Saturday, September 12, 2009

Apple Season

One of autumn's best gifts is apple season!
Our favorite is the Gala ~ extra crisp, juicy
and just the right amount of sweetness!
If there's anything The Men don't like around here
is a mealy, mushy apple...or a tart one!
Gala meets all the requirements! :)
Braeburn comes in second!
Wikipedia list over 150 different apple varieties! So, what's your favorite?
Perhaps a MacIntosh, Pippin, or Winesap?
Maybe a Honey Gold, Ida Red or Liberty?
"But I, when I undress me
Each night, upon my knees
Will ask the Lord to bless me
With apple-pie and cheese."
Eugene Field


  1. we like them tart..granny smith. apple pie and cheese...maybe not together...but pineapple and cheese do go well together...have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Betsy

    Yep gala is my fist choice too...
    but if I was in NZ it would be Coxes orange...
    I don't ever see them here...

    Happy days

  3. Honeycrisp probably tops our list, but Gala and Fuji are popular too. We don't like mushy, mealy apples around here either, but I do like a tart one. Granny Smith is my personal favorite.

  4. Ooh, too many faves have I! But Macs, Cortlands, Golden Dee-lish and Fuji's, top out. Went pickin' Saturday last and came away with close to a bushel. And put some cheese on that pie! And some vanilla ice cream :P

  5. It depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes Gala and at other times Granny Smith.

  6. Absolutely, indisputably the Egremont Russet (but you can only get them in season here). Then Coxes Orange Pippin (also in season). The rest of the year- Braeburns.

    I'm just gonna have to go to the farmer's market after reading this post...

  7. Next door have a rare apple tree, the only one left from when the ground was an orchard before the houses were built. How it survived is a mystery.

    It's a South-Worcester apple. They taste absolutely lovely, but nobody wants them because the skin is all lumpy, warty, brown patches and scabs.They look revolting, this is the reason you never see them in the shops; nobody buys them!

    Peel the skin off and taste is great, they are good for cooking with as well.

  8. my favorite is a golden delicious! i pick the ones that have the most pink tinge on them because i like the color better that way!

  9. There is NOTHING like the taste of a crisp, sweet apple STRAIGHT from the tree! We are WITH YOU enjoying Gala and Braeburn...but at this time of year...a local apple orchard has the best Honey Crisp and we only eat them from there!!!! My mouth is watering!

  10. I love apples.:) They grow with abundance here in Scandinavia and are used even to make wine.;))
    Beautiful new header.;)

  11. The Gala is my standby but my absolute favorite is the Pink Lady... but they're usually too expensive. My husband and boys like Granny Smith... yes, to eat!!!!

  12. Keith ~ how wonderful for you...an apple tree all to yourself! :)

  13. Kayren and Jill ~ I don't think we've tried Honey Crisp! Now I think I have to!

    Christian ~ Pink lady! I had totally forgotten about this kind! Yes, it is really great! I don't think I've seen them in the groceries the last few years!

  14. I don't know what you call 'em but I love the Kashmir apples and the apples from Himachal in India. Red, crisp and sweet!

  15. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I wish you lived next door two- with all of your five men! Honey Crisp apples are my all-time fave, but I settle for Gala or Granny Smith most of the time. Makes my mouth water just thinking about Honey Crisp. Excuse me, I must go wipe the drool from my chin!

  16. Honeycrisp!!!!! Wish they were in season a bit longer!!! When I can't have them I buy Fuji!!! Gotta be crisp for me, no ripe mushy apple for me. Had a green apple and piece of cheese for a snack earlier. Did you know if you eat apple and cheese together it is pure protein? yep, heard it many years ago and they are delicious together.

  17. coxes orange pippins, russets (do you get them in the States? they're not easy to find over here sadly)
    and we love braeburns too

    this is such a nice post and comments!

  18. Its gotta be Gala, hands down.
    A produce worker at Kroger saw me picking up Gala apples and he gave me a slice of a new apple. Much sweeter and juicer than Gala.
    For some reason I still purchased the Galas' and thought...hmm..I'll remember the name of this new apple and pick them up next time.

    Needless to say, I forgot the name. Darn!

  19. Lettuce ~ we have russets, but I'm not sure about the orange pippins and cox. The orange pippins sound sweet!

  20. MacIntosh except when I make apple pie then its granny smith for me!


  21. Galas, Braeburns and my favorite, the McIntosh. Yum. Love apple season.

  22. Hi! Betsy,
    Betsy said,
    "Wikipedia list over 150 different apple varieties! So, what's your favorite?
    Perhaps a MacIntosh, Pippin, or Winesap?
    Maybe a Honey Gold, Ida Red or Liberty?"

    I must admit that the MacIntosh and the Honey Gold are my favorites.
    By the way, Nugget, you caught me looking at your beautiful"
    Take care Betsy, an(d) I hope that you, and your five men had a nice weekend too!
    DeeDee ;-D

  23. I really look forward to apple season every year, too!

  24. I so love apple pie and such but apples themselves? No. Well, I stand corrected--I do like the English Cox apples--all yellowed and soft. Yum.

  25. a favorite pastime...every day! any that are tart and not mushy~

  26. We love Fujis the most - or when we can get them, Pink Ladies and Honey Crisp.

  27. My son has been requesting fried apple butter pies so we'll be whipping some of them up soon.

    I like Granny Smiths and Macs...Hum....

  28. Rebecca ~ fried apple butter pies??? OK, you have to share that recipe! ;)


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