Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things that Come in Threes!

A lot of things come in threes in our family!
The best thing, of course would be our triplets.
But not ALL threes are good!
When household things break, we can
almost always count on them coming in threes!
It has gotten to the place that when something breaks, we
cringe and wait with anticipation....and sure enough two more
things bite the dust! Last week was one of those weeks!
With the Hoover Floor Mate, Cuisinart Blender and
the good ol' Kenmore clothes dryer (17 years old) all dieing!
The blender and dryer have been replaced.
Now we're officially broke! I guess I'll have
to resort to a plain old mop and bucket! LOL
So, do you have a lucky or unlucky number
that has adopted your family???


  1. Sadly, and eerily, it has been our experience that death always seems to come in threes.

    Washing machines and dryers have gotten so expenisive these days haven't they? I hope my 18+ machines hold out a little longer!

  2. Oh my, that is interesting! That would be far worse than anticipating a broken appliance!

    Oh yes, they are expensive! We had to replace our washer a few years ago. I wanted the set then so badly but it was just more money than we could spend. So I've had the 'odd couple' for a while now. A matched set looks so much better! But the cost! Ugh!

  3. We say the same thing at work, as well! I wonder why that is? hmm.. Sorry about the dryer. I guess after 17 years of drying it had a good life. How many socks do you think it ate over the years? :)

  4. Maybe I should say that we are fortunate that a number doesn't seem to have adopted our family, although if one has it would be threes with the unlucky thing, and usually it's deaths of people we know. But it doesn't happen very often.

    You've had more luck than me with your dryer...mine have never lasted that long, and then I had to go and get gas when we got here because of that whole builder goof up. They've at least lasted longer than my washers, because one of them lasted just under two years, and of course I didn't get the extended warranty, and then it was more expensive to fix than replace. Disgusting!

    Maybe next time the first thing breaks you could go ahead and break two more inexpensive household things you were planning to replace anyway...just take the bull by the horns! :)

  5. hey ... I was wondering how you liked that hoover floor mate? I mean ... obviously before it bit the dust? I am sick to death of the stupid swiffers! And while I'm not old, I don't relish cleaning the floors on hands and knees either.

  6. Shhh! Don't tell a soul because this is kinda creepy. My family and I have this macabre celebrity threesome "game," for lack of a better word, we "play" (Ew!) when a movie star, famous sports figure, artist, etc. "moves on." So here's the deal: we figure there's a big lunchroom in the sky with loads of picnic tables-- sort of a waiting room where you go right before you enter Heaven, or "otherwise." Three to a table. We keep a mental count. The only "rule": it has to be someone that my daughter, my husband and I ALL recognise. Altovise Davis, Ron Silver, and Natasha Richards filled the last table, and the count has begun again. Sometimes the people assigned to a table are-- Well... you gotta wonder what they can possibly be talking about. For instance, in 2006, one of the tables included James Brown, Gerald Ford, and Saddam Hussein!

    Yep. Creepy hardly covers it, does it? Maybe our numbers "game" is our feeble attempt at a coping mechanism... Nah, we're just plain weird! LOL!

  7. What a reminder this is. Of those days when a bushel of apples came in a bushel basket with a pretty label stuck on the side. When a crate of fresh eggs came with a label on the side. Nice photo. lots of memories.

  8. Aw, sorry; and these are also some 3 very costly appliances.;)) At least two of them are.;))
    I do not have any lucky or unlucky numbers. But I know what you mean about the fact that some things come in three.;))

  9. OH BUMMER! I hate that for you.

  10. Awww, poor you Betsy. Wishing you adn your fam al lthe best in replenishing these items. Expensive I know.

    As for numbers, hmm...no, I don't have any positive or negative numbers associated--perhaps that is a very good thing indeed!

  11. Kayren ~ I like that idea! Actually, it's my refrig that I wish would break! There just isn't enough room in it after I go to the grocery!

  12. Sparkle ~ oh, that is too funny! Yes, what do some of those groups of people talk about!?

  13. Sweetpeasurry ~ I loved that Hoover Floor Mate! I'm saving my pennies and getting another as soon as possible. It was just wonderful! I've never had the swiffer things!

  14. I think the appliances always plot behind our backs! Last month we had three major things blow up in the same week.

  15. Willow~ I know! The worst for us was about 10 years ago when the furnace, vacuum and water heater all went in one week!

  16. We just bought a dryer too:) French people are very anti dryer. They think that they ruin the clothes and that they should hang in the sunshine. That is a very warm and fuzzy idea but it doesn't really work when you have KIDS! (I can't even imagine how much laundry you have with 5 men folk in the house) I really had to twist Francois arm for that divine machine!


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