Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Dryer Thinks It's Smarter Than Me

I hate to admit it, but I'm having a hard time falling in love with
my new dryer! I feel guilty! And yet I'm beginning to despise the
thing! My new Fisher and Paykel dryer is a top-
loading, stainless drummed, lid-locking marvel, but it isn't
impressing me that much! We bought the matching washer
a few years ago and I do love it...it's fast an efficient!
But the dryer....it seems to take forever to dry! I actually think
my old klunker ran too hot, which was really, really fast! ha-ha!
And that locking lid.... just to take a peak and check
the progress is a process! It has to wait to stop
spinning and then it sounds like a vault with an electonic
door opening the drum before the lid will unlock.
It acts like it's smarter than me! Do you have any
applicances like that? I feel like I'm stuck forever in a
bad marriage, as this dryer will probably out live me!
Maybe I need appliance counseling! LOL


  1. i sympathize with you, when they are not quite what you had hoped......therapy is needed! wink wink

  2. Betsy, what a fun post! It always takes a while to get used to new appliances. They are like new friends, we don't really know that well yet.;))
    This happens to me pretty much with anything electronic that buy. Give it a few weeks and it will get easier.;))
    If it is any consolation, the dryer looks very fancy on the picture.;))

  3. I always have to have my husband teach me all the new things they do and then once I learn everything, I grow to love it. Give it time and you'll love it like your washer. lol Hope your drying days get better. I can't wait to get a new washer and dryer, that is going to be my next big appliance purchase. :)

  4. That's too bad, especially since they cost an arm and a leg! I absolutely adore my new matching Kenmore front loaders. I wish I had them when everyone was still home and I was doing truck loads of laundry (like you are now)!

  5. LOL no I don't have any appliance like that. Although I still haven't figured out what all the buttons on my front loader washer are for!


  6. I don't get appliances that I think might be smarter than me for just that reason! :) And now to sound stupid...I've never heard of fisher and Paykel. I even had to pull your post back up to type the name.

    I will tell you that I despise my washer. It's not nearly as fancy, but does have some computer functions that make it think before it does something if I change my mind along the way or stop it mid-stream. It's also louder than it's supposed to be, doesn't agitate but rotates, and then twists half of my clothes up in knots. Sometimes it takes me five or ten minutes to undo everything from around the drum and each other.

    Of course I bought the five-year warranty on this washer after my last one conked out before I'd had it two years. I LOVED that washer, and it was going to be too expensive to fix. Now that was a sad day.

  7. that is so funny,,,I don't want a dryer like that, mine has a knob to turn! We had a copy machine at work that was way too smart. If I had a paper jam it would not start copying until I went thru every step required to clear it even if I cleared it on step one!!!! made me so mad.

  8. Yes, you all are probably right...give it time and I will love it. :) And I am thankful for a dryer...it does beat a clothesline...especially since it's snowing today! LOL

  9. You must be patient with the new dryer. All things new are challenging to me. My daughter got a new washer and dryer when she moved into her house. It plays a little musical tune when it stops. Not a loud and troubling buzzer. It has so many settings. Betsy, let us know how your relationship develops with your new dryer.

  10. Appliance counseling... can I go with you?!

    When we bought our current house it came with a top of the line, stainless steel, side-by-side Kitchenaid Superba with Aquasense water filtration water dispenser refrigerator/freezer. I can't stand the blooming thing. The ice maker jams, the freezer is too cold, the refrigerator isn't cold enough, trying to put things in the freezer is like stacking blocks, and there is never enough horizontal space in the refrigerator. Give me a regular old Frigidaire refrigerator with a freezer on TOP with no ice maker and I'll be a happy girl.

  11. MG ~ I've heard that from several of my friends that those side-by-sides don't have any room in them!
    I'll remember that when my "three breaks" include the frig! :)

  12. Initally I was perplexed about my new one when we moved. I have had to learn to trust the auto dry cycle, however. I don't know how it knows when things are dry but it seems to be pretty effecient. I hope you two will be able to come to terms soon! Appliance therapy sounds costly! How cute!

  13. How funny! It sure looks nice, but I can see how the things you mentioned would be annoying. My "old clunker" is 20 yrs old, but at least I can easily pull open the door and check on things :) Hopefully given a few more weeks you'll both get to know each other better!

  14. Sorry about the dryer giving you trouble. I've never heard of that brand. Doesn't it have a online troubleshooting help guide?

    The new appliances are now energy efficient with way more features than the average person needs or wants. Just like my microwave, I use it to reheat leftovers, bake potatoes and make popcorn. I just counted and it has 15 buttons plus the number pad. Oh, and the clock button that I have to reset every time the power goes off and twice a year when we change the time.

    What fun!

  15. Oh Betsy...is it working properly? I think it should dry clothes in nothing flat!!!

    I SOOOOO looked forward to new appliances at The Glen but failed to realize HOW LONG it would take me to get accustomed to using them!

    CHANGE is HARD! Even when it is for the better!

  16. funny! i'm electronically challenged. yes, i'm one of those who can't figure out how to watch a dvd on our tv. there are 3 separate remotes for goodness sakes! i want to be able to just turn the dang thing on and push ONE button! big sigh!!


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