Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Avian Inspiration

The very idea of a bird
is a symbol and a suggestion to the poet.
A bird seems to be at the top of the scale,
so vehement and intense his life~~~
The beautiful vagabonds, endowed with every grace,
masters of all climes, and knowing no bounds~~
how many human aspirations are realised
in their free, holiday-lives -- and how many suggestions
to the poet in their flight and song!
John Burroughs (1837 - 1921)


  1. What a perfect way to end the day.
    Best wishes

  2. Lovely quote and what a wonderful picture of magpies!

  3. Maddy ended the day with this beautiful poem and I'm beginning it with it!

  4. Beautiful poem and a lovely tribute to those lovely, fragile but strong little creations that improve our days with their beauty and their song.;))

  5. I appreciate birds from AFAR...as much as I adore animals...birds, although beautiful on many levels...FREAK ME OUT!

  6. Pretty picture of that magpie on the side...I have to say I'm completely unfamiliar with that bird even though I've heard the name, so I'm glad you showed it. See, you're making me smarter. That's always a good thing.

  7. how beautiful! The weather here doesn't hurt, but it's your blog that has given me spring fever today.

  8. Bets, I've just finished catching up on a week and a bit of postings and may I say that, once again, I am in awe. I don't know how you find the time to take beautiful pictures, find beautiful pictures and poetry, update your blog daily, create healthy meals for your family AND makeover pieces of furniture, not to mention all the other daily "mom" activities.

    You are so serene. That's the word that comes to mind. It's always such a blessing to visit with you.

    While I caught up on your blog...
    what I was eating: leftover chicken with mixed vegetables in garlic sauce (it was carry-out dinner last night)
    what I was drinking: a half-full bottle of Poland Spring water because I was too lazy to get a glass and fill it with ice
    what I was avoiding doing: folding the two loads of laundry heaped on my couch and cleaning the kitchen mess from the morning rush
    what I was thinking: I so want to be Betsy when I grow up!

    Love and Big Hugs to you, amazing friend...

  9. Lovely. Great picture too.

    CJ xx

  10. Amy ~ you are very sweet. Thanks for stopping by! I've missed you!
    I try to make my blog serene because my life is NOT! ha-ha..it's wear I go to feel relaxed, too!

  11. Betsy, you must come and visit me someday. I'll take you to our university's museum of fine art where we will spend part of the afternoon enjoying one of the largest collections in the world of Audubon bird sketches. After our gallery delights, we'll have tea. Will you come?

  12. MG ~ absolutely! That sounds like sooo much fun! :)


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