Thursday, April 14, 2011

Postcard Swap #1 Alan Burnett

I was delighted when Alan from News From Nowhere sent
me an email inviting me to participate in a postcard swap!
His postcard arrived safe and sound from across the pond
this week. How fun. And I have to say, the boys
crowded around as soon as they got a glimpse!
The triplets live, breath and sleep all things trains!
And Alan, being the sweet man that he is, remembered that.
Here's what he wrote:
Friday 1st April 2011
Dear Betsy,
The choice of my postcard for you wasn't difficult at all because I know
that Spencer collects pictures of trains. Well here is the Flying Scotsman
at York for his collection. York is only about 20 or 30 miles away from
where we live and we frequently go for a day out. The actual "Flying
Scotsman" train used to hold the speed record between London and
Edinburgh. Now it's home is the National Railway Museum - which
is also at York. Kind regards to you and your five men. Alan.
How very fun, Alan! Thank you!
You should receive mine there very soon!

And yes, Spencer had to read the words and study the photo!

He knows the Flying Scotsman very well!

Thank you, Alan! We all enjoyed the postcard very much
but I know Spencer will cherish it forever!


  1. Awww, that is so sweet...and very thoughtful of dear Alan too. Love it.

  2. What an extraordinary and thoughtful gift - for all of you, but especially Spencer. Great pix Betsy - thanks for sharing....

  3. Mmm ~ I do agree that Alan is a dear. Must those Englishmen, eh? :)

  4. Or maybe people get nicer with age
    Losing all the rage..hahahaha
    Ok now I got my little dig
    So before you snap me like a twig
    I have to say it was thoughtful for sure
    Now Spencer has one more to lay out across the floor
    Down the hall and out the door
    Soon you'll have to build a new part on your house to have room for more
    See I remember everything I see
    Then I can have fun with the rhyming by me..lol

  5. Hi! Betsy...
    My first thought when your post came on my feed is that Betsy and her (five-men) just received an invitation to the upcoming Royal Wedding.
    Lo and behold after reading your post I see that you, Spencer, and your family received something even better...a postcard card sent from a friend.
    A noble gesture indeed!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  6. That is too cool! Leave it to Alan!

  7. Deedee ~ oh gosh, my boys at the royal wedding...lol...talk about a major distraction! Oh dear. :)

  8. I'm finding blog friends to be a very kind bunch. I am touched by Alan's thoughtfulness.

  9. that is awesome...AB just went up another notch in my book...smiles.

  10. It is a great thing. Spencer is really pleased.

  11. Pat ~ your memory is a lot like mine!
    I have a thing for remembering things of all kinds!
    Little tidbits about you and others
    Things they forgot they said or did or one sort or another
    And when I repeat them back to them
    they give me a freaky grin
    And say, "you remember that?"
    and I say "you bet your hat!"

  12. haha oh that hat part was a clever pun
    Wasn't that well done
    Unless it wasn't intended
    Then my comment my have to be mended
    But yes it's always quite funny
    When you come back with what they said right on the money
    Especailly when days later they say the opposite of what they said before
    Then you can send them running for the door
    With their own words
    Because they were lying turds..lol

  13. Of course it was intended, Hatt!
    I have to keep up with you, dear Pat!

  14. That's what I thought
    With the rhyme you brought
    Just wanted to check
    If it was intended for my neck
    Well off to bed I go
    Hi ho Hi ho Hi ho

  15. How thoughtful! You can tell from the photo how much Spencer likes it too.

  16. The only thing sweeter than the postcard, is Spencer holding it!!!

    What a special thing for Alan to do!

  17. Betsy : What can I say other than I am so glad it arrived safe and so glad that the boys enjoyed it. I will post your card when it arrives. Alan

  18. Betsy : What can I say other than I am so glad it arrived safe and so glad that the boys enjoyed it. I will post your card when it arrives. Alan

  19. What A Brilliant Gift! Nice One Alan!
    Spencer, I travelled on it when I was a kid.It was a splendid Train.I can still close my eyes & recall the noises & Smell of steam it produced.Travel used to be a much more tactile & sensory experience in the Good O days!

  20. Well, dear Alan...you said it twice! lol!

    Thanks again! Your choice was just perfect!

  21. Tony ~ how neat to hear that you actually travelled on the Flying Scotsman! Spencer would be so jealous! We did a little ride on a steam engine a few years back but I must say the experience was lacking some how, ha.

  22. Alan must definitely be a close friend to know your family so well. That is a super nice post-card. I like it too.

  23. Charming-- Alan, the postcard AND Spence!
    AND, you are NOT kidding about him cherishing it FOR-EVAH! ;)

  24. Hi Betsy ... sorry I've been gone a while, life has been crazy busy!!Wow that was such a thoughtful thing of Alan to do. I just loved how reading this story made me feel. Alan is truly a kind soul! Hope all is well ... cheers Kath x

  25. Oh, all that has warmed my heart. You and Alan are both so special to me and it's lovely to see how blogging draws us together in all sorts of ways. I will go to bed happier for seeing Spencer's delight.

  26. jennyfreckles ~ aww, thank you. I agree Alan is a dear, isn't he!?


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