Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeding the Birds

Mrs. Cardinal is so pleased that I turned my flowerbox
into a winter time bird feeder! Actually, I'm pleased
too, since I can just open the window to refill it
instead of going outside in the cold!
She was so hungry that I don't think she noticed me
with my camera just 12 inches away with a window
in between us!
So far, she's been kind enough to share with Mr. Cardinal
and even let Mrs. and Mrs. Chickadee swoop in
and take the peanuts. :)
We also have a robin and a wren in our yard...neither
of whom eat seed. I don't know what they are surviving
on. Although, Mr. Wren has been pecking around the windows
looking for old bugs caught in some cobwebs.
As I drove into the garage yesterday, he followed me in
and searched among the corners and behind boxes.
If he keeps that up, I won't have to do any spring cleaning
out there in a few months! LOL!


  1. Great idea to use your flowerbox. I wish I didn't have to go out in the cold weather to fill the feeder (which is hanging on a shepherd's pole on the deck rail).

  2. Such helpful little things aren't they?! So cute too..thats a great idea to fill the flower box! I wish we had little birds around here..we have hawks and eagles crows, some doves and the regular little sparrow! Come say hi :D

  3. That is a good idea to have a feeder right outside the window. The flower box works great. My feeder got really busy when are temperatures were so cold, but they have slowed down now for awhile..

  4. 9 degrees! Brrrr is right! We are 50 degrees and foggy. I lurve winter! ha ha

    Your Cardinal is beautiful! That is such a treat to enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. How very clever ... you never fail to inspire. My bird feeder is way out in my yard and sometimes it's hard to get to. I also enjoy watching birds feed. Just today I had a few on my bottom deck...don't know what they were trying to find.

  6. I'm glad to see you care about the birds in the cold of winter. That is a creative way of using your "
    dead" flower boxes, and waht an opportunity to make some great pictures at the same time.
    I made peanut balls for the birds today, now if I can only keep those pesky squirrels away ;)

  7. Sadly there are no birds in our gardens now. The next door neighbours cats have either killed them or chased them away. I dare not put seed out to entice the birds to almost certain death. Shame really.

  8. Keith ~ when we had cats, they loved to sit in the windows and watch the birds! We do have hawks that swoop in to the feeders and sometimes I do feel like I'm helping them by putting out the seed!

  9. I miss feeding my backyard friends! When I lived in St. Louis, one of my special joys was feeding the birds and squirrels:) The St. Louis Cardinals were the best! Hee Hee:)
    Using your flowerbox as a feeder is just brilliant!

  10. how cool. and you get a close up view of them too while they enjoy. we had some popcorn balls someone gave us, that we just would not eat. we hung them in the tree out front for the birds. they are loving them.

  11. That is the kind of bird feeder I would like, but my cats continue to discourage me from attracting too many birds.

  12. Betsy, these are wonderful photos. I can't believe she wasn't frightened away. You reminded me of my Mother again...everytime I see a cardinal...I think of her : )

  13. What a perfect idea... and I love the pictures with the picket fence. Looks like a greeting card.

    We only have sparrows and humming birds in our back yard feeders. But I love to watch them scatter the seed looking for just the right one.

    God's creation...it's good to take a minute at look, and snap a picture or two.


  14. I'm so enjoying our hungry, winter birds too! We have a feeder hanging right outside our living room window and I always make sure to grab the spot on the couch where I can watch them. We've got several "couples" of cardinals coming around, a few chickadees, a wren, some sparrows, a nuthatch from time to time, and even a blue jay.

    Tukes was born in the winter. He loved to watch the birds eating, even as a tiny baby. I would lay him on the couch where he could turn his head and look up about 8 to 10 feet and watch the birds. It was so cute.

  15. what a very good idea for your window boxes. Did you come up with that, being the creative person you are or read that somewhere? That is a lot of bird seed though--could they drown in it while foraging so to speak? LOL. Well, they'd die fat and happy.

    To be able to feed the birds w/o having to go outside in that frigid weather is a very good idea too! :)

    now, if you could only get cute little English robins show up then, well, that would be simply perfect don't you think?

    BTw, love your friends comment on the sidebar. Delightful and good to keep in mind.

  16. Christian ~ I took pictures of some bluejays this afternoon...still need to download them. I always forget how large and beautiful they are!

  17. Mmm~ no worries of the birds sinking in bird seed! LOL! No, I left the dirt in the box and it comes up to the top.

  18. Ah, what a great idea! And what an absolutely beautiful shot of the bird! I simply can never get close enough to get a good picture.;)
    I am sure the birds are very thankful. Here they talk about the blackbirds dying in great numbers this winter due to the terrible cold...

  19. Due to the cats, we only keep hummingbird feeders up. The cats never seem to be able to catch them. But any other birds would be "meat". Although they do seem to leave the pidgeons alone for some reason. I hate the pidgeons, and would not mind the cats eating a lot of them.

    It has been in the 80's here and going to cool down on Tuesday. I am not sure if I could handle that snow that you all go through, so I think that the birds in your yard are very lucky to have you do this for them. And to get a close up viewing of the birds is really cool. You are blessed that they trust you.

    God bless.

  20. It is so beautiful!Have a nice week Betsy!

  21. I have 3 little furry creatures in my garage.....mice!!!! Trixie is stalking them but they won't come out when she is there/ha They chewed a hole in my sunflower seed sack, ugh. Had to get a big trashcan for them....
    Love your feeder...as do the birds/ha

  22. Lovely pictures. And another timely reminder to feed the poor birds during this dreadful weather.

  23. Nanny ~ oh dear...at least they aren't IN your house like ours were a couple of months ago. I think we are finally mouse free...after trapping 10..ugh.

  24. Very clever idea Betsy...I love watching cardinals in the snow, especially the males with their beautiful deep red feathers contrasted against the stark white...Gorgeous birds...

  25. What a good idea! You also get a closeup view of the birds that come to feed.


  26. My mom used to say if we saw a cardinal in the yard..."companies coming!" Great photos.

  27. Betsy,
    Great pictures here. She looks quite healthy, thanks to you!
    The Bach

  28. I like this idea...I have been feeding the birds...but wonder if it is enough to keep them going in this weather. Where do the little feathered families go when it is sooo cold? I worry about them!
    Last night was the 8th night of sub-freezing weather in the Deep South...now that is some serious cold weather!


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