Friday, June 4, 2010

Thoughts on Summer and Teacher Gifts

My Kroger had beautiful cyclamen this week.
I needed four pretty but practical teacher gifts for the
boys' teacher and aides. Pink, fushia, purple and blush...
perfect when a thoughtful note is attached. My own cylcamen hasn't stopped blooming for years!
It's been the best and easiest houseplant ever!
So, now starts summer vacation with 3 autistic
teenage boys! I used to face this day with tears...
literally...as it truly is like running a 'home'
for the disabled with a 24/7 shift that lasts 3 months
straight. But it has become easier! At least we aren't
in the bottle and diaper stage anymore! At least
they can swim in the pool without constant supervision.
At least they know how to entertain themselves!
I've decided to look on the bright side!
A couple that I hardly know approached me at church
recently and said they would love to take the boys on a
walk once a week over the summer. How wonderful is
that? I'm looking forward to a little one-on-one time
with each of them as I have them accompany me to
the grocery. I'm looking forward to sleeping
in (me, not them!) for just a little bit, with one ear
listening for catastrophes, haha. No school lunches to
make each night. And we're going to work on saying
some words and using some more sign language.
Carnosine seems to be the new dietary supplement
that has helped many people with autism. I bought
two bottles to give it a try. It's always good to
do this kind of thing when they are not at school
and I can watch for changes...good and bad!
So wish me luck! I have my positive attitude on!
It's like Abe Lincoln said so many years ago,
"People are just about as happy as they make
up their minds to be!" And that is so true! :)
But I still reserve the right to shed a few happy
tears on that first day of school in August! LOL!


  1. have a marvlous summer betsy...let me know on the dietary supplement...may want to recommend to a few people...

  2. What a beautiful attitude to begin the summer months. Life will throw you a few curves, but we are all here to laugh with you, cry with you if we need, and encourage you every day.

    I know the summer is going to be filled with so many stories...and that I look forward too.

    BTW ~ go to http://blog2print to see about the Blog Book. The more pages the more expense. I felt mine was an investment for the future. I showed it to my daughter today, and she was truly impressed.

  3. Brian ~ I will...and click on the link in the post for some info, stories, and dosage amounts.

  4. Oh Wanda...LOL! You KNOW I'll have so many stories! I'm glad you all are here to laugh with me!

  5. What a strong and dedicated mom you are. That is the only way to look at things. Our youngest daughter is bp and not doing well now, quite a hard time for all.

  6. QMM ~ I'm so sorry about your daughter! That is so hard. We've been through some tough times...things DO get better! I'll pray for her...and you!

  7. Good luck, Betsy! You're wonder woman, girl! You can make it! We can count down the days until August together! :)
    Today was our last day of school as well, and we're headed off on a two month long road trip tomorrow. Yikes! Talk about a change of routine! Clee will hopefully enjoy himself.
    Keep us posted on the progress with using Carosine. I'm really intrigued.

  8. ps: I love love love the term special moms. We so are, aren't we? :)

  9. Natalie ~ we certainly are! :)

    Hope the road trip is wonderful. Hope Clee loves it, too! :)

  10. Betsy, you're so thoughtful and kind. Those cyclamen are perfect, so pretty. Enjoy your Summer and sleep-ins! xa

  11. Beautiful post, beautiful gift and such a beautiful woman you are ~ inside and out!

  12. I'll be praying for you this summer, Betsy... and re-reading this post often to give myself a dose of your wonderful attitude!

    Beautiful teacher gifts! I'm tucking this idea away for future use.

  13. Christian ~ thank you...you are a dear! I thought about baking bread like you did...but 4 loaves wouldn't have gotten done yesterday! ha.

  14. Here's wishing you a wonderful summer! Your amazing attitude is beautiful to see!


  15. Have a Wonderful Happy Summer...
    You are an inspiration to us all!
    I will be praying for you.
    What a nice offer to you
    and for the boys.
    Beautiful flowers...
    mine haven't ever survived...
    you must have a green thumb.
    Take care,

  16. Great post Betsy, you certainly have a positive and optimistic attitude.;) You need no luck as you have a big heart.
    Those colours of the flowers are lovely,

  17. We all wish you luck Betsy, but from what I know of you, luck has never been a part of your success in raising your children.

  18. I came her for Theme Thursday and couldn't resist this post. I am frankly in awe of the challenges you face but know the love of a child and that as a parent, you're pretty fantastic. I hope you manage the 'me' time too.

  19. The cyclamens are such beautiful colors and the personalized notes are perfect. Enjoy all your special times this summer and make wonderful memories.
    Don't forget that you have an open invitation to visit...anytime : )
    BTW...your moon cookies on you side bar are adorable. At first glance, through the cellophane, they almost look like angels.

  20. The cyclamen are BEAUTIFUL! I have never had one and now want to try one!

    Saw the guys happily going about their day at school yesterday!I hope your summer goes smoothly and that The Mister and Taylor will make sure you get your MOM TIME to preserve your sanity and provide you with an outlet!

  21. Abe is so right, and you are so inspiring. I am on vacation on the Gulf Coast this week. Whenever I go into a seafood market or local shop and leave with saying,"God bless you in the weeks to come," most people are amazingly positive and ready to take on the challenge of the impending oil and all it may destroy. The human spirit is just impossible to hold down for long!
    I will be checking in on you during the summer more than I usually do!

  22. Alan ~ you always know just what to say! thank you!

  23. Firelight ~ it's be nice to see you more often...I know you are enjoying your summer vacation! :)

  24. I know the teachers love their beautiful plants....you pick the best gifts..
    Summer sure rolls around in a hurry, uh Betsy?
    I loved reading about your shopping trips last summer with the boys.
    I hope things go smoothly for you. Your attitude continues to inspire!
    Hope the supplement does wonders!

  25. Betsy...If anyone is surrounded by angels, it is you, my friend.

    What lovely flowers and such a kind gesture.

    How I love Audery Hepburn's words of wisdom on your sidebar...I wholeheartedly embrace every word here!...Hum, funny, just yesterday, I was thinking of Scarlett's 'Tomorrow is another day quote' that she mentioned.

  26. Betsy, you are the queen of everything...including good attitudes and truthfulness. I can only imagine the challenges you face each day. You are truly a testament to me. May your summer be filled with restful sleeps and late mornings and peaceful days of happiness!

  27. Betsy-
    I admire; your always positive attitude. What a sweet soul you have. Those 3 boys of yours are so blessed to have you as their mother.

  28. I hope the progress and change does happen in all of the lives in your household. It sounds like an overwhelming job that you handle well. I do think you need so ME time in all of this to keep your going. Love triumphs but being tired is no sin.

  29. Larry ~ yes, you are right. Being almost through the first full day, I can honestly say I'm tired! LOL! I need to be reconditioned!

  30. Please let us know if Spencer has more zany positions with his feet. Love those pictures of all you boys!
    And now, that it's summer I'm sure you will have many opportunities.

  31. Christine~ are you talking about when he had them in my purse? LOL! I forgot about that...oh, yes, they DO some crazy, crazy things. I'll have my camera ready at all times! ;)

  32. Betsy...I'm ready when you are, for a good laugh!

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. What a beautiful attitude you have Betsy! I am touched by the couple asking to take the boys on a walk each week...sweet!

    Blessings to you and the boys,

  35. awesome stuff,
    u never ease to amaze me,
    enjoy a free and fun summer break!
    u r the best!

  36. You always "have [your] positive attitude on." That's one of the things that makes you so amazing.

  37. What thoughtful gifts for the teachers. As I teacher, I can tell you - they will love them. Wish I lived closer. I would love to meet your boys and them on an outing.

  38. Mary, you are so sweet...I wish you lived closer, too!

  39. Mr. Fox ~ you are TOO sweet. Thanks for noticing and encouraging me, too! :)

  40. Those are the perfect teachers gifts! Just lovely.

    I've been reading everything I can about autism since my sister's little granddaughter, aged almost four, was diagnosed with it when she was two.

    Your boys are beautiful. Enjoy your summer.


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