Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skechers Shape-ups

Have you heard of these?
My running shoes were cutting into my heel where the
padding had worn thin. So while I was out and about
today (in the rain, of course!) I stopped into T J Maxx and
looked at shoes. I've seen commercials for these Shape-ups,
which are designed to help you improve muscle tone and
posture just by walking around in them.
I'm skeptical, but they are very comfortable and they
were on clearance, so I'm going to give them a try.
I'll wear them around the house and on the treadmill and let
you know if they do all the things they claim to do, like firm my
calf muscles, tone my thighs, reduce knee stress, firm my butt,
and tighten my abs. Wow...all from just walking around?
While I was looking at shoes, these adorable black heels hopped
into my cart. Of course I had to take them home, too. I mean...
a girl can't have too many peep-toe black heels, can she?
Besides, I have a second business dinner to attend Thursday
evening with The Mister in as many weeks. Good food but
boring speeches. At least I can endure a bit easier with cute
shoes on, right?
And if I wear my Skechers all day, my legs should look really
good by the evening, don't you think?
Well, maybe it takes more than just one day. :)


  1. Like the black shoes, but I've always thought those shape-up shoes look a bit goofy. However, let us know if they work...it might be worth it.

  2. More than one day? Well, not if you have a good enough start...

  3. I gotta tell you I love my Sketchers like that. I was SO surprised when I could tell my muscles (core) were sore the second day I wore them. However --I would NOT recommend them if you are going to get tipsy - they are tipsy on their own! I wear mine to work and love them. And I could really tell they were workin' it! Sandi

  4. Shoes that can do all of that, I can't say it is believed by this cat.
    It's probably all a placebo case, next they'll come out with a fancy shoe lace.
    That makes your teeth whiter from looking down at it and it will make your neck fit.
    Sure I suppose it can help out a bit, but only to those that want to get fit.
    Which means you are doing the work anyway, so the shoe just gets the credit for what you do in a day.
    Which makes it a placebo playing on your work, as the shoe is nothing but a jerk.
    Oh and if the black ones brigthen your meeting, just remember after the greeting.
    You won't be able to run away as fast, unless you break the heels, but then they won't last.
    Shoes aren't my thing, so I go play on my swing.
    That was long, it's like I sang a song.
    Ok not really that be bad, as they'd take the cat out behind the barn shoot me and be glad.

  5. Yes, if those shoes do all of that, please let us know!! I will run right out and get myself a pair! Love the heels:-) I wish I were a bit less clumsy and could wear high heels.

  6. Sandi ~ that is good to know! I just walked 2 miles on the treadmill and my buns are burning! lol! This could be a good thing!

  7. Pat ~

    "with a fancy shoe lace.
    That makes your teeth whiter from looking down at it"...

    aww, you mean I spent good money on those crest whitening strips and all I needed as a fancy shoe lace? :)

  8. Burnt buns, Betsy? Shame... I thought you were a better cook than that!

  9. Oh, go ahead and where your Skechers to the busniess dinner. Who cares? Nobody will even notice.
    Your feet will be under the table, right?

  10. I have a pair of Skechers shape-ups, too. I love wearing them around....they're super comfy. I haven't really given them a work out, because, well, I'm just plain lazy.

  11. i seriously can not see how you walk around in those things...well either pair...i like heals on the ladies though...but those tennis shoes just look scary...

  12. Marlene ~ well, I guess you don't need to do anything BUT wear them around! That's the beauty of it.

    Christine ~ after I bought the heels? Aww...no, I want to wear the heels! :) They match my dress better, too. ha.

  13. I had no idea the soles of those things were so massive! I'm thinking I might get a pair just to be able to reach the top shelves of things.

  14. Every lady deserves to spoil herself! I love those heels, lovely!
    As for the shape ups ... I would have to wear them all the time to get them to work their magic on me!! hee!hee!hee!

  15. Katherine~ do you think they'll work if I wear them to bed? haha.

  16. I think my sister talked about those and they really do work.;) But take some getting used to.;)
    The second pair is beuatiful.;)

  17. I have heard both pro's and con's on these shoes. So I am definitely interested in your take on them for sure.
    Love the black peep toe shoes...a girl just can't have enough shoes!!

  18. Betsy, I am going to be watching to hear about the shape-up shoes! I've been wondering about those.

    Love the pumps!

  19. Love the cute little black shoes~!

  20. Guess you are like me...a shoe addict. My daughter got a pair of those shape up things and then she ended up going to the doctor for numbness in her toes and the doc told her that the shoes are notorious for causing this. Hope you have better luck with them. :-)

    I love the way you think!!!!!!!!

    The commercial for the Skechers show some pretty shapely bods!!!!! Ummm, be careful though...I feel with the shape of those shoes you may timber over or break your ankle!

  22. Jill ~ yeah, and they're 18 years old! lol.

  23. Wow...two totally different styles! I've heard a few warnings about the sketchers...take it slow and if you feel any pain, stop. I think the old saying, "no pain, no gain", shouldn't be followed here!

  24. Betsy! You're so darn cute! I love both shoes - am going shopping today and think I'll have to stop in at TJ Maxx - thanks for another great and enjoyable post!

  25. I was just thinking TJ Max the other day... now it's for sure.

    Love both pair, but had to put on my sunglasses to look at the Skechers.

    You darling black heels made me think of Mr. Toasts's Christmas Tea and looking for the right shoes.

  26. I am looking at my laptop with little Gavin beside me as he watches Bob the Builder.

    Gavin looked at the screeen and spotted your cookies for the contest. He wants a bite. maybe I should quit surfing and so bake some cookies.
    hope you win!

  27. I think the Skechers Shape Ups are great for all they claim. The peep-toes - well, I see what you mean, girl!

  28. Well, regardless, i think these heels look glamorous and stunning -- i'm sure will be very complimentary, regardless. Maybe you can cahnge the conversation to your shoes instead adn make it far less dull? :)

  29. Rhonda ~ awww... I'd gladly bake Gavin some cookies myself! That was cute!

  30. I have the sketchers shape ups in a diffrent style and really like them. I don't really walk long distances, so haven't noticed a difference. But they are very comfortable. Hardly feels like you are wearing shoes...they are so lightweight.
    I like the heels, too. You get to show off the new pedicure again : )

  31. LadyCat ~ I know! I do! haha.
    I have my skechers on right now...yes, very comfy. The only time I noticed anything big was on the treadmill. Walking around the house, my legs feel tired...so I can tell my muscles are working!

  32. LOL....bored but with cute shoes...I love it!
    I bought the Reebok Easytones. Same principal but the center of shoe is elevated. You can't see it...kinda makes you work hard to walk without wobbling. I don't know if it has helped any body parts but they are very comfortable. Good for my heels that I nearly ruined wearing $2.50 Old Navy flip flops too much!

  33. I think that skechers are good if you are young but if you are older and have arthritis they can cause knee and hip problems. I'm sure you don't need to worry about that, Betsy.

    Your new black shoes are very cute!

  34. I once tried to walk in high heels for a laugh! I got cramp in both legs and fell over!! How do you girls do it? Good luck with the calf and leg muscle improvement. I used to jog a lot which gave me very strong legs and a worn out hip LOL.
    Always nice coming here but hey, where's the kettle? LOL

  35. 6 1/2 size shoes? Guess I can't borrow them. You wear such a small size..they were on clearance for you because no one I know can wear that small size..until now.

  36. you are the brave one!!! i've looked at those shoes but fear i would wobble around uncontrollably in them. hee hee same basic story for me and black heels. i gave them up years ago!!

  37. Eddie ~ what do you mean 'where's the kettle'?? Your steaming cup of tea is right up there at the top of my sidebar...always waiting for you! :)

  38. Kim ~ so you can't borrow them? aww...sorry!


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