Friday, April 17, 2009

Did Spencer Fake Sick to Come Home From School???

I can't prove it, but I think he did! That little rascal!
On Thursday morning of this past week, Spencer was enjoying
his precious stacks. The Mister and his brothers were all
going out the door and it was past time to leave for school.
I made him leave for school and he fussed a little but went
without finishing the taping and stacking.
Well, I got a phone call from his teacher before 9:00 that
he had thrown up on himself and needed a change of
clothes. I (still in my nightie, with bedhead, and blogging!)
quickly got dressed and ran a fresh shirt and pants to him.
She didn't think he was sick and he seemed fine, so I left.
He did try to go with me! Well, an hour later the school
called and said that he was in the clinic and had thrown
up two more times and I needed to take him home.
Hmmmm....he was so happy to see me again!
He skipped out to the van and promptly went back
to taping and stacking his train pages.
Ate lunch fine...felt fine all day....you be the judge!


  1. Wow! I won't ask how he managed to throw up.

    You know, I faked sick in Mr. Davis's 5th grade math class so I could go home. I was just bored beyond belief and couldn't stand it any longer. I told the school nurse I didn't usually run a fever and to call my mom and check, which was true. My mom picked me up and took me to the doctor on the way home!!! Turns out, I had viral mono and had to LAY flat for an entire week. Go figure...

    I'm glad Spencer felt good when he got home, even if he was pulling a fast one.

  2. WOw what a little Monkey!! Maybe it was the "Stress" of leaving his project unfinished and the anxiety made him "sick" who knows...

  3. Could be faking or maybe he threw up everything that was bothering him. Last summer I had to pick my little guy up from summer school a few times because he was freaking out and of course once I picked him up he had a fabulous day! My son has his book obssession and if one of the books is missing from his stack that he carries to and from school he will be in quite a mood and will fuss until someone figures out what the problem is. He is very obsessed with Mother Goose books. He has 2 copies in his stack and he recently discovered one in the music room at school. Needless to say, they are having a tough time telling him he can't have that particular copy. He finds pictures of the same book in school supply catalogs that the teacher gives him (they are quite worn and I have lovingly taped them when he comes to me because they have ripped or a page has fallen out)and likes to point to them. I think he is trying to say, "Hey mom, I want these ones too). I think if he had his way he would own every copy in the world and would finally feel some peace!

  4. I suppose the anxiety could have worked him up into an emotional state to where he would vomit. Otherwise I would think and say he was really sick if he vomited 3 times. Unless he vomits a lot anyway?

    Either way....even if all just emotional...to me that is the same as being sick for the day.....and I would have picked him up and given him a break too. Hope he feels better!

  5. Hmmmmm, that little stinker...ya know...he DID have an UNfinished taping/stacking activity to do...it would be a shame to make it SIT all the way till 3:15!!!!!

  6. Hope Spencer is "better" today.
    Doesn't time fly in the morning when you sit down to blog? I look at clock and it is 9 and I haven't gotten dressed or made the bed. I would die if someone called and made me go out of the house like this/ha

  7. That's pretty funny, Betsy! Sounds like he's very clever:) I'm glad he's not been sick again since!

  8. Vomiting three times {perhaps self-induced}... now that is commitment to train-taping if I ever saw it!

    So glad he seems to have made a quick recovery.

  9. Kayren ~ well, I guess you weren't faking after all! You were probably so bored in 5th grade math because you were so good at it. I was bored in 5th grade math because I didn't get it! HA-HA!.

  10. Yes, I'm sure it was the anxiety of not being able to have his papers in order before he left. I usually let him get it all how he wants it before leaving but today we were just way too late and he was going to refold accordian style a 8 inch stack of pages! It would have taken about 5 more minutes. I think he just couldn't think about anything else when he got to school and he knows if he throws up they call me!
    I guess in a way we could call it progress, having that thought process! ha-ha.

  11. Hi Betsy, here's my theory ... he was genuinely ill, but delighted to be back home.

    I think ....

  12. Of course he was really sick - sick of school! You can't ever be sure, though, when I was 8 or 9, I felt sick at school but the nurse didn't believe I was sick. Then I started throwing up, so they did let me go home. Turned out I had meningitis! Glad Spencer began feeling better.

  13. But,dear Besty, would he seriously make him self throw up just to get home? I don't know.

  14. jaden makes me take his temp every morning in hopes that he will have a fever and not be able to go to school!! i love that...well...not all that puking...but how incredibly smart!!

    me thinks he faked...

  15. Oh my! I hope this doesn't become a habit if he did fake it! How could he make himself vomit without anyone noticing?

  16. Sounds mighty suspicious if you ask me! Hmmm...I hope no one else "catches" this bug! :)


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