evening of the 4th to say her water had broke. We began to head to the hospital as the fireworks went off all around us...it was an amazing sight to see, one I will never forget...oh and Lane waited until morning to arrive. LOL

    have a wonderful weekend!!!

  20. hahaha peacock stew nice
    I'll add some mice

  21. Pat ~ mice? Ew. On your blog it was rice! hahaha

  22. You must've cut the 20th candle out of the frame when you took that first shot. I only counted 19. Happy birthday to Taylor -- "Taylormade," even the Grammar Nazi loved that! -- and I hope you can get Spencer to do an encore.

  23. Silver ~ I promise there were 20 candles. :)

    I even 'googled' 'taylormade' to see if it was all one word! ha.

  24. Oh, it's a brand name? I thought you were making a joke out of "tailor-made." I guess the TaylorMade company is the one that made the joke!

  25. smiles. happy birthday to your boy...20 is a good year...and yeah i would have celebrated as well cause the food sounds scrumptious....

  26. Silver ~ I guess you aren't a golfer? ha. No, I spelled it correctly. It's just a coincidence that it's also Taylor's name!

  27. I've played golf once in my life, circa 1970-1971. Not counting miniature golf, which I used to love.

  28. OK, so you're not the Golf Nazi? ha.

  29. No. I'm more a fan of indoor sports.

    When my friend Jennifer's son Christopher was about four, I asked him if he ever watched baseball on TV. He replied "Yeah! And I watch golfball, too!"

  30. Oh Betsy, what a beautiful cake and handsome son. I would love to hear the Birthday Song.

    I brought Jill home on New Years Day...she was born 12/30/70. It is a sure way of remembering that special date.

  31. Wanda ~ oh, what a fun New Year that was for your family!

    still giggling about those cookies, too! ha.

  32. mice just seems to fit more
    So I used that for the encore
    And leave it to the Fox to count
    The candle amount..lol

  33. Happy happy to Taylor...sounds like your house is always full of boys/men and food!!! What could be better?

    The cake looks delicious!and the ribs sound lip smacking good!
    4th of July is a great way to remember a birthday and everyone celebrates with you with fireworks.:)

  35. jojo ~ men and food. That just about sums it up! ha.

  36. Pat ~ mice fit more
    like an encore?
    Yes, like dessert for you
    'cause that's what you cats do!

  37. Happy Birthday to YOU Bets. Wonderful wishes to you, Taylor, your family. I love the kids' birthdays.

  38. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy...well your sweet grown up boy!

  39. caligirl ~ I think all of us moms feel like that...their birthdays are loaded with memories for us...even more than they can remember!

  40. Hope it was wonderful and quite a landmark date to be born on. Yeh I hope the Taylor made lasts as well, they're expensive!

  41. Happy birthday Taylor! And many happy hours of golf too. And happy 4th July to everyone in your household, Betsy. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

  42. YAY, happy birthday Taylor! That cake looks delish!!!!

  43. Hi! Betsy,
    Happy Birthday, To Taylor!

    I hope that he had a good-one too!

    "A new Taylor made R11 Driver for his golf bag. Whoa! Not exciting to me, but he acted like we gave him the world. ha."

    I'm so feeling you, here...means nothing to me what so ever, but it means so much to Taylor.

    Now, when it comes to Spencer...LOL!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-D

  44. what very special memories of that day.. and then new ones as the singing surprise happened! wow!

  45. Very lovely post to honor Taylor. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to him. How did our babies get so old so quickly huh? Yeh...you sure do need another man around your house. =) You funny woman!

  46. amazing cake adn amazing times! Wow on the join in singing and am so glad Taylor has such a great mom as you. I still love cakes homemade with bday candles--trouble is, its hard to get that many candles on a cake and packages generally don;t have that many either. ha.

  47. Aw, Kim...thanks. The girls have always seemed to think so!!

  48. How exciting for Taylor that Spencer showed him his love with the song!! Betsy God is so awesome..I know it has been along time waiting to hear Spencer what a wonderful gift to Taylor!! Thanks for sharing!!

  49. and he's right in thinking so. he'll be the next generation defending that constitution of yours and uphold the ethics and ideologies in the future. kids deserve that much respect, even if they often get on my nerves...

    happy belated B-day to him and I-day to you all!!


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