Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Thoughts

looking back at the happiest parts of my week...
  1. Hoar Frost..because it's one of those beautiful wonders of winter.
  2. Well-behaved boys... even with the crazy routines of snow days, school delays...even with mom gone all day to an auction on one snow day. Thankfully brother Taylor was nice enough to watch his brothers all day that day.
  3. Really thankful that we didn't loose power during the ice storm like many around us. That would have made a snow day unbearable in this house with three autistic boys asking 8 million times to 'fix' the broken DVD player, TV, CD player, computer, lights, etc. Not to mention fixing meals...cold green beans? Oh dear no! ha ha.
  4. Wonderful smells from the kitchen like pear preserves, blackberry crumble and garlicky chicken soup.
  5. I never tire of overhearing Taylor and his friend Daniel in the living room talking and laughing. Maybe it's because with three nonverbal kids, I don't hear any sibling conversations. I'm sure that room will be full of college kids for the Super Bowl. Fun!
  6. While mentally distracted putting the groceries away, I put a bag of slaw mix in the dish towel drawer. LOL! The happy part is that I caught it before it stayed there too long.
  7. I cried with a dear friend ...touching tears and tears of laughter all in one day. I just love special connections like that.
  8. You know those Clorox 30 day bleaching toilet tablets? Yes, they make me happy. lol.
  9. Eating pink M&M's. I know the color has nothing to do with the taste, but they made me smile anyway! :)


  1. sounds like a pretty rich week...life is good eh?

  2. We're supposed to get more snow tonite...might be coming your way. Snow on ice....can we stand up?
    I have done the same thing as you did with the slaw! My sister-in-law put her keys in the veg drawer and couldn't find them for a month!

  3. "Happy thoughts" are nothing new coming from your mind, doll, but I must admit that after reading numbers 8 and 9, I went back to #4 to see if the "wonderful smells" included a few glasses of vintage wine! Just sayin'.

  4. Kim ~ we're getting 3 inches tomorrow I guess! Stay warm!

    I put a gallon of milk in the pantry once. And most people here no I left a whole turkey in the minivan over night...during the hot summer. lol.

  5. Silver ~ maybe my list would have been longer with that drink? ha.

  6. I think I have decided that you are my hero. You always seem to be happy and thankful no matter what comes your way.

  7. It is cold here ,very cold!
    I have also been thinking happy thoughts.
    God bless, you Betsy!

  8. haha bleaching tablets...smiles. love the smells i am envisioning for blueberry crummble...yummmm....

  9. Haha, I've put milk in the pantry after making coffee! I can relate to the power shortages; we're having wild weather here too and were left in the dark the other night! Can only imagine what it's like at your house!

  10. Slaw in the dish drainer...Ha!! I have done similar!
    Sounds like you have been truly blessed this week!?! Definitely a good thing

  11. It is nice to read the good parts of your week. We are still under snow and expecting more and this just does not normally happen in OK.
    thankfully you did not put the slaw mix in the freezer.
    and I am impressed you went shopping, I have not left our home/yard since Tuesday.
    But we are going to get some groceries today.

  12. Such a great attitude you have Betsy!

  13. I too love hoar frost.;) It makes everything so beautiful.
    To laugh and to cry in one day is what happiness is all about.;)
    Have a happy weekend,

  14. So glad you have not lost power through this!! Love the pink m&ms, crying with a friend, and I'm glad to hear about the 30 day clorox tablets! ;) Stay warm!

  15. I'm giving you 5 (five) words:

    philosophical,pensive,powerful,positive and poised

  16. Tanna ~ yes..try them. You'll do a happy dance, too! :)

  17. Christine ~ love that! You're so clever!

  18. They say it's the little things...but I think these were big things! You always make me smile!


  19. It is an inspiration just how positive you always are!

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  21. After I published my comment, I saw I had my fingers on the wrong keys... Yikes. So I'll start over.

    Loved your Happy Thoughts List. Haven't we all put something in the wrong place without thinking, like the iron in the refrigerator!!!

    Love that Taylor is such a nice brother to watch the boys while you were at the Auction.

    Wonderful list from a Wonderful lady. Love You.

  22. A very nice list! Funny how convenience items like a 30 day Clorox tab can make us happy...right there with you!

    Love the Valentine cookies in the side bar. I adore iced sugar cookies. We will be making a batch this week! YUM!

  23. You sound happy tome :-) Hope next week is just as good.

  24. I looked at the Valentine M&M's in Target and smiled, but then I remembered Christmas and kept walking.

  25. err, what is "Hoar Frost" AnywaY?

    You are too funny--is there anyone else that gets smiles from loo bowl cleaners? LOL.

    Yes, a power outage would be quite exhausting I imagine with your triplets! Now, that would make for a VERY good story here, though, must admit.

    Stay warm, cozy adn happy, Betsy. :) Love your half full outlook with things. I could learn a lot from that.

    Someone else called Betsy B here? and called you her hero? Well you are that indeed to many I think. I doubt there are many who coudl handle so much so well.

  26. Betsy, re #6. I was wandering why I was having so much trouble putting the ironing board back into it's cupboard in the laundry the other day. Then I realized that it was the refrigerator I was trying to stuff the thing into! There's nothing wrong with either of us - promise.
    Millie x


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