Thursday, April 15, 2010

Theme Thursday = Lunch

Lunch on the Boat
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Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923 )
Bastida is known for his landscapes, portraits, and
talent for capturing the sunlight in his paintings.
I've only been home for one week and missing the
sound of the Gulf waves and white sand...even
those yummy cooler sandwiches under a beach
umbrella. So I'm taking myself back to that
a bit with this gorgeous painting.
The colors, the theme, and the location
was perfect in my mind.
Don't you hear the gulls and the feel
the warm breezes? ahh.
  • Leisurely laying under
  • Umbrella's shade and
  • Nibbling a seafood sandwich. I
  • Close my eyes and drift far away
  • Having dreams of pure fancy.

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  1. Oh how dreamy.....yes, you've carried me away.....sniff... I smell the ocean.

    Fabulous painting!

  2. yeah, you took me back there too...how nice it must have been...happy tt betsy!

  3. Very nice! I can feel the rocking of the boat and smell the fresh sea air. The painting has such a feeling of comradery between the characters. Very relaxed and comfortable with each other.

  4. Hello there! I happened upon your blog over at 504 Main! I love it!

    This picture is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I'm a new follower ;) http://www.gerberdaysblog.com

  5. This is a beautiful painting, I can understand why you love it.;)
    Great take on the theme,

  6. yes, i can hear the waves....they are quite hypnotic.

    happy theme thursday. dream on!

  7. What a great painting! Lunch on the beach...<>.. I'm not familiar with this artist so will have to explore his work a bit more..Art has such an incredible power to evoke memories, emotions, passions...ah...

    I've had the sights, scents, and sounds of Charleston on my mind lately...Can't wait to get back to have lunch there... so will have to keep dreaming until then..:)..

  8. I'm looking forward to a beach trip with the girls in less than a month. I'll sit under the umbrella and think of you. I'll be sending you some sand and sun.

  9. Rebecca ~ I've never been to Charleston...sounds wonderful!

  10. Stevie ~ oh, soak up that sun and sand for me...how lovely!

  11. OMG You have a photo of Anna Maria Is as your masthead! my favorite place in the US! That is sooo cool and I miss it soo much. I want to live there someday (soon).

  12. The wonderful soothing sounds of the ocean could become a habit/right?

  13. Sweet painting of a delightful meal. Happy TT

  14. haven't been for a good many years now...nothing like the beach...

  15. I concur - It is beautifully done and pulls the reader


  16. Well, that sounds delightful. Could do that myself right about now actually. Enjoy. Love your acrostic, as always.

  17. Hi Heather...welcome! I'll come visit you very soon..thanks for the link! :)

  18. This piece reminds me a lot of Ilya Repin's work, one of WT's favorite artists.

  19. Hmmmm... Having just taken a walk on the beach a little earlier... Of course, our sand tends to be tan rather than white; no coral up here! And seafood is an everyday thing.

    Okay, I'll stop rubbing it in. I'll comfort you with the fact that for the next 3 days the temps won't get out of the 40s and it'll be raining. Spring in coastal New England is just a tad erratic!

  20. This picture is wonderful (and one previously not known to me). The composition is fabulous - like a whirlpool drawing you in.

  21. The Salt-Spray is in my eyes as I type!

  22. Lunch on the beach, take me away. Sounds like so much fun. Although I do not eat seafood, but I am on a seefood diet all the time, and so would probably enjoy everything else that was there for lunch.

    Hope you get to go back soon. Love the header pic.

    God bless.

  23. Lunch on the beach - does it get any better? Nice TT.

  24. Sounds like the perfect lunch to me. The sand, the sea & seafood sandwiches ...Mmm mmm mmm


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