Friday, April 29, 2011

I Think I've Been Adopted!

Two summers ago this little tortoiseshell cat was a
stray kitten who we would find sleeping on the
top step of our pool ladder! Last summer she amused me
with her hunting skills as I watched her leap from her
hiding place in a shrub and catch a sparrow mid air under
the bird feeder! Recently I saw her trot along outside my
kitchen window with a large grackle in her mouth!
Her sides were wide and she was obviously
carrying a litter of kittens, soon to be born.
This week, while it has been warm enough to have the
back door open, she's come up to the screen.
I don't know if she smells dinner cooking or Nugget!
I think the torrential thunderstorms have hampered her
chances of catching dinner for herself. And she's obviously
so hungry as she's nursing her babies. I broke down
and gave her some meat yesterday.
Those sweet eyes were looking at me ALL day from this spot. How could I resist?
She won't let me touch her but she did come take the meat
from me and she posed nicely for a few pictures. I especially
like the tip of her tail. One of her hind legs
is orange like that, too.
So, if she's lived in our back yard for 2 years, do you think
she's officially adopted us? Actually, I think since I fed her
she has officially adopted us. lol.
So, any ideas for a name? I've seen two of the kittens. One is a calico with lots
of white and the other is a grey tiger stripe with a
white chin. Adorable! If you live near me and
want a kitten they could use a good home.
Nugget would appreciate them all leaving. ha.


  1. She is a really pretty cat. I love the picture of her looking into the door. I think she's adopted you!

  2. Oh, she reminds me of my beloved, dearly departed Kitton....awwww I miss that kitty more every day.

  3. Well, Kim...you're only 2 hours away...come get her! :)

  4. Oh, she is so pretty. She reminds me of Halloween, with her orange and black..maybe a Halloween name. Or Calie for calico : )

  5. Not tortoise for tortoiseshell? lol. I'm thinking Tipper or Flicker for that tail tip!

  6. What a beauty she is..and she looks like my cat Sage. Please do help her, she is so sweet. Name her Tippy!

  7. awwww, thanks Betsy...but she's adopted you :)

  8. She's got you right where she wants you! Our calico is Patches. My daguhter thinks Harriet would be a good name. It's Franlin's (the turtle) little sister's name.

  9. I had to look up the difference between tortoiseshell and calico.
    Tortoiseshell is a coat like hers...mixed dark colors, just like a real tortoiseshell. Calico is large blocks of pure colors, usually black, white and orange.

  10. Beautiful kitty! Both of our cats are rescue cats, one of which was wise and went to church! Be careful, though, you do not want to hear our nightmare of trying to find homes for nine cats last summer!

  11. She's beautiful! I love her eyes!

  12. Awww....she's so pretty. It's too bad she doesn't have a "forever" home.

  13. She's adorable and I think she looks like an Isabella, only because my niece's cat is called that and I love her Isabella.

  14. That's one cute kitty
    Sitting for you all pretty
    Now that you fed her she'll be back
    So some more birds might get an attack
    I'm sure Nugget would like a friend after a while
    But then he might head off for the nile..lol

  15. Pat ~

    Nugget is not pleased when she comes to the back door. He throws a fit that would rival yours! ha.
    He turns into Thumper from Bambi and whacks his back foot on the floor over and over. I guess it's an attempt to sound ferocious. ha.

  16. She's a beauty.

    If you decide to let her make you her forever family, you should take her to be spayed. Otherwise, you'll have litter after litter of kittens running around the yard :-)

  17. Yep, you're adopted. Guess Nugget will just have to deal with it!!Ha Ha Ha.

    She's a pretty cat, and sure found nice home to have her kittens.

    I bet those kittens are adorable.

  18. Birdstalker Flametail is the name i would choose...and i think she has probably adopted you...

  19. Brian ~ I'm thinking Flame would be a great nickname. :)

  20. Maybe Nugget is thumping on the floor
    For you to open up the door
    As he want a friend so play
    At night and during the day
    Yes I think flame
    Is a suitable name

  21. Ha. With Flame
    he could play the blame game
    if something went wrong
    he would sing that song
    and point at her
    with her brown fur.
    But then she would eat him
    and end with a grin!

  22. Oh I vote for Flame too. I agree with Pat, Nugget wants her to come in or him to go out.LOL Maybe he has already been out. No chance I guess? Nugget has been under the knife I imagine.

  23. QMM ~ Yes, Nugget is really an 'it', although he does love that bunny that's been in our yard. He's scared to death of this cat. ha. Although he's twice her size. She's such a skinny thing!

  24. I wouldn't approach her before she approaches you. And I'd let her personality dictate her name, more than her looks. But that's just me.

  25. Yes the blame game is done around here too
    As Cassie blames Orlin for stuff that she would do
    So who knows nugget might like it
    And not throw a big fit
    Took Cassie six months to accept the cat
    Now after all of that
    They are just fine
    Once she knew he wasn't going anywhere no matter how much she would whine..lol

  26. Nugget probably senses the danger; hungry cat, fat rabbit... One bunny could feed a whole family you know.

    That said, she is pretty and if she's been around for two years, chances are she's already more than set up housekeeping, but then I guess that is quite obvious, huh?

  27. Silver ~ are you saying Orson really does act like Orson Welles? I always thought he just looked like him. lol.

  28. Well, he's very talented, very intelligent, and he eats a lot.

    Also, he will serve no wine before its time. :)

  29. Hi! Betsy...
    What a beautiful cat...Maybe you should call her..."Tootsie"
    [The colour Of a Tootsie pop orange and dark coloured]
    "Nugget would appreciate them all leaving. ha. ♥ "
    Ha! Ha!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  30. I believe she has adopted your family & that she brings some sweet, sunny love!

  31. Once you have discovered their personalities you could name them after the appropriate bloggers - could be interesting.

  32. beautiful tortie!

    it sounds as if the adoption has gone through!

    the kittens sound pretty too, i have a soft spot for calicos - always need to have one in our family - i find they have the most complex personalities!

    oh please start feeding them and save the birds.

    how to the boys take to the idea of the cats- and maybe they'd like to get in on the naming game...and taming game!

    have fun!

  33. She is a beautiful cat. I love her colors. I do think that yes, she has adopted you! :-)

  34. kimy ~ we had 2 cats for 18 years. Taylor loved them but the triplets were neutral about them, as they are with all of our pets. ha. Guess they didn't inherit their mom's love of animals. ha.

  35. Aw, she's so sweet looking. How nice that you fed her when she couldn't catch her own dinner!

  36. Wonder how many kitttens she has, they'll be sitting looking in through your screen door soon. What a picture that will make! How about the name Lucky? She's lucky to be getting food from you.

  37. As a mother you empathized with another mother's need didn't you. So sweet. She looks like a Maggie to me. I don't know why, just a random thought that came out of the blue.

  38. Oh having kitten around is so much fun!! I think you definitely have been adopted:-) I could not resist her, either.

  39. Cute! We see her A LOT. She owns your neighborhood. I think her kittens might be in the bushes...I think you should get out a bowl and feed her! She will keep the mole infestation down!

  40. Aww she is cute. I'd definitely adopt her. I've had a small feral cat prowling around here too and just started feeding it. Not tame though but arrives around dinner time.

  41. Well Dr. Dolittle, of course she adpoted you. Animals have that sixth sense and know who is kindhearted.

  42. Christine ~ haha. Well, she was back today looking in the door! I fed her again. I wonder how many days it will take her to let me pet her. Although, I'm sure she's never been touched before. It may take a while. At least she knows I'm friendly and will feed her. :)

  43. I think Tippy or Tipsy .. sound like good names for her. She is a beautiful. Cats are so intelligent, they know good people when they meet them, that's why she chose you Betsy.

  44. i would say yes ..you were officially adopted long ago!!


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