Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Happy Birthday, America!
I made the blueberry pie this afternoon!
I tried to make it look festive. ha.
And snapped a photo of my patriotic flower pot.
Do you see a little face looking at you anywhere?
Happy Canada Day this weekend to my
Canadian blogger friends, too!
Be safe and remember to be thankful
for our freedoms! And thanks so much to
our military all over the world.
We appreciate you!
Now, who wants a piece of pie?


  1. I'll take a piece...I love blueberry pie!

  2. I want a piece! That looks excellent!

  3. Your whole collage looks patriotic - I love it! And I'll have a piece of pie too. :)

  4. Oh, good! I wouldn't want to eat it all alone! ha. Scoop of vanilla icecream, too?

  5. It seems to be a great day !
    Enjoy it !!!
    Greetings from France,


  6. Blueberry pie is my favorite!

    Happy 4th of July to you and your five men!

  7. I do!!! I've never made a blueberry pie, even though I love blueberries. You crust looks so flaky.

    Your Independence Day Collage is really quite beautiful and colorful. I'm ready to party.

  8. This is the first blueberry pie I've made, Wanda! I always seem to make a cobbler or crisp instead. And my crust gave me fits! My foolproof recipe decided today to be a pain. Ugh. ha.

  9. I could just eat that whopper-burger now.

    Bye the bye, you forgot the obligatory lettuce leaf!

    I'm still around, but quite busy and haven't had time to update my blog.

  10. Keith ~ I do like lettuce on my burgers! This one, is lettuce-less, though. :) It's a Hawaiian burger with teriyaki sauce, grilled pineapple, onions and bacon. Yum. Come on over, and I'll grill you one! ;)

  11. i see that sweet little face...so cute !!! and YES !!! i would love a piece of that beautiful blueberry pie..

    happy 4th of july, betsy

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  12. Kary ~ Hey, you're the first one to see it! :) Actually, it was a surprise to me, too, until I was editing my photos. haha. Here...sit and have a piece of pie, my friend! :)

  13. Ugh food two days in a row
    That's a new low..LOL
    Canada Day was over two days ago
    Just a tad slow
    Happy 4th of July
    Even though here we go back to work, no lie
    So you get to have fun
    While I get bored and lurk a ton..haha

  14. Mmmm....blueberry sounds oh so good! Happy 4th!

  15. Pat ~ yes, I knew it was the 1st, but thought I'd include it just because I'm nice. And it is on the same weekend, I suppose, if you count the friday/monday holidays.

    So, you didn't see the little face? He has nothing to do with food, except always asking for some! ha. See, you saw pie and the rest was blinded by your eye.

  16. Yes, that adorable kitten is looking around at you wondering what's up???

  17. We had Blueberry Pie last night, but not near as pretty as yours :)
    Love your collage, so patriotic, and comes from the heart !
    Have a wonderful 4th !!

  18. haha no I saw the little face
    Just never mentioned him a trace
    For the pie took all my words
    Just like he eats all the birds..lol

  19. Pat ~
    What if I said it was mouse pie?
    Would you calm down and forget to cry?

  20. Only if it had the tails sticking out the side
    Drapped over like they are trying to hide
    That make it more fun
    Plus they are the best part when well done

  21. Pat ~ well done, as in crispy?

    OK, for your birthday I'll make one
    just tell me when
    and I'll prepare
    a mouse laden pie
    with crispy tail pastry.

  22. I think I'll neglect telling you the birthday of Pat
    Actually I'd like to see you cook that
    But oh that be nasty for sure
    Although the 5 kitties would gulp it down way before
    It even got cold
    So we'll put that idea on hold

  23. haha...you don't want a present sent to bush #3?
    How about Spencer giving you a sing?
    I'm thinking you already told me it was in March.
    But then again maybe not.

  24. Your collage is GREAT. I wish I knew how to do that. Have a Happy 4th. I can't wait to see fireworks tomorrow. and blueberry pie, jealous.

  25. Silver ~ he's at my feet whenever I'm outside. I should have known he'd show up in a photo or two. ha.

  26. That month could be correct
    And rat pie or singing, the later I would elect..haha

  27. Pat ~ see, my memory is as good as yours!
    Have to keep some competition at your shore!
    It's a long way off, but maybe he will be
    singing even better by then, you see!
    If not, mouse pie
    will be the consolation prize!

  28. With vanilla ice cream, please! (I never turn down virtual desserts!)

    I wonder if I could get a pie or two made tomorrow morning... Nah, probably not. Better stick with the baked beans and pasta salad..

  29. Any pie left?
    We all want a piece of that delicious looking pie. And the burger isn't bad looking either.

    Glad to know the kittens are still around and growing!

    Happy Fourth of July to you, your men and all the animals.

  30. I definitely do!! Love the photo collage!!
    Happy 4th to you too!

  31. If you have coffee to go with the pie I'll take a piece! Saw the cute little kitty-face.

  32. I'll try the pie after the hamburger. Glad to see in the comments how you made it...excellent! I made grilled "hockey pucks" last night...got a bit distracted and left the burgers on the grill a bit too long. (-:

  33. Oh, yes!! I want a piece! Love your decorative touch! Most fitting for the Fourth of July! blessings ~ tanna

  34. Christine ~ of course I save a piece for all of you, here at my zoo! ha.

  35. Anita ~ oh, don't you hate it when that happens? I've been doing the opposite lately, worried that I'll over-bake something and then it is underdone. The last two times I make cornbread it was raw in the middle. :P

  36. Can you believe I have never eaten blueberry pie! I am going to have to fix that right away.
    Smiles and waves,Dottie

  37. "Now, who wants a piece of pie?"
    Betsy, I want a slice or two with a glass Of very cold milk...ah!that will do!
    I have to agree that your collage is very patriotic indeed!
    I really like each and every image...Thanks, for sharing too!
    deedee ;-D

  38. Looks wonderful...the pie the burger...YUM! AND, I woulda MISSED the "face" had you not mentioned it! CUTE.

  39. I baked a blueberry pie too! the recipe is from my dear friend that has twins and quadruplets (one with cerebral palsy) Enjoyed your blog and optimism. Have a good holiday.

  40. what a wonderful mosaic ..love that peekaboo kitten!!

  41. Della ~ thanks so much for your visit and your comment. Sounds like your friend has their hands full! :) Send them my way if they have a blog..or not! :)

  42. hope you and yours have a wonderful indepeondence day betsy! bring on the blue berry pie!

  43. Happy 4th to you too! That burger looks good to me, Yum.

  44. I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did! I did! And I'll take four of those burgers to go :P Hope you enjoyed your hols, Betsy m'dear :) HUGS!

  45. Blueberry pie sounds deliciously American! And I'm so laughing at that little kitty face....how adorable. Hope you're having a lovely day.

  46. Blueberry Pie sounds so yummy. I have never tried it. I love your Independence Day Tribute and am sure you would have had a wonderful day. Happy 4th of July Betsy. The 'Spot the Kitty' photo is just too cute, I love it!

  47. I know I'm late, but is there any pie left?

  48. Absolutely, Kathy! This is the never-ending kind of pie! :)

  49. Happy 4th of July to you as well!!!

  50. Happy Belated Fourth!! I had to look twice to find that sweet little face and then I laughed out loud! Too adorable.

  51. Amen to that!

    BTw, isn;t that a previous burger pic you;ve used or did you again make such scrumptious mouthwatering goodies? Yum!!!

    My treat was simply little chocolate donettes! Oh dear me.

  52. i'd like some pie, thank you!! and i'd like the boyz to come home, all of them, and when i say boyz, it includes all women serving as well. i am tired of hearing of our folks dying, and for what? let's see in the next few years what has been accomplished over there... a lasting democracy? not likely... but i am a cynical guy. don't mind me. so, where's my pie!!


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