Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was thinking the other day about the
first time I ever tasted a diet soda.
It was back in the 70's and my younger
sister and I were on a road trip with our
parents. We stopped at a gas station
to freshen up and fill up the car.
There was a pop machine and we
ran over to get a drink. I saw that they
had Tab! I'd never had it before but had
seen the commercials on TV! They made it
look so glamorous...almost like you would
become one of those gorgeous models just
by drinking this hip, diet soda!
I think my sister got the familiar Orange
Crush and I felt older and cool with my Tab.
That is...until I took my first big gulp!
This was the day before Nutrasweet, mind you!
And I'd never had anything except the sugary
regular stuff. Oh my....what a horrible taste!
I was too proud to reveal my disgust and tried
my best to finish the can and look as grown up
and as cool as possible. I think I only managed
to choke down about one third of the can!
Oh yuck! ha-ha!


  1. My aunt used to drink it all the time and I always wondered how she could swallow the stuff. Honestly, though, to this day I wonder how people can drink any of the diet drinks -- I hate that sugar substitute aftertaste.

  2. UGH! I hate diet soda! Especially TAB! But, they do a great job in making them look hip to this day!

    Do they still make Tab?

  3. I drank Tab before they came out with Diet Coke. I think that's why Diet Coke was so wonderful, and still is, because what wouldn't be after Tab?! I think I drank Fresca before Tab. Obviously it was because my mom had it in the house and there were no sugary sodas, so if I wanted soda that was my only choice. I guess I never really got used to the other kind because I never had them.

    I have to admit though that the taste wasn't that great, but at the time it was better than plain old water and when you're a teenager you don't want the calories from Kool-aid.

  4. Nice that you could admit to this, Betsy!! I do remember the ads. I also remember always drinking regular Coke because I was stick scrawney right until I had my 2nd baby and didn't need to diet at all. I sort of wanted to be like the other mother's with their diet pops. HA!! Now it's about 5 Diet Pepsi's a day and I haven't had a 'real drink' in years!!


  5. I love the picture! I remember that fashion... sigh, it doesn't seem that long ago.

  6. I drink Diet Coke most of the time. Whenever I have the real thing it tastes so syrupy to me. It's the amount of bite the coke has that makes it good to me.

  7. Isn't it fun to recollect memories like that from ones past.;)
    The first time I ever tasted a soda was as teenager in Sweden.;)
    The commercial does look elegant.;))

  8. Ha Ha. I babysat for my neighbor who drank this ALL the time. I was/still am a Pepsi gal although I did buy some this year when my grocery store had the new version of Tab because of those babysitting memories. Same look but new taste. And the verdict is I'm still a Diet Pepsi girl. Lol

  9. Jill ~ I don't know if they make Tab now! Hopefully they've improved it! ha!

  10. i had TAB once in elementary school while waiting in teh hospital waiting room...nasty stuff. diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper is about the only diet drink i touch.

  11. Betsy and Jill, yes they still do make TAB( ugh! ). The only thing worse is Diet Rite( hurl! )

  12. i so remember the allure and glamour of the tab ads as well. i never liked it. yuck is right. i'm so glad that i'm not a soda drinker. but i am quite fond of my iced tea!!

  13. Diet soda has come a long way since Tab. Have you tried all natural, 0 sugar Zevia diet soda? Its sweetened with sweet leaf - stevia. There's nothing artificial. No aspartame, no Splenda no calories.

    If any bloggers would like to try a sample to review email me at margaret at zevia dot com.

  14. Yes, I used to drink Tab when I was young and hip (and slim, come to think of it, lol!) When I drink soda, I do actually prefer the sugar free. Just got used to it, I suppose.

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  16. Julie ~ I rarely drink soda either! I get it when I'm out sometimes as a treat, but don't drink it at home. Water and tea are better for you anyway, right? :)

  17. Gritsy ~ hi and welcome! No, I haven't tried anything with stevia in it....or the zero soda!

  18. I tried it when I was a teenager and didn't find it too bad. Fresca was much better.

  19. My Grandmother had a supply of Tab. I always thought it was wretched! LOL!!


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