Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Have you ever done a google search of your name?
I don't mean your full name to find yourself, but just your
first or last name to see what comes up? I did a search of
"Betsy" and these are some of the things I found ~
A street with my name! That would be kind of fun
to live on a street with your own name!
The Betsy Hotel on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida.
It's a 5 Star hotel right on the beach.
Rooms start a $350 a night. Lovely!
I want that awning with my name on it! :)
And the historically preserved Betsy-Tacy house.
Named for the well-loved characters of the series written by
author Maud Hart Lovelace. It's in Mankato, MN.
The home is now preserved and run by the
Betsy-Tacy Society. Interestingly enough, I never heard
of these books growing up. I happened upon a "This Old House"
type of renovation show on TV and saw parts of the makeover
last year.
And then there's Betsy Ross, famous for sewing our country's flag.
And Betsy was her nickname for Elizabeth, just like me!
She was Elizabeth Griscom Ross, who owned an upholstery shop
during the Revolutionary War. She made George Washington's
shirts and was asked by the committee from the Continental
Congress (of which he was a member) to make the flag.
And last but not least, the famous Betsy Wetsy doll!
I didn't have one of these growing up! She was first made
in 1934 by Abraham Katz and named after his daughter.
She was the first doll to not only wet her diapers
but her eyes closed when you laid her down.
So, anybody else out there ever found anything
interesting associated with their name?

all photos from googeimages.com


  1. Never did a search on David, but I've Googled my full name (in quotes) and found a lawyer, a dentist, and a former corporate bigwig.

  2. I should add, those searches were done with the inclusion of my middle initial, M. Otherwise the director, David Lynch, would have been prominent.

  3. Wow, first and second comments! (And maybe third, if I'm quick enough?)

  4. Three Silver Foxes? Wow..that's..quite a handful! ha.

    Sounds like you share your name with some interesting men!

  5. i have googled my full name...but never just kary...good idea

    happy to see you today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  6. I, too, have never done just the first name. Not that I see how interesting yours is, I'll have to give it a try.

  7. Nothing much there for me but I did see two ladies that I know through blogging..amazing! ;D

  8. I have never googled my anme either but yours cetainly brought up some interesting info..great post with lovely photos,

  9. julie ~ really? Well that's kind of cool, too!

  10. Interesting! I never thought of doing just my first name. Might have to try this. You found some pretty cool images.

  11. I love your finds. Hmmm Happy Birthday came up. Happy Hanukkah, Happy Halloween. Oh well, :)

  12. Never did this much before
    Pat Hatt I stuck in and always came back to my shore
    Oh and I was just waiting for the Wetsy part
    Didn't get one, still pulls strings on your heart..LOL
    I'm sure you can hire a thief or two
    To steal that road sign and awning for you
    Then hang it above your door
    And the sign at the end of the driveway for all to see when they come take your zoo tour..lol

  13. Pat ~ yes, first and last together would bring you back to you.
    But one or the other should bring you something new!

    Yes, I need a big zoo sign
    something I can call mine.


  14. I'll have to try this...it looks fun. Have always wanted to visit the Betsy- Tacy books...thanks for the reminder.

  15. ha ha ha - LOVE this post!!!I have googled myself...and Heather of course being a flowering plant...my kids love that! cool idea for a post, too! I like the betsy hotel, too! very chic

  16. There is a Burgus Lane in Wisconsin. I think it is the only road ever named with my last name. They are distant relatives that live on the end of the road with a dude ranch or something. Nice pictures that you did find.

  17. I never knew another Betsy...all through school and even through college! I remember liking that...that it wasn't a common name.

  18. I did an image search on Google under my full name, and found some of my blog posts and other projects. I also found a few photos of David Lynch (the director), which is weird, since his middle name is Keith.

  19. Larry ~ very cool that your relatives live on the Burgess Drive! We have a few families like that in our village...many generations ago when the roads were made and those first families settled and the roads were named for the farm and family. Today, there are still some of those families around...several generations later.

  20. Silver ~ I have googled my full name and not found my blog...which is fine with me. ha.

  21. That's probably because you don't use your last name very often, and when you do it's generally not coupled with "Betsy." I use "David M. Lynch" on my blogs all the time (including the copyright notice).

  22. right...and I do that on purpose. Although if someone wanted to find me, it wouldn't be that hard. :)

  23. Yup. Too many nutballs online. I live alone, so I don't care who knows who I am.

  24. Yeah once your online anywhere not hard to find
    And the Fox doesn't care as he'll just go all irish mafia on their behind..lol

  25. Great idea to Google your first name. You mentioned on my blog the other day that in elementary school you were proud to be a Betsy!

    I've just done it, but other than a Wikipedia entry, the first few pages were full of minor celebrities and I lost interest quickly.

  26. Kathy ~ did you find Chatty Kathy? My sister had that doll...very popular in the 60's.

    Kathy New Zeeland handbags look kinda neat! :)

    and I found a Kathy Street!

  27. i searched brian and came up with this really good looking poet...then i woke up and realised i mis-spelled my name and it was a lump of cerebral tissue...

  28. Pat ~ I put the doll in just for you!
    Now, I bet I could find some fun things on your name...let see...

    I found a Patrick street sign

    lots of celebrity types like the Wheel of Fortune Guy, Country Music Icon, and a few actors. :)

    the Irish holiday, of course

    there's a highway sign for a city with your name, a TV show and several cathedrals

    and lots of styles of hats for your last name.

  29. Brian ~ lol....no, stick with the good looking poet, brother. :)

  30. I just Googled my name and came up with the scary movie,Christine!

    I want there to be a cute, little, 5 Star hotel named after me!

    Actually, Betsy is a very cute name!

  31. Christine ~ there's the Restaurant Christine! Sounds ritzy! :)

    I found a 1970s movie named The Betsy, too, but didn't include it. ha.

    ooh...lot's of songs titled Christine. Sounds like you're a heartbreaker! ;)

  32. I once sent friend requests to all of the people on Facebook with my first and last name. There were about 8 or 9.

  33. Christine ~ and you have some really cool old vintage cars named Christine.

    Nobody names cute cars Betsy...they only give that name to their cows! lol!

  34. Stevie ~ you have a fun name to work with...lots of possibilities!

  35. A street sign you say, hmmm that would be cool to steal some day..lol
    Where did you find that
    Yeah of course I have a day named after Pat
    I'm such a saint
    Yeah I'm sure you are about ready to faint
    That tv show was crap if it's the one I'm thinking off
    A city with my name
    Damn I'm game
    Have to live there
    Must have quite the flare..lol
    Yeah knew a bunch of actors did
    Maybe I should make a wheel of fortune bid
    Might get lucky who knows
    Yeah and knew the doll was put in there for me to see the bows
    Look at Brian being all funny
    Must be at #121 and going at it like a bunny..LOL

  36. Oh and I know guys that name their guns on video games Betsy
    When they are getting beat they say they have to pull out old Betsy
    hahaha oh that's just a big can of worms
    I'll go back to cleaning germs

  37. Pat ~ yes, cows and big guns get my name. lol...or old pickup trucks. :)

    I put your name in google and added street, boulevard, etc and clicked on images.

  38. I wanted a Betsy Wetsy doll so badly when I was a child! I never got the popular Thumbelina doll either. whine..pout...lol

    "Patricia" didn't come up with too many interesting search results, unfortunately. Just a few actresses.

  39. This was so much fun to read!! I had that actual doll...I remember the yellow dress! There was a doll store here on Ross Street, run by a lady named Betsy, hence
    I have come up with a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie....
    and the singer Marnie Nixon: the voice of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady!

  40. Firelight ~ always loved your name, Marnie! :)

    I had a doll that had two buttons on her tummy...one you pushed and she turned her head to fall asleep and the other she raised her arms. She's long gone now and I wish I knew her name!

    Hey Betsy on Ross...how cute!

  41. Way cool! How fun to know there are many other classy Betsy's besides you! =)

  42. Have I ever told you I always wanted my name to be Elizabeth when I was growing up? It's true! I think it's such an elegant name.
    And it fits you perfectly.

  43. What a great idea...I'll give it a try.

  44. I love it. I never googled just part of my name but I have googled myself. Betsy Wetsy, now that is a hoot.

  45. Wow lots of nice things for Betsy

  46. I did something like this once. You can read the results here:


  47. No good doing a search with my name. Smith? No way!

    I have a friend, John Crowton, who lives in Crowton-in-the-Vale (a cute little old English village near me). His full address is:

    John Crowton,
    'Crowton Cottage',
    6 Crowton Road,

    Obviously I have changed the real name from ?????? to 'Crowton' to protect his privacy, but the other details are correct.

    The crunch is that he never gets bank statements, tax demands etc., because the envelope addressing computers at their offices are programed to reject addresses that have the same word in them more than three times as a mistake!

    How weird is that?

  48. There is a hotel named Zeba somewhere in America. It is supposed to be this kinky place if I am not wrong. And then there is a FTV model/ porn star/ God knows what else by this name. Let's just say I am never going to be googling my first name on images any time soon.

  49. I had a Betsy Wetsy doll!! My last name is almost as common as Smith--so I share my name with hundreds of others--doesn't bother me a bit.

  50. Very cool things you have found with your name. I think I'll try mine, but lord knows I may come up with a few things that are a little unsavory. :-)

  51. Ok, so it wasn't so bad...hot sauce and deordorant...hahaha

  52. art2cee2 ~ WHAT??? That is hilarious! Oooh...now I'm curious as to what your name is! One makes fire, and one puts fire out! LOL!!!

  53. Rebecca ~ well your first name is the same as one of my favorite books...

    Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier! Not to mention the 1940 Hitcock movie of it...really good!

  54. Zeba ~ uh oh~ haha. Believe it or not, I found a few of those with my name. I'm sure there are some for all of us!

  55. Keith ~

    I should send him a postcard! :)

    Now for your first name...the is Keith, the movie, lots of celebrities, Keith Street Animal Clinic, a beautiful cat named Keith, and...

    Alexander Keith's Harvest Ale from Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Brewery!

    Maybe Pat has heard of it!

  56. I have never searched just my first name. I've searched my first+last and found a famous Dr with my name! Cool!

    I would love to have a awning with my name on it too!

  57. BOYER is a very common name in France... Its the same for my firstaname (Pierre)... So I think there's a lot of "Pierre BOYER".
    Enjoy your day Betsy !


  58. Pierre ~ yes, there is a lot on your first name alone....cities, spies, wine and that famous designer! :)

  59. Nope, never done that...maybe I will!

    Betsy Wetsy...heard of her but have never seen a photo of her.

  60. Hi! Betsy...
    Oh! no, I have never did that before, but your results are quite interesting.
    [postscript:Some Of your comments are funny and your header change is pretty uber!]
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-)

  61. How fun....I'll have to search for Vickie...
    I didn't have a betsy wetsy, but I remember my tiny tears doll!
    Fun Post! You need one of the Betsy's House signs!!!

  62. Zimny is Polish For 'Cold'.Google Gives Me The Shivers!!!!

  63. I googled "Martha" this morning and came up with Martha Stewart, Martha's Vineyard, Martha Speaks (Martha is a yellow dog int his story...), and Martha the sister of Mary (You know, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things...), and we all know about George Washington's favorite lady. That was fun. :)

  64. Martha ~ you had some good ones! Love your name!

  65. And, there is a 1974 movie called Martha too. Go figure.

  66. ok, firstly, I have to chuckle at your side bar comment about how the boys still chuckle at 101 Dalmations after 15 years. I did not even find it funny the first time around but I do think i woudl find your boys still loving it funny and sweet. :) Didn't that also have Dick Van Dyke in it with another one of his awful "English" accents? Why can;t they simply hire English people to do that?! Angelina jolie btw, does it perfectly, msut admit. She is so proper! LOL.

    Never heard of that doll, btw. Cute. ha.

    Yes, well as I am named after an angel, I dont think I can ask for better than that. :)

  67. I love the name Betsy. You have such a nice name.

  68. Thanks for including us in your Betsy search! We are very glad to share your name and we are proud to be named after that other famous VetsyBetsy Mrs. Ross. We have become rather fond of all things Betsy,too!

    Don't forget to visit us if you ever find yourself on Miami Beach.

  69. Oh, I'm going to have to go and try this. You have the most amazing ideas!

  70. Hi Betsy,

    I tried mine and I get Sherry wine, and the song Sherry Baby.

    But if I use Mrsupole I will get about 30 pages and they are all mine. They are from everysite that I make a comment and from the places that have used my posts on their sites. The first time I goggled it, I had one page and now to have over 30 pages is totally cool. I even found a website that has a spreadsheet on how many hits I have had and all kinds of computer info about Mrsupole. Kinda scary that some computer is keeping track of what I write.

    I do think it is funny to be in google. And if I google my first and last name, I have discovered I am on page 4, whereas before I could search through hundreds of pages and not find anything about me. I guess making up a fake unknown word gets one on google, which I am never sure how I got on there in the first place.

    I do like all of the pictures of your places. They are really cool.

    God bless.

    PS....you can find your posts under Mrsupole in Google.

  71. i grew up on Douglas Ave. Douglas is my first name. It wasn't a four star hotel though. lol Nice post

  72. Hey Douglas! :)

    Don't forget the UK's Douglas Hotel in Aberdeen! :) It's 4 stars! lol....


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