Friday, March 6, 2009


We live in a very small village...conservative, quiet
with very little crime. Over the years everyone has
joked that it's a little like Mayberry. We have one
police officer on duty at a time and they really have
little to do. Most evenings you can find them at
the tiny grocery store parked side by side with
the county sheriff chatting and killing time.
This week Mister took a friend to the airport
and had the friends car parked in front of our house.
Next day he went to drive it to friend's apartment, just
one mile away and on his way to work. But he barely
got it down our street when the transmission went
out. So, he pulled into a parking lot and left the car
for the day. That evening, The Mister walked down
to get the car and bring it back to our house.
He was poking along at about 2 miles an hour down our
street when a lady officer pulled along beside him and
rolled down her window. She asked a dozen questions,
like "What are you doing?" and "Do you live in this
neighborhood?" She followed him home, came inside and
wanted to see ID and get friend's name, etc.
We laughed about it and then I recalled a similar situation
happening to Taylor about 2 years ago with the same officer!
He was leaving a friend's house on the other end of town and
the police pulled up behind him and followed him out of the
neighborhood. She finally turned on her lights and pulled him
over and asked questions like "Do you live in this neighborhood?"
"What are you doing here?", etc. Only having had his license a
week, it unnerved Taylor, but we still had a good laugh!
They don't really look like suspicious criminals, do they?
At least not like these guys!

*famous mug shots googleimages.com
Wouldn't you say by the looks of these real mug shots that
the moral of the story would be to never break any laws
when you're having a really bad hair day!


  1. That's so funny! I love The Andy Griffith show! Barney Fife and his one bullet is hilarious:)

  2. Very funny! They don't look suspicious, but.......
    The comparisons are a hoot!

  3. The set of the bottom pictures is so funny.;))
    How nice that you live in a small village without any crime. My dream is to own a house in the countryside.

    Your men look very honest and kind, what a fun story.;))

    Wishing you and your five men a great Friday.;))

  4. Hilarious! Aren't you blessed to live in such a peaceful little town?!

  5. Since small towns are small, law and order do. Police powers will become larger. This reminds me of Rambo.

    Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present

  6. My favorite show ever, I watch Andy Griffith every night from 6 PM. until ???
    Your men look calm enough to me but, what do I know .LOL
    The others----Well, I don't know
    Thanks, for the laugh.

  7. I think the moral might be: If you're having a bad hair day, stay in or you'll end up breaking the law! :)

  8. Your town sounds like a perfect place to live! I guess that one police officer has to try to earn their salary one way or another, even if it does seems a little like harassment to me.

    Who is the first mug shot of? I can't make her out?

  9. Pat ~ her name is Kumari Fulbright. She's a former beauty queen arrested for kidnapping and torturing her ex-boyfriend. I recognized her mug shot from being all over the news a few years ago.

  10. This is one funny post! Sometimes the most normal looking people are the most hardened criminals...I'm just sayin'...:)

    Sounds like your lady officer might be a female Barney Fife looking for trouble where there isn't any. I just loved him on the show though.

  11. You're lucky Inspector Clousseau doesn't work in your neck of the woods, ha ha ha....

  12. Very Funny! I also live in a tiny community. A friend came to visit...he was in a huge old beat up van...out of state plates. I had phone calls from neighbors who'd noticed and our city policeman came to the house...wanting to make sure I was OK. Small towns are fun.
    I always enjoy your blog, Betsy. Thanks for stopping by mine. I don't really know about the elk or the moose...my guess is they're albinos. I just went by what was in the email I received...and that wasn't much. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Sue

  13. so funny! i only have one question. do they let the police officers in your town have more than one bullet? hee hee

  14. I better stick to the guided path then because my hair's a mess right now!

  15. That's funny. No they don't look like criminals at all. I do agree - when having a bad hair day, stay inside.

  16. Loved the story!!
    There is a message from Nana Trish on my blog. Please respond to her's.

  17. How funny! you continue to come up with the "best" pictures/ha

  18. You made me laugh.. Funny how the bad hair day brings out the worst in you.. hehe.. ;)


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