Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Part 5

Because some days you need more than others!
And in the spirit of "keeping it real", here's a look
at what's been going on around here lately.....

1. Our bed broke...again...but worse this time! One last jump from Spencer and the frame broke in two. Of course, it happened late at night when The Mister was still at work! When he got home, because of the late hour, we slid three buckets under the broken side to hold up the slats. More on this later, as it deserves a post of it's own! LOL!
2. The electric can opener died over the holidays! Would you believe we didn't have a manual one either? Not willing to make a special trip to the store on a holiday, we made do. Thank goodness for kitchen boning shears, pliers, a hammer and a screwdriver! LOL! It's not pretty, but we got it open! When Harry asks for his green beans, you gotta get the can open somehow!

3. The windshield wipers in the van have developed a mind of their own! They go fast when I set them on slow speed! They start up on their own when it's sunny outside! And this week, they wouldn't stop when I turned them off! Here I am at our mailbox at the entrance to our neighborhood. The van is off. The keys are out of the ignition! They just kept on wiping!

4. Earlier this month, The Mister and I celebrated our 26th anniversary! A couple of days before, the power steering went out on the van. So, in lieu of gifts, we had the van repaired. It also needed a water pump. I had to choose between power steering or the wipers. Of course, I opted for power steering! LOL! So, Happy Anniversary to us! We did go out for a nice lunch and actually had few hours of quality time together. Very nice.

5. Conversation this week...Taylor ~ Mom, this old van is really starting to look cruddy! When are we getting a new one? Me ~ After we get you through college! Taylor ~ Oh. .....thanks, Mom. :)

And...haha...yes, I'm laughing, so please laugh along with me! It really is the best medicine, isn't it? Hope we're done with the catastrophies for a little while, though! :)


  1. Are we sisters? It seems the only luck we had in 2009 was bad luck! LOL I hope 2010 is better for everyone. Happy New Year.

  2. Betsy, I am sort of what you might call an anti-gadget person. I own one type of can opener. It is a tiny military issue tool called a P-38 and was once part of the C-Rations given to soldiers. It is no bigger than a house key and works like a charm. Email me with an address and I will mail you one!!
    Loved the photos and the running commentary!

  3. Catastrophe's and rasing families sort of go hand in hand, don;t they? LOL. Yes, doubt Taylor will ask you about the van again. He's very blessed indeed to have parents who can and are willing to help him with college.

    Even with the keys out of the ignition, the wipers still go on?@! Creepy. Have you parked it at Willow's for too long perhaps? LOL.

    I seem to recall some other bad event stroy of Spencer jumping on the bed adn breaking it--this isn;t the first time, right?

    Glad you got taken out for anice lunch with your Mister. you certainly deserve it running your family as well as you do and sounds like he needs a good break from the office/workplace too.

    Congrats on 26 years. We were only 5 years short of that. :( Enjoy it. What a testament to you both.

  4. Happy Anniversary.... You have had your share of Good, Bad and Ugly this year....Let's pray you have more good than bad and ugly in 2010!!

    I got a mental picture of you opening that darn can of beans.

  5. LOL @ Taylor's question and your answer :)

    And I've always used a manual can-opener..it's just quicker for me.

    And hope you can get the wipers and bed fixed, anon...

  6. Happy Anniversary -for openers! And yes, I do believe the very best way to attack what isn't the best of situations -appliances that won't work, cars that break down, beds that snap apart an inappropriate times too -is by picking out what humor you can find in any given situation and run with that! Nothing like a good chuckle over the not-so-nice things life sometimes doles out along our way. A lot of people have given me the look that they think I'm more than a bit daft as I make fun of the rough things that come my way, but it does beat being angry or morose over things that, at the time, are beyond our absolute control! Which often it seems is just about everything in life but, as my older daughter likes to say, "It's all good!" And yes, it is!

  7. oh you gotta love it, really. funny about the can opener, our broke a few weeks before chrsitmas...the boys got a kick out of me playing macgyver on the can...got it open though. congrats on the anniversary...that is awesome!

  8. Oh Betsy, these are some of my favorite posts! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story about the bed.

    And, guess what, right before Christmas we sat down and carefully looked at money. We figured out exactly how much we'd have to get us through Christmas until the end of the month. We budgeted. And, what do you know... the sewer line backed up 5 days before Christmas and we spent a large portion of our cash flow paying roto-rooter to "clean us out". Oh well. Man makes his plans but life happens!

  9. bless your heart - I always smile when you do your good, bad, ugly posts,

    reading about car problems makes me apprecaite my mechanic hubby even morel

    you really have buckets holding up your bed?

  10. OH NO! Funny about your windshield wipers as my BACK ones do the same...I think we have the same make of van....what does that say about the maker? I opted out ($$) on fixing my wipers! (BACK ones though...you NEED good ones in the front)

    I have a mental picture of Spencer and the FLYING LEAP that brought the bed to its "knees"...or more likely ankles!

  11. Jeanette ~ maybe we are! LOL! Hope you laugh at your craziness, too! :)

  12. Firelight ~ that sounds awesome,...you are so sweet!

  13. Mmm~ haha..I laughed out loud at your comment about the van being parked at Willow's too long! Maybe! The first time I had trouble with the power steering I was at her house! You may be on to something there. Yes, Taylor is blessed...but I think he knows and appreciates it, too. And yes,...Spencer is a repeat offender with the bed. Cheeky monkey, as you would say...he only jumps when we aren't looking!

  14. Christian ~ oh dear...yes, you can plan, but that's only what they are...plans.

  15. What a week! You handle it all so well and with a sense of humor : )
    I agree with Mr. Toast...the windshield wipers are kind of creepy...they do seem possessed.
    Happy belated Anniversary!

  16. Where would we be without our children? Richer in money, but much poorer in spirit.

  17. I once had a van whose bright lights decided to turn on by themselves and there was no turning them off either. I had my friend's husband disconnect the power source or I never would have gotten home that night. Then, with no warning and lots of other drivers flashing their brights at me, they turned off again.

    We have a toilet that decided to spring a leak one day and then the tank decided to rupture besides. Luckily we had already turned the water off when it started leaking. We've decided to "sit on" this repair for a while, at least until we can redo the rest of the bathroom.

  18. I love reading about your life and times....you make these (what shall we call them) broken things, mini disasters, so comical! Everyone needs the manual can opener...can't beat 'em!

    Happy Anniversary and wishing you a very Happy 2010!

  19. Laughter is indeed the best medicine! I whole -heartedly advocate this remedy:D

    Like FireLight, I don't own an electric can opener..LOL!!

    Sporatic wipers? I concur with Mr. Toast, you must have parked at Willow's way too long:)...

    Be well dear Betsy, and congratulations on 26 years with your husband...A major accomplishment in this day and age alone, and a blessing to certainly praise God for in the midst of all the trials...

  20. Oh, I can't even imagine life with your five men .... your 'delivery' of these events is priceless. I also loved reading the Bombeck piece again. Belated Happy Anniversary ... school begins again SOON!

  21. I got a van repair for my birthday. It must be in the water. Don't go expecting now, please!

  22. Congratulations my beautiful friend on your wedding anniversary! I can relate too, many a years I've gotten 4 new tires for gifts. Most recently it was a new car battery! ugh!

    I love my electric can opener too and funny enough my MANUAL one broke over the holidays. My electric one is mounted under the counter so for big heavy cans I use the manual one instead. Buying a new one today in fact... along with a new cookie scooper because it broke too. ha ha It was such a workhorse though, it did it's job well through the years wouldn't you say. ha ha

    Your pork loin sounds yummy for dinner tonight! I'm finally going to make our turkey dinner while I have we have a movie marathon today. I'm watching East of Eden and my Man/kids will watch all the Shrek movies.

  23. You gotta laugh.....what else can you do?

    Looking forward to more with you in the New Year....

    Happy New Year Betsy....


  24. Kayren ~ haha...oh, don't worry...I do best NOT to be. Although earlier this year I thought I could be. whew. Those of us with multiples can really get nervous! LOL!

    are you sure we aren't sisters, too? hee!

  25. As they say... When it rains, it pours! Hang in there! Happy New Year. The Bach

  26. Laughter is the best medicene and most of it will just give us something to talk and laugh about later! :D

  27. Mercury is in retrograde...this might have something to do with all the mechanical disturbances...and the bed...let's just say it might be the full moon on the rise!! In any case...it's fortunate you have such a wonderful sense of humor about it all.

  28. Ah ..no more bad luck for you this year and next!

    A happy healthy New Year to you and your 5 men Betsy..I have enjoyed getting to know you in '09.

  29. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!
    You do not look old enough to have been married 26 yrs...child bride?

  30. Your #1 sounds awfully familiar... Good to know there might not be a end in sight like I had hoped. I'm just praying our box spring will hold up for just a little longer :).

    The power of laughter is strong, isn't it? I'm glad you can take these happenings as of late and find some hilarity in them.
    Happy belated anniversary!!


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