Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Thoughts From The Last 24 Hours

photo taken 5-25-11 in my little village

1. Beauty is everywhere if you take time to notice. I snapped this picture last evening coming home from an auction. I think they like yellow! It's charming, isn't it? Did you see the tree face? ha.

2. I discovered that a Christmas Cactus will bloom if you set it in a sunny window and stop fussing over it. Yes, blooms in May, but so worth the wait.

3. If you bump the iron with your arm while ironing shirts, you will get an ugly burn! Ice and Vitamin E help a lot.

4. If you get too close to the toilet paper while vacuuming with the hand held attachment, you can suck a good portion off the roll before you can get to the power button! LOL!

5. And speaking of vacuuming, it's better to clean the bird cage before vacuuming underneath it. That way when the parakeets fly around, they don't have as many seed hulls and feathers to fling into the air. Yep, I'm going to remember that next time. :)

6. If you clean your coffee pot with CLR and don't rinse it out well enough, the next pot will practically poison you. And just when the tip of my tongue got feeling back into it! haha.

7. Large hail beating on your house can make you think the windows are going to shatter. The sound can also drowned out the sounds of the tornado siren!

8. 30 days of rain out of the last 34 makes your yard look as lush and green and as overgrown as a jungle!

9. And, if you notice that the price of gasoline has dropped 40 cents in the last week as you drive to work, you better stop and fill up, because you might notice on the way home that it jumped up 30 cents just while you were working!

And what about you? Have any insightful thoughts about your day?


  1. Betsy! I took a photo of that SAME truck for NWK!! He loves that truck! It is kinda charming isn't it?? Sorry about your coffee poisoning...that is WRONG on so many levels! Let's do away with this horrible weather okay? I feel depressed reading that we have had 30/34 day of rain! UGH! WHEN will we be able to garden???

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. ugh on #9...and hahaha on the TP...beauty is all around us...

  3. Jill ~ The truck IS cute and the irises just make the scene.

    I bought veggie plants for my garden and the hail got them before I even put them in the ground. oh dear.

  4. I tried the pancake recipe and its a winner,, love your post today,, very good observations..

  5. Great truck photo! I would have missed the tree face if you hadn't pointed it out.

    The rain is rolling back in here this evening. I'm hoping we DON'T get any hail along with it... I wonder if I should cover my peas for the night?

  6. Good, Laurie...glad you liked the pancakes. Yum!

  7. I love that truck! Good thoughts here, enjoyed them all! :D

  8. Yes agree with Brian Number nine is ugh indeed
    But now if it goes up I'll curse you for starting the lead
    Yeah I really know it's their greed
    But gas you need
    Yes and knowing an iron can burn is sorta common sense
    That day were you a bit ummm dense..lol
    Beauty is around
    But can it be found
    Maybe it wants to be ugly for a day
    Just to cause some dismay
    Orlin eats the toilet paper and the roll
    So when I take the vaccuum for a stroll
    No worries because there is none
    There I've had my fun

  9. I would certainly be worried if there wasn't any tp, Pat. lol...

  10. Beauty is all around. I just need to open my eyes and take it in. And, be grateful for the beauty and how it changes me.

  11. i think the rain might be having its last hurrah. fingers crossed

  12. Great post and fantastic photo...that is why i always carry a camera cause you never know what you might run across!

  13. Isn't that a great truck, one I would enjoy driving around.
    Gorgeous lilies.

  14. Tom ~ I've thought about that. We'll probably be complaining about the brown crunchy dry grass in August! ha.

  15. Pretty eventful past 24 hours!
    Your weather sounds like what we have in the Pacific Northwest, all the time!
    Have you noticed your skin is more moist?
    No mention of the raccoon. All is well?

  16. Betsy, I love that photo of the yellow truck!!! Have a wonderful evening1

  17. Christine ~ now that you mention it, I haven't needed body lotion in weeks! ha.

    The raccoon is here...was watching him right here in front of me out the window, eating birdseed before it got dark. If I asked him to come in and dine at the table with us, he probably would! lol.

  18. I looked and looked and finally saw the tree face. I was looking in the leaves!

  19. Silver ~ our cats used to unroll the t.p. Does Orson do that?

  20. Nope. He has little interest in anything that's not food-related!

  21. This has been the coldest May in the last 66 years...down to 37 degrees tonight. Hoping June is much better and drier for us both!

  22. I just have to hide the tp good
    So Orlin doesn't eat, chew, unroll and whatever else I know he would
    Although now he jumps up on the counter and attacks the paper towel killing it
    Maybe he's having some sort of fit

  23. love your #4!!
    sorry to read about your tongue. no dizziness, just dumbness? lucky for you. why not just crush those ants instead of using these products?
    as for some input? today, nothing to report, but yesterday was:
    "cheklist: done, done and done" and THAT is a great feeling.

    there was actually another "done" yesterday, and one more today.

    next time i use my vacuum cleaner, i'll think of you...

  24. That's so you Betsy, seeing good humour in everything. I love your list. Love the photo too - an unconscious 'still-life' just waiting to be noticed.

  25. Yep! I saw the tree face right away! Very cool! Loved the photo!
    And your list cracked me up.
    Our weather here is dry dry dry...no rain whatsoever!! Sigh! We need it! What we have is high high high winds and fire danger! Yikes!
    Send some rain my way...k?

  26. I hope the weather gets better soon!!!!! Love the yellow truck. Sorry about the coffee...glad you didn't take a big gulp. I wish the price of gas would drop.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  27. Ticklebear ~ yep, just dumbness! haha. Yes, think of me, but don't get too close to the toilet paper! :)

  28. sommler ~ I'd gladly send rain your way! We have plenty to share! In fact, it's raining this morning as I comment here! ha.

  29. And all in one day you learned all of those things!!! That is too funny, except for the burn and the poisoning, of course;-)

  30. PS Hi Betsy, that WAS a writing spider...and I had pictures of its beautiful web on my blog last fall, but I didn't know who made them. It is HUGE, but maybe it will write me a message somday like Charlotte did! Thanks for the info.

  31. Heather ~ yes, the good and the bad...it all evens out. Did keep me laughing though. Oh dear.

  32. Gosh I've had it with the rain and storms.......and blogger is acting more weird than usual...I sign in and them I'm not signed in...I click sign out and it takes me to the sign in screen....

  33. nanny ~ blogger was doing that to me, too and then finally last night it stopped. Now I wish it would leave my margins and font alone when I'm writing a new post! ha.

  34. love your random thoughts

    hope you are finding the little some moments of sun between the rain down there.... we've had a bit of blue up here... talk about weather roller coasters!

    love that old truck in your photo.... those tree faces sure are getting popular!

    have a good weekend!

  35. i wouldnt know about the ironing...gave that up! hee!!! I love christmas cactus...those pink flowers are gorgeous~ xo have a great friday

  36. Ouch, I hate iron burns... I've had your coffee pot experience. Yuk.

    Enjoying the view in Tahoe, and leaving behind some of those routine household chores.

    Did make a big pot of veggie soup yesterday, as it was very cold...sure tasted good.

    The "yellow" picture is so delighful.

  37. I LOVE that photo! You see faces everywhere. Send some of your rain our way.

  38. Haha yeh lots of thoughts but not one I can share here other than I don't understand how the same underground tank of petrol can change price every half hour!

  39. love that truck! Perfect shot-my camera travels everywhere with me and obviously you do too!

  40. Kathe ~ bloggers always have their cameras with them, don't they? ha.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  41. i love your random thoughts. that is too funny about the coffee maker. oh no! oh dear me. lol.

  42. love that truck photo btw. beautiful and charming indeed.


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