Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Lavinia at Bird Bath Chronicles has tagged with me
her own special meme! I'm supposed to tell of a
cleaning quirk that I have. Well, I guess I have a few!
My first one is that I have a chore list that I print off
every Monday morning. It lists everything that should
ideally be done around the house every week. I do
what I'm in the mood to do and try to get most everything
marked off before the weekend.
I am a huge list person, so it fits me perfectly.
And hey...a family of 6, with a rabbit, fish, parakeets and a yard
needs a little structure to run smoothly, right?
And in the spirit of Keeping it Real....I don't usually get
the whole thing marked off!
And in a weird coincidence, I blogged about my cleaning list
on this exact day last year! Funny!


  1. Oh Betsy, I love lists! Never made a cleaning one but I should/ha My list would be so long it would be depressing! Do you start with the easy ones, or room by room?

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lists...the reality, for me is, if it is NOT written down it gets lost in the shuffle!
    I just reviewed my list for today...a bit over zealous so I better get away from this computer!

  3. I have "mental" lists. That is I count in my head all the tasks I need to do in a day. I consider myself organized, but I guess I am nowhere as organized as you are.;)))

  4. So far my list is just in my head but as my boys get older and life gets busier and more complicated I'm realizing that I probably need a list like yours!

  5. I am a list-crazed person. I think your idea is fantastic and quite a simple one, and then you can just fit it in as the week goes along.

  6. Lists are what saves me - unless of course I lose the list....Thanks for sharing!

  7. Betsy, UR amazing to run a household with all those responsibilities. Way to go! Keep it up. I dont' know though if I'd want a list on Monday in fact--it's a hard enough day as it is! Maybe I'd move it to Friday to give myself the weekend as a head start bu thten of cours, sooo easy to put it off with two days ahead of one. Ha.

  8. Wow, you are organised!! I should definitely take a leap from your book and do a Monday morning list.

    CJ xx

  9. I use to hate lists, but in my old age I'm finding them very handy. I use them more and more and they are quite helpful.

  10. A list is an excellent idea! Thanks for participating. And I know how great it feels to cross things off the list. That is a weird coincidence and I'll have to go back and see that old post....

    I'ts been so fun reading other people's cleaning quirks!

  11. I'm like Nadine. I hated lists until I got too old (or too menopausal) to remember everything. Then I had to start making lists if I want to accomplish more than I forgot to do.

  12. What a conincidence! I love making lists, I just don't do to well actually looking at them. I've been known to bring my grocery shopping list to the store and forget to look at it!


  13. I am and off and on list maker, usually I can do the task before I can get the list finished. I guess living alone does not really require a list. The only person I have to please is myself.
    But, I used to makes list for everything.


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