Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Creativity for Sale

Before I was bitten by the blogger bug, I made and sold jewelry
on ebay. Well, I still do it occasionally, but not as if it was a full time
job. :) I promised myself that after I had a garage sale last weekend
that I would pull out my trays of charms, chains, bits and pieces and
have a little fun. Over the weekend I did just that.
I've put together 6 long necklaces that are a fun mix of sterling,
stainless steel, and enamel, including new and vintage pieces.
1. Fleur De Lis, the Eiffel Tower, and a reminder to believe that you
can do anything you set your mind to. Hung on a 34"
dark brown genya cord and stainless lever clasp. All of these necklaces are long...they hang almost down to your waist, which seems to be so popular right now.
2. Flowers and butterflies in enamel, mother-of-pearl,
rose quartz, and pearly beads. Pink and pretty.
Stainless lever clasp and 34 " brown genya cord.
3. SOLD! A bit of Holland with a vintage dutch shoe and windmill. The
shoe is quite old and some enamel is worn off. Lapis Luzi stone
and a happy birthday message. If you have a special needs
child and know the inspirational poem Welcome to Holland
by Emily Perl Kingsley, this would be the perfect necklace.
Or if your kids are healthy and you just love Holland,
well that's just even better! ha ha.
34" brown genya cord and stainless lever clasp.
4. SOLD! A nice mix of baubles, black sparkly stones, a large engraved cross, and an open cut heart.
34" black cloth cord and stainless lever clasp.
5. If you like blue, you'll love this mix of fresh water pearls,
St. Christopher Medal, music and a silver ten cent piece artfully
cutout. 34" black velvet ribbon holds a stainless lever clasp.
6. SOLD! for an August birthday girl or mom! A pressed four leaf
clover, a German beer stein ( lid opens) , baby shoe, and
an adorable vintage tag engraved "Daffodil Queen, 1957" 34" brown genya cord and stainless lever clasp.
I thought I'd offer these to my blog friends if anyone is interested
in a purchase. After all, why not sell to friends I know instead of
ebay buyers I've never met. ha ha. OK, I haven't met most of
you, but I feel like I have! :)
Price is $35 each.
Free shipping unless international.
First come, first serve!


  1. Gorgeous. I'm selling coins and stamping supplies. Don't you LOVE eBay... I do.

  2. yes, it's fun...haven't done it in a while, though! hey, happygirl...you need to email me your postal address to do a postcard swap. I tried responding but my email was returned as undeliverable. Thanks!

  3. These are adorable Betsy! I am interested in either of the first two you showed. How much?


  4. melody-mae ~ $35 each, free shipping in the USA. Let me know if you choose one!

  5. Beautiful and fun! I had forgotten that you make jewelry... you should show us your creations more often. I'm loving the second one; reminds me of Baby Sister. The blue one is especially pretty too.

  6. Thanks, Christian. I like that second one, too!

  7. Aren't you just showing your creative bug
    Still say you should do your own site with now this and the gift basket ummm jug
    Then have a permanent place to show
    And maybe make some extra dough
    Ebay I tried but no one looked at mine
    Oh well the facts will promote other places just fine

  8. Oh and pssst Cassie wanted a spot on my blog
    As I was being a hog
    So I showed her in the can
    You drew for that Pat man..lol

  9. Pat ~ yes, I should you are right
    I need a little Betsy website
    Then I could have it all in one place
    and a Face It Facts ad showing it's face!


  10. Oh, cool...I'll come look, although on your blog all day I have lurked! lol....

  11. how about selling on etsy? my daughter sells her headbands/barrettes on there...you should check that out I think it is better than ebay. :)

  12. Melody ~ yes, I could do that!

  13. They are ALL wonderful Betsy! I love the one you were wearing last time I saw you!!! WONDERFUL!

  14. ooo i like #5 the best...nice...um, sorry sis i never made jewelry...

  15. Bri ~ well, like I said, we aren't identical twins, afterall. And I never was in a ballet! :)

  16. Beautiful! You are very talented.

  17. I'd love the one with the cross or the blue one if either is still available...they are just beautiful Betsy and you are so talented in so many ways..;j

  18. Oh what lovlies! They match your attitude about life. You are a treasure.

  19. Hi! Betsy...
    Your necklaces are lovely!...How about charms bracelet?!? I find that eBay buyers, [not only ebay buyers, but people who don't shop on eBay] really like them too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  20. Very shcmancy. I'm in desperate need of some earrings but they'll have to wait until job prospects are revived. I don't know where you find the time for all this baking, jewellery, redecorating and raising 4 kids! I doff my hat to you. Well I would if I had one

  21. You are indeed talented, they are all beuatiful.;))

  22. Your talents are never-ending dear Betsy - these are gorgeous!
    Millie x

  23. These are beautiful. So creative! :-)

  24. how cool! I love all of the little charms....you are very creative!!! I love that

  25. Oh you clever, clever person. I'm on my way to America to collect one.

  26. first choice 4
    second choice if that is not available is 5.

    very pretty...

  27. Great, Jojo ~ it's yours! I'll email you to get the details! :)

  28. Betsy, you are so talented. My favorite is the second one. Would love to be in a position to buy it and support your efforts, but alas, I can but dream.

  29. no problem, magpie...I like that one, too!

  30. Beautiful necklaces. My favorite is the second one with the butterflies. I've created beaded jewelry for about 4 years now. It's a fun hobby, isn't it? :)

  31. What wonderful collections of charms. I can feel another hobby coming on, looking for little treasures like that! The necklaces are all lovely but I like the second one especially, so pretty.

  32. I got me a couple of those snap shut things...I even got a heavy bird feeder hooked on a pole by one.

  33. Betsy, I don't know how I missed this post!

    Each one of these is so uniquely lovely!!!

    Etsy would be a great marketplace for you.

    I do hope you'll keep a link to all of your available creations either on this blog or create an individual website for them, though...once we have refilled our coffers here, I'd love to do some shopping!

    I don't know if Jill or Bob or any of their kiddos have an August bday, but I thought of her immediately when I saw the shamrock, stein and "I Love My Family" piece. :)

    You have so many talents, Betsy...beautiful!


  34. Beautiful work, and fun too!!
    I love that looong look.

  35. Outstanding! Betsy, you are really awesome creator.You made great things..I appreciate what you did..

  36. Planning a long trip to Holland, would you please hang on to that one until after Tuesday's board meeting? Thanks

  37. you are so clever. not surprised you sold some too!

  38. Gorgeous! I dont know how you get the time Betsy,God Bless you.Amazing girl.

  39. Well done. It always helps learning from people with great wisdom. Thank you for this, what a great post!

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