Friday, November 12, 2010

Alex, Alex, Alex!

Alex has a fetish. He loves to put things away! And he
loves to put things in order! He stands in the bathroom to
grab his brother's clothes as they come off at bath time so he can
put them in the hamper! He lines up shoes in rows inside the closets.
He turns the shampoo bottle so the label faces him while he's in
the tub. Then when he gets out and dries off, he turns it so the label
faces out into the room...every night! It's all a little quirky and a
little cute and funny.
But the one that gets my eyes rolling is his
obsessions with trash. He LOVES to throw things away!
He searches the house for trash! Every day he comes home from
school and looks in my purse for used tissues to throw out!
He even comes running if he hears
me pull a tissue from the box or sees me wipe my nose. He's
right there...even taking the tissue from me before I'm finished
using it! haha. When he has the itch to throw out trash and can't
find any ...well, he creates some! I've seen him unwrap suckers
...not to eat...but to throw away the paper! There is even an organized
way of pitching the stuff, too...he rotates
through all the trash cans in the house so each one has equal
amounts inside. One time we couldn't find a stack of insurance
papers that we needed to sign and put back in the mail. We searched
the house for a couple of days and then it occurred to us that just
maybe Alex threw them out! Of course being nonverbal and not good
very many yes/no questions, we couldn't just ask him. So we sorted
through bags of garbage out in the garage and sure
enough...the insurance papers were there!
So when I couldn't find my paycheck from my auction job the other
day I immediately thought of Alex! It had been laying on my desk
and Alex uses my computer every day after school. It was in the
second bag I searched through out in the garage! Thankfully it wasn't
after the garbage had been collected that week!
It was a little crumpled and had some raw meat juices on
it, but I was still very glad to see it! LOL!


  1. Fascinating. That's "cute" and "quirky," all right! :)

  2. The shampoo bottle made me laugh! Send him to my house to clean out my purse.

  3. Christian ~ ok, I'll send him...but hide your grocery receipts first...and paychecks!

  4. He sounds like a sweet little soul...and organized!


  5. I agree, cute, quirky and funny!! I think I could use Alex around here to throw my trash away and help me organize things:-) I guess it has its pros and cons, huh?? ;-) Glad you found your paycheck!

  6. Blondie ~ he is a sweetheart! :) He's my shadow..always with me and interested in what I'm doing.

  7. oh my...glad you found that...smiles.

  8. That is funny. Because it doesn't happen to me. I can see where it might be a little nerve wracking.

    I think I could put him to good use though. My kids are never picking up their stuff. If we had an Alex, I would make a rule: If you don't get to it before Alex does, you're out of luck.

    Come to think of it, I might pay for that service!

  9. what a sweet heart that one! But I'm sure it takes some getting used to...ah, the panic factor!

  10. Oh that is so funny, especially the part about the tissues, but now I am feelings bit OCD as I actually tend to turn the shampoo and soap bottles towards me too. LOL. BUT, i do not then turn them all back aroudn afterwards. no, no, no--will leave that wort of thign for Alex...as well as nabbing tissues! LOL

  11. What a wonderful kid. Bless his heart.

  12. Thats so funny...you must have a very neat house with such a good garbage gathering person! I think we all have bits of these things in us too ;D

  13. You had me laughing so hard, I needed one of those tissues. haha

    Alex ~~ what a sweet shadow. What a sweet boy.

  14. Oh, I so enjoyed reading this dear Betsy. How cute and funny is that, even thought if might give you some headaches at times.;)
    What I love most about the story is the love and affection that is palpable between the lines.;)

  15. Ah, if only my Alex had just a tiny bit of that zeal for tidying. Great to be catching up with things again, Betsy.

  16. I love it, expression comes in so many ways!

  17. So funny! Well I would say that trash tidying isn't such a bad thing , except of course for the chucking out of paychecks. Your house must be spic and span. I wish my boys were as zealous as this with cleaning up the house.

  18. This is good.. he's a clean and neat guy! :) The Bach

  19. How funny and so interesting.....

    Just a little meat juice/ha

  20. Lol! Alex would love living here! I've tons of stuff he can organize.

  21. I also like order, but not that much. My friend would love for him to visit her!

  22. Well, darn if this isn't a cute story. But like all of us, it's something that makes him unique.

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  24. Hi Betsy! I haven't stopped by lately and I apologize for that. Eyegirl is no longer blogging at Life As I See It as she's decided to focus on her photography blog. I've taken over hosting duties for Half Full Friday. I hope you'll join me!

    I'd love to have Alex come over and clean up after me! lol

  25. Wow! His organizational skills are awesome! What a great kid.

  26. I remember you talking about his trash fetish and him throwing away those papers, probably in a post over a year ago. I remember about the tissues too! I'd forgotten all about it until I started reading and had to giggle...again!

    So glad you found your paycheck before the garbage came.

  27. It is so admirable that you maintain your sense of humor while living with autism. I can picture Alex so vividly in your story.

  28. Corners ~ he's very intense about it, too...very serious! :)

  29. Gosh, Betsy, I need Alex to come and stay with me, lol. I need to learn to put things away immediately instead of leaving them lying around for days...

  30. I wondered how you managed to have such a tidy desk - now I know there's a reason for it! I could use him here too, I think!

  31. OH MY! Glad you found it meat juices and all!

  32. I have a touch of the throw away fetish myself. My husband just searched the outside trash last week for something I chunked on one of my sprees. Alex and I could start our own business of helping folks clean their clutter!


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