Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where is January Going?

Smiling again at the serendipity of another color-coordinated
spontaneous still life sitting in front of me. :)
And can you believe January is half gone?
I was sick for the first half so I feel like I'm just starting the new
year. The Christmas tree was up and twinkling until the 14th!
I've never had it up that long before! Oh my.
My grandmother once left the Christmas tree up until
March when her military son would be home since
he missed Christmas. I'm sure that live tree was
completely brown by then, not to mention a fire
hazard with those old lights that got hot!
Bach, wasn't that you? :)
Now, I really need to work on the rest of the house
as it is straightened up but really filthy if you look closely.
Well, actually you don't have to look closely to notice! :)
I think I mopped the kitchen floor last on
Christmas Eve. Oh my!
OK...let's have a cup of coffee and then I need
to get to work! haha. Cream and sugar?
How has your January been so far?


  1. Yes, the month seems to be flying by. Since I don't like cold, gloomy weather I think that's a good thing. Spring can't get here soon enough.

  2. We've had some brilliant days here which have helped...bright snow on the ground with blue sky and sun! But it rained all day today!

  3. Actually, I find that very touching that your Grandmother left the tree up for her son. Two thoughts--it always seems to take a lot longer to take Christmas "stuff" down than to get it out; the older you get the lower your standards for a clean house become (or so I have found). Things that I was obsessed with at one time have lost some of their importance--it makes for a happier frame of mind.

  4. This month is truly slipping away and I wasn't even sick for the first half! Glad you are feeling better.

  5. forgetmenot ~ yes, I thought it was pretty sweet, too. :)

    I agree about relaxing. In fact, I was surprised how the tree didn't bother me. (Maybe it was the fever. lol.) But I just decided to enjoy it a bit longer!

  6. I hear you !
    I was sick for the better part of the first two weeks in January, and now it's almost February and I'm surrounded by boxes of Christmas decorations and a house that needs a 'good scrub'.
    Spring is just around the corner !

  7. Jo ~ you, too? haha. I'm going saying I'm getting a head start on my spring cleaning. :)

  8. Your serendipitous, spontaneous still life is lovely and so very "Betsy". Please come mop my kitchen floor.

  9. Yes, I walk by my large calender that is on my Refrigerator and it's amazing that the month is half over. Where did it go....

    I love your still life ~~ it looks like a painting.

    Yes, I need to mop the kitchen and bathroom. Maybe tomorrow, Now I'll have a cuppa as Mr. Toast calls it and think about it. Not in much of a mood for a to do list!

  10. Sorry to hear you were ill!! I and everyone I work with have been extremely tired or run down the first half of January! I think we all over do it during the holidays and it catches up to us finally.

    Loved your story about your grandmother living her Christmas tree up. I forgot how dangerous those bulbs used to be.. but still sweet of her to have Christmas again when her son came home. I would so do that! :-)

    Take care of yourself & Stay Warm!!
    Coreen xoxoxo

  11. it has flown by...just did mid month paperwork...ack...glad you are feeling better...

  12. Another Susan Branch fan!
    Love her calendars (and books).
    I have saved all my old calendars. I just can't toss them.

  13. The same...it is flying by! What is going on? I hear everyone saying it...where are the days going so fast?!

  14. I'm glad you are feeling better! I'm always glad to have January behind me and this one is going fast, so I am thankful. I have never wanted to waste time, so I make use of the cold days by deep cleaning and organizing...a new start in the new year, but I'll be glad when February is here...spring just seems too far off in January!

  15. Feels like holidays here. The schools don't go back until the end of the month after our summer break. Traffic's light, half the office is away. Pretty good actually. My new year begins in Feb GAH. And it's bad luck to leave a tree up past 12th night . . then it's not good luck to pull it down in time. I can vouch for that!

  16. Love that image.;) I agree, January seems to be flying by.;)
    Oh, I took my tree down right after New Years, but I recall when i was a kid we had it up all the way through February.;)

  17. I will take the coffee for sure. Cream please!
    My January is going well. I long for spring and summer but have had many days filled with sunshine.
    I keep my tree up year around...I just change it up for the different holidays. Right now I am moving from Christmas to Valentine's Day! Ha!!
    Hugs to you

  18. I agree, January is flying by. I completely laughed out loud at your cleaning comment. My house resembles that remark. I swear I just cleaned before all those visitors...oh, that was a few weeks ago huh?!

  19. Betsy : don't look carefully, indeed don't look at all. Settle down with your feet up and a cup of coffee and have a well-deserved rest. January will carrying on going just the same whether you are cleaning or not.

  20. Alan ~ you are so wise! OK...let's have another cup! :) That is one thing about housework...it waits for you!

  21. I'm sorry to hear that you were sick and hope you're feeling much better now. You must be if you're frantically mopping, clearing, cleaning -......

    I have a friend on here who has been quite ill and she says she's put her tree up early this year!!

    January - it's been and gone!

  22. Bee ~ put her tree up early..lol...love that. haha.

  23. It truly IS going fast. I am working on my new year projects and they are not getting "checked off" as quickly as I would like!
    Glad you are BETTER.

  24. I haven't even mailed my Christmas cards yet. sigh. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Sally Field?

  25. Brenda ~ yes, I have gotten that comment before! :)

    And as far as your Christmas cards are concerned, just take Bee's advise here and say you are ahead for this year! ha.

  26. That is such a sweet story about Bach's Mom leaving the tree up : )
    Glad you are feeling better!
    I'm glad January is almost over...we're closer to spring.

  27. It is going by way to quickly, Betsy! I swear I turn around and a month has passed in the time it used to take for a week! Don't overdo. Hope you feel better and better.

    Your still life and its colors is one of the things that would catch my eye and amuse me also. ;)

  28. I'll bet you get your house into shape in no time!!!! January sure has gone fast....

  29. Such a perfectly coordinated photo. Don't you just love opening that new calendar with the new year spread before you. You are right it does go way too fast. Hope the rest of January finds you healthier that the first part.

  30. Yes, January does seem to have gone rather fast.

    Sorry you don't like my heaader. But please know it isn't directed to you personally! And I hope it doesn't prevent you from joining me in Half Full Friday.

  31. Sprnkles ~ no, not at all. I need to join in again! :)

  32. Mother used to say something and at the time I thought it was clever. My wife says something similar.

    You'll never see the dust until you put your finger in it. Mother said the dirt can wait one more day. lol

  33. haha...oh Abe..that is so true!

  34. Way led unto way and I stumbled onto our blog. You have a wonderful spirit. I loved the grey...grey sentence to the side. Beautiful.

    My blog is largely pollitical but on Creative Sundays we have creative writing. I wanted to share this poem by my friend with you.


    My Mom and I
    looking for silver shoes
    for a Christmas Ball
    her mother's treasure chest
    A letter her mother wrote
    a few days before she died
    Her mother's pearls
    unstrung and loose in the box
    A silk handkerchief
    sent from an uncle in the islands
    An American Legion honor award she got in school
    And on the bottom
    A love letter
    to my Mom from Dad
    Before their marriage
    Before their divorce
    Before they both remarried
    Still, she keeps it.

    Jenny Galloway

    Women never cease to amaze me. Strength enough to be kind and self-effacing. No more to say. Just passing through.

  35. Cletus ~ well, thank you so much for you nice comment and the lovely poem! I hope you aren't just pass through but come back and visit again! :)

  36. Betsy, I have that Susan Branch calendar too. I always try to get hers for me and then a friends b'day that is on Jan. 6th.


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