Friday, April 15, 2011


At the end of October we did the last outside chores.
We weeded the gardens, tilled the soil, and laid weed
block. See how lumpy and bumpy the weed block is
now? Those are WEEDS growing under there!
Can you see the dandelion that has bloomed UNDER the weed block?
I just had to laugh as I took these pictures today! Yep, I think that was a waste! Maybe it only works with mulch on top? Should I rip it off?
Or should I leave it, plant the garden and lay mulch
between the rows? Either way, I think the weeds won! ha.


  1. LOL You laid such a nice winter blanket over those weed..they love you! ;D

  2. Julie ~ haha..you're right! I probably made them healthier! lol....

  3. Well, if they behaved, they wouldn't be weeds, right?

  4. “A weed is only a misplaced plant”
    I'd be happy just to see something green! (-;

  5. yeah i think the weeds got you this time...got s few digging up through our block i need to work on...get rid of them dont just go on top of them they will find a way out...

  6. Well, we all now know you have a green thumb! LOL

  7. Chris ~ lol...you are too cute. Well, if that's the case, I want to loose a little bit of the green!

  8. UGH! Makes ME feel bad..I can't imagine how it makes YOU feel after all that labor! I am not a garden kind of person...wish I could help, but can only moan along with you. =)

  9. weeds...that is a swear word around here!!!LOL

  10. We've tried this before, and this year following an accident with a wardrobe we used the broken doors to cover the weeds! It has helped keep 80% of them at bay for now...

  11. Weeds always find a way. Drives me batty!! Good luck!! So much for weed block!!

  12. Oh my!! Looks like there is going to be a bit more tilling to be done. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all plants were as robust as weeds!!! If only.
    Have a great weekend Betsy with all your men .. cheers Kath :)

  13. paintdropskeepfalling ~ doors...that's what I need! ha.

  14. Hi! Betsy...
    My papa is a gardener...and it looks as if you are going to have to use products such as Ortho, Weeds-Be-Gone or other chemicals products in order to rid yourself Of the weeds.

    However, I don't think that you want to use chemicals (to rid yourself Of weeds in your yard)...Because you have children and animals.

    DeeDee ;-/

  15. Deedee ~ right...or if we're going to eat what we grow in there!

  16. Weeds. Weeding. Weed-Be-Gone. The bane of the weekend gardener. If I could garden a little every day, I could keep those crummy weeds at bay. But gardening just on Saturday, doesn't do the job. No shortcuts for a farmer or gardener.

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  18. Hehehe what can I say these weeds are super hard headed hahahaha!!! Great shot!

  19. hahaha Oh I had to laugh at all of that
    As your work kinda went flat
    Or all bumpy as the case may be
    As the weeds grew nice and tall for free
    Maybe nugget can go out and have a snack
    When yanking them out don't hurt your back

  20. I have no advice but it is truly amazing how weeds can grow in unlikely places
    hope you have a wonderful garden in spite of those pesky weeds.

  21. Pat ~ I knew you'd laugh at my situation
    because that's just too much temptation
    for you not to laugh at my weeds
    since I posted and gave you the lead.
    It was all of your greed
    and you knew I'd concede
    that it was just too funny
    and too much food for my bunny!

  22. I;d say that weed barrier was a rip off!!


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