Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sixth of the Sixth!

I was tagged by Steviewren of A Little Birdie Told Me So
to post the sixth photograph in the 6th Picture File on
my computer. Here it is!
Does anybody recognize this tourist attraction?
It's the Southernmost Point of the Continental USA!
This is in the Flordia Keys
and I took this photo in 2006 while on a cruise to the Keys
and the Bahamas. Too bad it isn't one of the Seven Natural
Wonders of the World so I could say I'd been to one! LOL
And in turn, I will tag the following blog friends!
Please join in..but only if you want to!
Natalie at Sirman's Blog
Blog Princess G of Food, Film, Fiction
Nanny of The Good Life


  1. This does look like fun. I'll have mine up by tonight, but I have a mac and my pictures aren't in files I don't think. I'll have to ask the husband about it. Thanks, Besty. Great pic!

  2. Betsy, I LOVE tags.;) You can never go wrong with tagging me; so thank you so much.;)) I will post this tag early next week, so look for my 6th of the 6th.;))
    By the way; I have almost an identical picture from the same spot, but taken in 1992. I agree with you, it is a special place and a wonder in its own right.;))

  3. i would really love to go to the keys one day! the history and architecture alone draw me there!

  4. Hey, that was cool. I didn't know that there was a maring like that. Thanks for sharing it. I was in 4 states at one time a few years ago. It's a secluded place called "4 Corners, where Arizona, New Mexico Colorado, and Utah come together.

  5. I've never seen that before. You're just becoming a wealth of information, Betsy. You should become a history teacher! I know just the homeschool for you...

  6. Julie ~ you're right..it's a great place to see with the beautiful styled houses and the history...so interesting. We took a little train tour around the island with a tour guide...very fun!

  7. Kayren ~ ha-ha...I'm afraid I would loose my mind homeschooling! Maybe I'll just have the boys read my blog! tee-hee!

  8. I spent a memorable 21st birthday with a dear friend in Key West - so incredibly beautiful there. Driving through the Keys was an amazing experience. I hope to visit again soon - keep warm, Betsy!!

  9. How appropriate that your 6th photo should be such a nice reminder of a warm vacation on this frosty winter day! Were you on the cruise with your hubby or the girls? Sounds like fun.

  10. Strider ~ I've heard of that 4-corners spot....very cool to have been there!

  11. Well this is a great 6th of the 6th with your southest of the southest!


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