Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sir John Millais, 1906
Blowing Bubbles
Upon a soft whisper
Of a breeze,
Bubbles float aloft
Delighting little children
With such simple pleasures;
A kaleidoscope of colours
Swirl around,
Crazy circles
In rich fluidity
Of amethyst
And jade,
And gold.
Sadly, soon
To be obliterated,
Erased out of existence.
Lips tremble,
But smiles
Return again
As soon as
Lips are pursed,
A gentle breath
Gives birth
To another
Gem of wonder -
A Bubble,
A Child’s rainbow globe;
Tenuous, momentary,
But a dream
Of beautiful fragility
That captivates
A sense of wonder.
Generations come and go
But this thrill will never die.
from thepoetryshowcase.com


  1. Blowing bubbles is one of my earliest childhood memories of summer! That is such a lovely illustration to accompany the poem.

  2. Beautiful illustration and poem! My boys love blowing bubbles... a simple pleasure.

  3. What a sweet painting! I love to blow bubbles!!

  4. I remember blowing bubbles with my sister; made of soap water.;) It was our favorite past time game when we were really small. Ages ago now...
    I like all the nostalgic pictures that you often use here.;)

  5. There is something so calming about reading your blog, Betsy.

    I usually am in a state much like the picture of the cat in your previous post.

    Thank you for providing such a lovely respite. :)

  6. This thrill will NEVER die!
    So true, so true!

  7. Beautiful! I love the bubbles in the picture - pure magic. Your post is as relaxing as a bubblebath!

    A bloggy adventure awaits! Pack your bags and meet us at the train station in Paris!

  8. I still like to blow bubbles with the grandkids. We try to see who can get the biggest bubble.

  9. Museswings ~ a trip in Paris...that's exactly what I need! :)

  10. Blowing bubbles is so much fun. I still like to do it. I saw a big bubble wand the other day and thought about buying it for the kids...I wanted to try it myself.

  11. Such a heartwarming poem.. I love it and the photo representing its meaning.. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The poem is so captivating! Isn't he a patient boy? I would have been chasing and popping those bubbles!

  13. Marie ~ maybe his velvet outfit and frilly collar were preventing him from running around like he wanted! ha!

  14. Jill ~ I think you're right...it's still around and still entertaining a century later!


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