Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whispers of Confirmation

I was over visiting the lovely and talented Millie from the land
down under earlier today. She was posting about making
the tough decision of changing jobs. Leaving something
she had done for years, was good at, and loved the people she
worked with. Not to mention a career change at 55, although
I'm telling you, she looks to be about 30 and gorgeous! Coming
to the peak of her decision, she came across these words while
on the Internet... "It is rarely too late to start something new".
Of course, it was like those words were there just for her!
I smiled as I read her post as I thought a very similar thing
happened to me almost 19 years ago. I had a good job that I
loved. Taylor was a year old and we were fortunate enough
to have a young newlywed girl that babysat him. They had
a nice one-on-one quality relationship and she even came
to our home every day. It was the perfect scenario which
allowed me to keep working. As all good things must come
to an end, babysitter got pregnant herself and wanted to
quit. Well, my motherly heartstrings were being tugged
anyway as I only got to see him long enough to
feed him dinner and give him a bath every night. I was
tired of work...being a repo girl is a tough job! On the
other hand I made good money, more than The Mister
at the time. And you just couldn't beat those GM benefits
of the early 1990's. And I loved my job and my coworkers!
The day I turned in my resignation, some coworkers
took me out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
And here's what my fortune cookie said....
Sometimes confirmation comes and drops in your lap!
So what about you? Any profound fortune cookie messages?
Skywriting? Billboards? Scripture verses?
Personally, I wish all answers to life's hard decisions were
given in such clear ways. But since they are not, that just
makes those times even more awesome!


  1. nice. when i left my well paying job to go into ministry there were about 18 different confirmations...i actually wrote them down once...and even leaving ministry i got a few...could use a few now on where to go...smiles.

  2. Brian ~ I'm sure you needed 18 or more for such a huge change. :) I suggest eating lots of Chinese in the near future. :) But seriously..I'll pray for some direction and big sky messages to come your way very soon! xo

  3. I seem to do ok with the big decisions...it's the small ones that I need help with : )

  4. I'm with LadyCat. We left our city life/jobs and moved to our small town 14 yrs ago. The small things (many of them) since we moved here have been more challenging than that actual big move.

  5. That is so cool..you were needed at home. I had a fortune in a cookie once that said; "You will find much happiness in marriage." And I have. ;D

  6. Aw, Julie! That one was sweet! :)

  7. hmmm this would indicate one had a well paying job first right?
    So no need for me to see the words under some light
    But you know I do see things every once in a while that make me keep the facts alive
    And continue to strive
    So I guess everyone sees something here and there
    Follow it some dare
    Others don't
    Then sit and pout
    Heck screw the signs and all this other crap
    I'd settle for winning the lottery then taking a nap..lol
    Don't think I ever opened a fortune cookie though
    Least not that I can remember now I go

  8. I love it when God is so clear. He can use even a fortune cookie:-)

  9. Heather ~ me, too! Just wish he always was. But then, we wouldn't need to have any faith or trust now, would we? ha.

  10. Pat ~

    Maybe we can have the Pringles Company start putting fortunes in their cans just for you. Lots of times the fortunes are lucky numbers. Maybe they would be good for the lottery! :)

    No, that didn't rhyme
    I'm lazy this time. lol...

  11. Oh how good when we're lead to the right place...I guess if God wrote everything specifically out for us, then there would be no need for faith huh? I love fortune cookies! =) And yes, God can use anything to send a message. Blessings!

  12. I knew when I wrote that post Betsy it would probably resonate with other's experiences & it has! I think I've taken a calculated risk, but the thought of getting right out of my comfort zone is daunting. However I'm up for the challenge, so here goes!
    Millie x

  13. I got one once that said something about making a long distance phone call to an old friend. I liked that one.

    Mostly we just laugh at them because they don't make any sense.

  14. Speaking of pringles they were on sale
    So I bought them by the pail
    30 cans today I bought
    Yes that is alot..lol

  15. Pat ~ Oh yes, that is a lot
    your favorite snack you got
    and all stocked up, too
    congratulations to you!

    hope they're on sale near
    as I'm shopping tomorrow here

  16. Long story short...
    got layed off and stayed home, raised our two children, just like you.
    Best thing that ever, EVER happened to me.
    God is awesome and all knowing.

  17. Beautiful post dear Betsy, I believe that change is the only constant in our lives and what keeps us "alive".
    How serendipitous your fortune cookie fortune was.;))

  18. I was on my way to vote in our UK national referendum this morning and as I passed the woods, the branches of one particular tree seemed to be spelling out the word "YES"

  19. So true!! I love when He makes it clear!

  20. I'm kinda waiting for something to 'drop in my lap' but it's not happening, I guess I'll have to make my own way. Good on Millie for making a sea change, I'm 54 and finding it difficult. Not through lack of desire, but lack of opportunity. Perhaps I need to buy some Fortune Cookies.

  21. Fate sometimes gives you a nudge in the right direction. Glad you made the change because I can tell just by your words that you are very, very happy. :-)

  22. little signs like these sometimes make life so clear....great story Betsy!!

  23. Betsy I think that answers are always out there we just don't always pick up on them. Sometimes they come by way of obvious clues but sometimes as tiny as the quickening of the heart strings. I keep saying I wanted to start a little money making project, can live without it, well the chance came along and I found out I did not want to go through that after all. Ever vigilant.

  24. I find when I keep my head up, looking for the answers, I see them. Thanks for this.

  25. Alan ~ lol...well, you can't get more clear than that!

  26. Baino ~ I hope something drops in your lap very soon!

  27. Hi, Betsy, just catching up all the way back to the rain day! I, too, love it when the answers are in clear signs! Most times it's not so clear and it DOES make it special when your choices are validated so clearly! and, those lemon bars are making my mouth water!! blessings ~ tanna


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