Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So, Guess What I Did Today?

I poisoned myself! You weren't expecting me to say that,
were you? haha! I saw a couple of ants and got out the
bug spray and sprayed a few spurts. When I bent down
to pick something up off of the floor, some of the spray
that hadn't settled yet got in my mouth as I breathed in!
Ew. I tasted it immediately and rinsed out my mouth
several times, wiped my tongue off with a dish towel and
rinsed again. The tip of my tongue went numb! Now I
know why the ants never run away when I spray them.
They are immediately numb and can't move! Funny
thing is, not long after, I visited Matty's blog where he
was asking what we would want to be inscripted on
our tombstones! Nice timing, Matty! ha. Well, I haven't
died or felt sick, but 8 hours later, the tip of my
tongue is still numb! At least I'm pretty sure I'm going
to live. Good thing, because I keep saying that I need
to live forever to take care of my boys! :)


  1. Eww! Maybe you should call the poison control center and make sure you are okay! Be careful you don't burn your tonguy - or bite yourself while it's numb, that would add insult to injury! Take care of yourself - you're right - those boys need you! Have a "better" week! Sandi

  2. I guess I wouldn't know if I burnt it now, would I! lol. I'm sure I won't bite it. It's just the tiny tip, not the whole thing.

  3. Yuk !
    I'd rinse your mouth out every hour, and maybe gargle with mouth rinse.
    I once did that with gasoline, don't ask ;)

  4. Jo ~ don't ask? Haha...no, you must tell. Were you syphoning?

  5. Please keep us posted. I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan and Hercule Poirot is my fav. Oh wait, the poison is usually week killer, not ant killer. I think you will be ok. But, keep us posted. <3

  6. Oh Betsy thank goodness you are alright. I cleaned my self-cleaning oven the other day and it liked to kill me and HH too. Strong stuff.

  7. Glad you OK...maybe calling the poison control center wouldn't be a bad idea if you tongue stays numb much longer. I'm sure glad it didn't get in your eyes. Do keep us posted.

  8. QMM ~ I need to do that. There's some pizza cheese in the bottom of my oven and I never think about it until it starts burning! ha.

  9. Oh, no! So glad you seem to be okay now, but note that I said "seem." I don't think you'd be too cautious if you followed up with (at least) a call to the doctor's office.

  10. Your numb tongue, is it like when you go to the dentist? How's eatting, drinking or talking?

    Ever been hit with pepper spray? Ekkkk!

  11. Not the best way to begin the week! If your tongue isn't back to normal tomorrow ~~~ call a professional little one!

  12. Christine ~ haha...no, not like pepper spray. It's just the tiny tip...feels really weird but it's fine to eat, drink, talk, etc. Just crazy, that's all! ha.

  13. Hey! That is serious stuff! Hope it is better!

  14. I had a friend who once drank her nail solution instead of her diet Pepsi while talking to me on the phone. She had to call Poison Control and then admit to them that she was a Registered Nurse.

  15. Martha ~ oh, that is TOO funny. Ew. Bet that was bad going down!

  16. (claps hands)
    Job well done
    Shouldn't have went and ruined the ants fun
    Karma has come back around
    For picking on the poor ants on the ground
    Of course the cat just eats them away
    So no poison needed or any other kind of spray

    Ok I've had my fun
    Now if it is still numb something should be done
    Don't want it to remain that way forever more
    Especailly if your going to live forever at your shore
    I'd have probably done much worse though
    I might have even attempted sticking soap in my mouth so the poison didn't grow..lol
    Or at least a bottle of listerine
    To make sure it didn't turn green
    Hopefully numb it won't remain
    Or you could start to talk funny which isn't a gain
    Well at least to you
    To everyone else it might be untrue..lol

  17. Pat ~
    I was waiting here with a wince
    knowing you'd laugh at my expense!
    See, I'm not that dense
    knowing you'd come to my fence!

    Karma? Uh oh. Wonder what's going to happen
    since that spider altercation!

  18. your tongue is still numb? Oh dear, I hope it gets better soon and you do not have any lasting affects. Love ya!

  19. Yep good for quite the laugh for sure
    Hopefully for the numbness there is a cure
    Or numb tongue I could use to refer
    Or is it Betsy Lou you'd prefer..LOL

    Oh the spider deserved a smack
    As at night they crawl around in everyones sack

  20. My goodness Betsy, I can assure you that I did not have a premonition of you when I wrote that legacy post. LOL

    The last thing I want to hear about is you kicking the bucket, and your inscription coming to pass much too soon.

    Hey, thanks for the shout out.

  21. Matty ~ and I really don't want my inscription to say

    She inhaled bug spray
    and left us today.


  22. Girl! You'd best be careful....and if you start having any weird symptoms at this point - CALL THE DR! Nope - don't want any inscriptions like that! Take good care -

  23. i am glad that you are ok betsy..that is some nasty stuff...yeah we dont need a tombstone for you any time soon...

  24. LOL Oh no! Well, I am glad you lived..you might just have discovered a new diet tool that really works! yuck! ;D

  25. Hi! Betsy...
    On a lighter note:
    I must admit that you, and Pat Hatt, back and forth banter is really sweet and funny.

    However, On a serious note...I think if the numbness that you are experiencing don't subside I think that you, either should go to the ER, or call the poison control center and then see your doctor.

    Take care...I'am so very sorry, to read that happen to you.

    DeeDee :-(

  26. Oh dear!! Bug spray is great but sure has some nasty side effects if we get it on us!!
    Have a better day!!

  27. Brian ~ The Mister says he's burying me in under the pine trees in the family pet cemetery. ha. If that's the case, I may not have a stone. lol.

  28. Deedee ~ sweet and funny....yes, that describes Pat perfectly. Well, I don't know about the sweet part. lol....

  29. Wow, scary experience. I had a problem with ants last year and instead of insecticide (which only worked for a bit) I followed their trail and found out where they were coming from, stopped up the teeny hole and voila no more ants. Hope your tongue loses that numbness. At least you were using bontanicals.

  30. Mmmmmm....chemicals :P Ahem...sorry ;)

    A couple things come to mind for an epitaph on my tombstone ( and seeing as how I wish a sea burial...never-mind... )

    "So long suckers!" is a favourite and this one: "Don't tread on me or ye be accursed!"

    And this one: "The world finally stopped and I got off."

    I went to look at an apartment once and you could tell (smell) that it'd been "Raided"...! OY!

  31. Not chemicals, Subs...botanicals. I was naturally poisoned. ha.

  32. That's horrible Betsy! I too would be rinsing like crazy. I find myself holding my breath whenever I spray something...then gasping and sucking it all in when I finally breathe again. Hopefully it would take a lot of spray to keep us down for good!

  33. Oh goodness, sorry you had this happen. Hope the numbness is gone by now!

  34. oh Betsy, do be careful! your boys would miss and so would your blog fans.

    darn pesky bugs! we have been fighting them too.

  35. Mmmmmm...botanicals! :P That reminds me the garden is swarmin' wi' yellow jackets! buzz! buzz! SWAT!

  36. So, botanicals. Does that mean this was like touching my tongue to a poisonous mushroom? lol.

    And...don't swat at yellowjackets. You're just asking to be stung!

  37. Mmmmmm...mushrooms! And no worries...I used a hammer! LOL!

  38. on the bees? lol.... that's a little excessive, isn't it? Well, at least your tongue isn't numb, right? ha.

  39. I can do with one out of two
    Least that makes me one up on you..LOL

  40. Not a great way to start your day. I really like your little sidebar item of flag and justice for all. Amen to that.

  41. This may just be your funniest post yet. Hope the feeling is back in your tongue & thanks so much, now I want some of that creamer, just know it's yummy!!

  42. Bette ~ half to admit it was once crazy thing. Only me, right? And would you believe here it is 30 hours later and it's still numb? I guess those tastebuds on the tip just died. Good thing they replace themselves. Yes, buy the creamer. It's very yummy. xo

  43. Betsy, a hammer? nah...a flamethower; nowthat's excessive! HA!

    Besides, if ya want to numb your tongue you could just have a cuppa my coffee :P

  44. Subby ~ your coffee would numb my tongue? lol. My gosh, how do you brew that stuff? What do you use instead of water? :)

  45. Subby's coffee kicks butt indeed! Accept the word of one who knows!

  46. City water...and an espresso based coffee! Of course, I'm still using the one-scoop-per-cup ( 8oz. not 6oz. ) method. Better'n trucker coffee :P

  47. Whoa, that's some strong stuff! But if I worked nights, I might do the same thing. Well, with some coconut creamer added. lol. I know...very girlie.

  48. @Silver Fox, it's a "eye-opener" ain't it? Uncle Mark's comes close, tho' ;)

  49. Betsy, adding anything to coffee? Horrors!

  50. Subs, somehow I knew you'd say that. :) lol. That's ok. I didn't want to share anyway. ha.

  51. Tsk, tsk...okay...I'll admit to putting a spot of milk and a wee bit of sugar in my...Chai tea :P but everything else is solo...

  52. Having read the contents list on some of our everyday food, I reckon a touch of the Ant-Kill isn't going to harm you a bit Betsy. It will be the nasties in a bottle of BBQ sauce that will get you in the end!
    Millie x

  53. why i stick to ant traps when the ants come marching in.... be careful betsy!


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