Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Shapes of Pasta

Do you know your rotelle from your rotini?
Here's a little pasta quiz for you!
Match the choices to the pictures!
three. four.
There are thousands of types of pasta!
Basically the same ingredients formed
into different shapes.
Here are eight fairly common ones~
Answers in the comments!
So, how did you do?


  1. Here are the answers...
    1. rotelle (wagon wheels)
    2. rotini (little spirals)
    3. orecchiette (little ears)
    4. conchiglie (little shells)
    5. bucatini (hollow spaghetti)
    6. mostaccioli (little mustaches)
    7. tortellini (stuffed rings)
    8. rigatoni (ridged tubes)

  2. I got 4 of 8. You threw a curve ball using the real names!

  3. MG ~ I only got 4 myself! :) I think I'm in a pasta rut and need to try some of these other pretty shapes soon!

  4. I failed the test - despite the fact that pasta is BIG in our house.

    Loved your geese picture, too!

  5. David ~ I guess we don't have to know the names to enjoy it! :)

  6. I didn't do so great. Tortellini was the only given for me, even though I thought I knew my pasta.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet note. I actually have been following your blog but have never commented. I found you through Lora and Heather & Reese. You've got a special family and your love for them shines through in your blogging. I also love your "color" posts.

    I also had to mention something about your "quirky" things post. I had missed it and was just reading it now, and numbers two through five could be mine. I thought that was so weird that someone else has the same dream I do. I don't have it very often, but I usually don't remember about the class in my dream until it's the end of the semester and I'm ready to graduate, and I can't because I skipped the class.

    God Bless,

  7. pinkdaisygirl....wow, your quirky things are my quirky things? We must be soulmates or something! ;)
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. This is my kind of test! I scored 8 of 8. I love pasta shapes and names and have just about every one of those my the cupbard.

  9. Beef a roni is not on this list!!!!

  10. Musewings ~ wow, I'm very impressed! good for you! You need to go on a game show or something! ;)

  11. Marie ~ now how could I forget that one! Or alphabet soup!

  12. Got 'em all wrong, but as we are French and English with a smidgen of Italian, shame on me.

  13. I need to pay more attention!!!
    Great test.

  14. I use to think all pasta tasted alike until my husband told me when we were first married what each shape was good for ..lol..nothing that is a "rule" but he has his own ideas on what shape goes well with what type of sauce.

    Examples? Bucatini is good for a white sauce made with butter and ricotta cheese
    Rigatoni is good for a Bolognese sauce because it can "hold" the sauce.
    Orecchiette or conchiglie is good for a prima vera sauce as they "catch" the vegetables.

    It's funny but they do do taste different when used the right way!

  15. My daughter would eat pasta every day if I let her! What a fun post! :)

    Came via David!

  16. Pat ~ I have heard similar things about the shapes do certain things like let sauces adhere to them, etc. So they aren't just pretty, they have a purpose. I guess your husband is right!

  17. And David....thanks so much for the nomination on your blog! You're so sweet! That made my day! :)

  18. Sanda....I have a son like that...just can't get enough pasta! :)

  19. Hi Betsy. Had trouble posting this, so hope I don't double up the comment! I found you through Willow and sincerely hope that you don't mind if I have used a quote that I found inspiring from your site, suitably linked. I am familiar with autism through my work and the lives of friends, and think that pasta adds to the enjoyment of life for us all. I love it (maybe just a little too much!!)

  20. Pam ~ oh yes, please use the quote! I popped over to your blog to see which one you mean...I love this quote! :) Funny that you used one from me and one from Willow...she's my sister, you know. We must have been on the same wavelength on the quote themes! (that happens to us a lot!)
    Great to meet you!

  21. Dr M ~hmmmmm...you lost me there... KD????

  22. I got 8 - I guess my years of studying Latin and Greek paid off! Why do I have a sudden craving for a steamy bowl of fettucine alfredo? Would you care to join me? Maybe with some garlic bread? And some tiramisu for dessert followed by an espresso? Yummy.

  23. Suza ~ wow, I'm impressed! And yes, I'd love to come for dinner...that menu sounds divine! :)

  24. I love pasta no matter what shape, colour, or flavour. Fun quiz!


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