Wednesday, March 9, 2011


photo by Asta on Flicker

"If one dream should fall and break
into a thousand pieces, never be afraid
to pick one of those pieces up
and begin again."
Flavia Weedn
I saw this quote today and thought it was great!
Seeing the glass as half full,
making lemonade from lemons,
and riding the waves
instead of drowning beneath them!
A positive outlook is always a good thing!
And if you've lost a dream, do all that you
can to heal and move forward!
"When one door of happiness closes,
another opens; but often we look so long
at the closed door that we do not see
the one that has been opened for us."
Helen Keller


  1. oh i love that first quote....great post! thanks for sharing.

  2. A friend of a friend once said to me...When one door closes, another one opens, but it is hell in the hallway...cute take on it!

  3. such a reminder of the depth of spirit here .. blessings in each day!!

  4. Hi Betsy,
    that is a beautiful quote and one I have never heard before.
    thank you, I needed to hear that one.

  5. Can't beat a positive outlook....
    Great Post Betsy!

  6. Fantastic outlook! That is one of the thing I always admire about you:-)

  7. Kim ~ hell in the hallway...oh I LOVE that! Yes, that is so true. I saw someone's blog yesterday that had a quote...

    One day, you'll look back on all this with the wisdom that distance bestows and say...Wow, that sucked!

    LOL. :)

  8. Heather (Davin's mom) ~ well, you too! You have a positive outlook and make some pretty tasty lemonade yourself, dear. :)

  9. Good quotes and advice to live by.


  10. As to the lemonade-making, glass-half-full, wave-riding thing: No one -- including you -- ever said that it's easy. And that makes the whole attitude that much more admirable when it's applied so diligently and consistently to one's life-style.

    Admirable, and even inspirational.

    If you need further clarification... Take a look in the mirror sometime.

  11. yeah i like that too..just a piece of it and move forward...great quote betsy...

  12. I like both of the quotes. Picking up just one piece of a hope or dream gives seed to the next hope or dream.

  13. @ L.D. Burgus: "Picking up just one piece of a hope or dream gives seed to the next hope or dream." That's a pretty good quote, too!

  14. oh that's so inspiring Betsy, thanks for sharing.

  15. I try to think, what am I supposed to be learning from this? or what am I supposed to be teaching from this? It helps get me moving forward with purpose. Nice post.

  16. Betsy, love how you always make lemonade out of lemons. I love Kim's quote she shared!

    I am catching up and just saw the boys' room redo. It's fantastic! Ooooo, don't you love Ikea?! How smart you were to add that area for Spencer's train books. Do you think it will keep him from spreading them through the house? :)

    At least the boys still have the blinds up on the windows in the bedroom. I suppose that would be a positive take on it for the neighbors!

  17. Beautiful thoughts...we can all relate to them I am sure! (Did you do that to that poor lemon?! LOL)

  18. Dear Betsy, you have no idea who much this helped me today. I needed to be reminded of this.
    I am such a positive person but am finding myself in a terrible dilemma, the worst ever these days and it is difficult to see the light...
    So thank you, your post meant a lot to me today...
    Love the image too.

  19. I am now looking for that "other" door!! Thank you!!
    Love the photo and appreciate your encouragement!

  20. Love the picture :)
    I try and live by all those words.

  21. I don't know if I can take Silver Fox's advice and look in the mirror... at my age, things are lookin' pretty scary in there.. hee hee....
    As Charlie Chaplin says in his song: Smile and the sun comes shining thru... :)

  22. Lord Thomas ~ lol...I think he was talking to me..but I think you're quite handsome ,..and not just because you're my uncle, either! :)

  23. LOVE it Betsy.
    Ya know...this is ONE of the MANY reasons I love to read blogs...just when you are feeling a bit deflated someone posts "CHIN UP" people and it is motivating.

  24. True words of inspiration! :-)

  25. Thank you! I have been feeling down lately and this is a great reminder to pick up and move on. HUGS!

  26. Thank you, Betsy. So good to hear.

  27. What if the other door gets stuck and won' budge, not even if you give it a nudge.
    Then the window is nailed shut and you're left it sit on your butt.
    No way out or in, wouldn't that be a sin?
    Waves are scary to this cat, as they make my fur mat.
    Silver Fox told you to look in the mirror, guess he was trying to be clearer.
    What if the mirror is one way and you can't see yourself no matter how long you stay?
    See he's just trying to trick, thinking he's so slick.
    But I'm on to him, as I'm not that dim.

  28. rhymetime ~

    If the door was stuck that would really be sad!

    And the window nailed shut sure would make me mad!

    If the hallway is hell I'd be stuck forever

    It'd be hot in there no matter what the weather!

    I see you're challeging the Fox again,

    Let's see if he takes the bait with a grin.


  29. I debated replying, I have to admit,
    But a frivolous poem, to me, didn't quite fit.
    'Twas a
    serious post, not the kind to make sport of,
    But if
    Betsy can joke, I guess I can, too... sort of.

  30. An excellent reminder of how everyone should view life.

  31. Oh I enjoyed the read and yes it was a more serious feed.
    And should be taken seriously over most, but if your in hell least you'll have crunchy toast.
    If you can't make fun, then you are done.
    So serious can be taken to light, as long as it's done right.
    As you don't cause a fight or Betsy might bite.
    Ooops I meant the cat might, aren't my rhymes tight.
    So even if you have a plight, know you can reach any height.
    There was that more profound or are you trying to make me stick my head in the ground.
    Plus gave you a nice little shout in my post, so that can make up for the light boast

  32. Rhymetime ~ I'm assuming your last comment was to Silver Fox. :)

    I agree...I always try to find the humor and bright side of everything. Otherwise I'd go crazy!

    crunchy toast? Oh, I laughed OUT loud at that. :)

  33. Lovely post, Betsy. I always say it takes the same amount of energy to be positive as it takes to be negative..the choice is ours!

  34. Pat ~ Oh, that is so true. That's a wonderful quote you wrote there!

  35. This is a lovely post. But sicko me is distracted by the Frankenstein lemon. Poor guy.

  36. The profound part was towards Silver Fox..lol...you mean you didn't read yet, after that big plug I gave you in my blog...geez..haha...meaning last part was meant for you.

    Yeah the toast comment had me laughing too, that just came out.

    There are always times to be serious but adding humor and having a bit of fun most of the time should always be tried or people will just go crazy.

    Oh I didn't talk in rhyme..shhhh don't tell anybody.

  37. Pat ~ I did read your post! But haven't gone back to comment yet. I DO have 5 men to care for here! haha. No worries...I'll give you a nice rhyming comment very soon. :)

    OK..you didn't rhyme, so I didn't either! It'll be our little secret. haha.

  38. That's really profound - word and images - thanks.

  39. very informative and interesting blog.
    Thanks for sharing:-)

  40. Although i myself tend to look at the glass as half empty I do think that ultimately it is far healthier to have a sunny outlook, regardless of the torrents of life. Plus, it makes for far better company. :)

    I can relate to that quote btw. So true.

  41. love these quotes. i'm looking to open a new door!


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