Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cut Out Sugar Cookies

These melt in your mouth. Just sayin'.
Sugar Cookies
1 1/2 c butter, softened
2 c sugar
4 eggs
2 t vanilla
5 c flour
2 t baking powder
1 t salt
Cream together butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla.
Mix well. Stir in flour, baking powder and salt.
Chill dough 1 hour or overnight.
Dough is very sticky...knead lightly with a little flour.
Roll out 1/2 inch thick on well-floured board.
Cut shapes and bake 350 degrees 10 minutes
or until barely golden at the edges.
(don't roll too thin and don't over bake!)
1/2 c butter, soft
2-3 c powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
enough milk to thin to correct consistency
Whip until well mixed. Spread on cooled cookies.


  1. I usually don't do Cut Out Cookies, but these look so good, I think I better make some for my Sunday School Class Party. I know the children would love them.

    Love the little blue on the frosting and your cloth you are displaying them on... What a nice picture.

  2. Wanda ~ I just did circles..easier than all the shapes. :)

    To make the sugar sprinkled on top, I worked a drop of blue food coloring into some granulated sugar with the back of a spoon.

  3. Great! And of course, you can wash them down with some Peoples Temple Flavor Aid (recipe here)!

  4. They look and sound great.;))I realy should try to do some baking again.;))

  5. Can you send cookies by inter-continental post?

  6. Yum! These look and sound so good. I haven't made Christmas cookies in years!! I might have to give these a try.

  7. They'd melt easily in my mouth right now... I'm droolin'! LOL!

  8. mmm...sugar cookies are awesome...we made oatmeal cookies yesterday...

  9. ok, i am printing this out. i have been looking for a good sugar cookie recipe, tired of the store bought pillsbury roll outs! ha ha ha. I hope yo make a bunch of cookies next week. this will be at the top of my list! thanks!

  10. These look delicious! And the icing is the best part : )

  11. You make the prettiest cookies...mine are lucky to just taste okay...they are never pretty.

  12. This has made me so hungry even though I have only just eaten dinner! Must give these a try. :-)

  13. Just had dinner? well, then it's time for dessert, right? LOL!

  14. I love sugar cookies....I was thinking about skipping them this Christmas but it just wouldn't be right would it? I'm gonna use your recipe!

  15. I LOVE sugar cookies and most of all, I love doing them with kids and grand kids! Have a great week :D

  16. This recipe - and your photo - looks great, and I appreciate the tip on coloring the sugar in your comment to Wanda. Thanks Betsy and thanks for stopping by.

  17. i know they must be a very special treat...you are an amazing baker !

  18. Sugar cookies are my ALL TIME favorite. ANYTIME of year- ALL year. Will be making up a batch next week when my helpers are home from school.

  19. Are pleased to come to your blog to read your article! Thank you for sharing!

  20. I made them this morning and they are a big hit! Even with my 12 year old with Autism. He usually only eats chocolate chip but he didn't leave my side making these and he even helped cut some out. While we were frosting them I think he ate about a dozen. :) Thanks for the recipe.


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