Monday, April 20, 2009

Trash Picking

Some of you may remember last week when I blogged
about throwing out this old broom and getting the new one!
Imagine my surprise when I was doing dishes the other
evening and saw my next door neighbor out my
kitchen window sweeping out her garage
with my old broom!
She had been picking through my trash in the night!
Well, it was probably early, early morning since
Taylor can't seem to get our trash out before 11pm
and I know these neighbors are early risers.
The funniest thing about this is that I am guilty of
picking through their trash, too!
I took a beautiful porch swing
from their trash 2 years ago!
It only needed a coat of paint!

I actually think I got the better deal in the trash trading!

But I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder!


  1. Tee-hee. You DID get the better end of the deal.

    We've trash picked on our neighbors as well... that's how Boo got his bike!

  2. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

  3. I love it! THAT is so funny!
    I have an adorable table/chair set on my front porch that I trash picked from one of our old neighbors...it just needed a coat of paint too! WHAT A TREASURE THAT SWING IS!!!

  4. That is hilarious! Maybe you guys should start checking with each other before you toss anything! Hee, Hee. This post might be a great one to link to Diane's Second Time Around Tuesday (http://diane1876.blogspot.com/) Too funny! :-) Susan

  5. That is truly funny. I used to blog at TV.com for a long time. One of my fellow bloggers there always had funny stories about this woman in her apartment complex that went out every day 'dumpster' diving. I always thought it was too funny. I think trading trash with one's neighbor is much classier than the dumpster diver though!!!

  6. I definitely think you got the better end of the deal!

    So far our neighbors here haven't thrown out any good trash, but spring is just starting for us, so we'll see. We're used to that military living where you throw lots of good stuff away when you move and have to get rid of things. Now that's some high livin'.

  7. I used to be SO embarassed when my mom trash picked when I was growing up but I have grown up to be a trash picker too. I've gotten some great finds too. I don't think I would trash pick a broom though. But, in your neighbor lady's defense, I do have an outside broom and an inside broom. The outside broom is a retired inside broom.

  8. HA!! Wonderful. I love to find treasures in the trash. When I used to live in a very upscale, uppity neighbourhood, garbage night was full of fantastic finds and there would be all kinds of people, by foot and by car, cruising the area for finds.

    I live in a different area now which is still upscale but very trendy and in our condo recycling area there are sometimes amazing discoveries. And I have left several things down there that have been claimed within a couple hours. To each, his own.

    Love the porch swing - how idyllic.

  9. I love this post! This was so funny, how strange it is to see someone using your discarded things. I think we all ave done something like this; in fact these days I always ask my neighbors if they want something before I throw it out, I got an outdoor "mexican" oven this way last year from my neighbors.;)))

  10. So funny - you don't live next to my mom, do you? She loves to "harvest" trash. I've been tempted as well ... I see some pretty good stuff set out as I ride my bike through the neighborhood. I would just die if anyone saw me, though. But hey - it IS the ultimate recycling!

  11. I love it!! Reuse and recycle! So many things that people throw away can be used by someone else. I have never taken something out of someone else's trash but I check out the side of the road everywhere I go and hope I find something good some day! Great porch swing!!

  12. You sooo got the better deal! I want to swing on your porch swing with you and a nice cup of tea!

  13. That is so funny! You two need to call each other before taking the time to haul trash out! Save a step/ha

  14. Hi there, hope you are well.

    Thats great on the trash front and what a lovely seat!
    And at least the old broom got a new home too.

    Take care


  15. I would totally adopt a gorgeous porch swing from someone else's garbage pile, but an old broom? In her defense, maybe she's into recycling. It is earth week after all. :)

  16. yes, i would have to agree that you came out ahead. we have people picking through our trash on a regular basis. i guess we have good trash!

  17. That is so funny. Yes, I'll say you got the better deal. I wonder if they think they should have kept it and painted it, once they've seen how nice it turned out.

  18. How funny!
    Hello from Texas...Nice blog!

  19. Recycling is great, either way! And I guess an old kitchen broom is a fine garden broom. I love the porch swing. :)

  20. That's one nice swing you got from the trash! Well done :0)

  21. Betsy, I am still laughing. You did get the better part of the bargain. I once picked a great ox collar out of my neighbors trash and sold it for $75.00. Now that was a bargain.


  22. I love your rescued porch swing!! I think you DID get the better deal:)


    Happy 2ndTAT!

    Linda C

  23. I've always wanted a porch swing! I guess I need the porch first. :-)

  24. I'm a friend of Mod Girl.

    I enjoyed browsing your blog tonight. This is so funny! I wish that our neighbors would put out something worth taking from the trash. lol!

  25. the never ending broom adventure! so so funny

  26. So amusing!

    We once threw out this disgustingly dirty old carpet and some time later I caught a glimpse of the inside of my neighbour's old truck and...yes...there it was, and I might add he had taken considerable trouble to clean it and it looked better than ever. One man's trash really is another man's treasure....


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